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Jdaws Reviews [April 2020] > Is It Trust worthy Store?

Jdaws Website Reviews

Jdaws Reviews [April 2020] > Is It Trust worthy Store? -> This post ensures a detailed analysis of a new online store.

You must have landed on this page after searching for Jdaws ReviewsThis review promises to answer all the questions you have about the Jdaws website. A lot of people from the United States have been making purchases from the Jdaws site. 

It is one of the many websites offering a variety of commodities to consumers online. One must always be alert before finally making a purchase off any of the online stores. Why? Solely to ensure you aren’t duped, which seems to be a common factor when online shopping. Also, on most occasions, the site will not be SSL protected. This means that any third person can access your card details or any other. 

You must read the post to the very end to find out is Jdaws legit. This post will ensure that you have all the details necessary before making a purchase. 

What is Jdaws com?

It is an online retailer that mainly deals with bottles now. But if you look at the About Us section, they mention that they wish to sell custom products that help customers “Express themselves.” This providing very little information to analyze before making a purchase.

The website, apart from showing a couple of speakers’ in the “bottles” section, shows nothing else. Hence it is difficult to find out what exactly the brand is trying to sell. It may make you wonder, “is Jdaws scam?

Although the home page has a clear picture of a woman standing on a hill drinking from a metal bottle, is it possible that they are adding products and reworking on the site?

What kind of products are available on Jdaws?

A read of the brands About Us section will tell you that they wish to sell a variety of products. Products that would help the consumers can relate to and using which can freely express themselves. So, one would expect there to be home workout products or maybe art kits available.

However, the only product available now in this online retail store is Bottles. So, is Jdaws legit? The bottles mentioned are something that would look like speakers. They seem to be affordable when you compare it to the $100 cost of name brand speakers available. They are priced at $59 and go up to $66.99.

The lack of a product line available on the site can confuse customers and make them think it is not worth looking at.

Is Jdaws Scam? 

 The website looks like a scam! So, is Jdaws legit or a scam? Let us analyze.

  • It lacks a proper description and a product line. But we could blame that on, either the site is recently set up or it being under maintenance.
  • No contact detail is provided. There is instead an information form that you can fill out in the Contact Us section. Fill it in the space out if curious. The brand promises to respond within 24 hours. You will find an email id in the Privacy policy section- No way of telling if this is legit.
  • They have a proper description provided regarding its shipping details and privacy policy. This tells us that they are serious about ensuring your online safety.
  • The Jdaws website is SSL protected. This means that if you do make a purchase, all your data shall remain protected by the site.
  • They lack any address details. This may be problematic when making a return.
  • They lack a social media presence, but this is the case with most sites. This could also be because they are under maintenance.
  • There is no mention of the payment method.
  • There are no customer reviews of the products available on the main website or online.

To conclude, I would like to say that numerous points point in the direction that the website may not be a scam. Such as it being SSL protected and providing precise details regarding the shipment!

While some others make you wonder, is Jdaws scam? However, this can be deciphered by making a purchase!

How to purchase from this site? 

Currently, the website seems only to be shipped within the United States. They do mention a $10 charge, though. The site will take about 14 days after processing your purchase to deliver the product to you finally.

You can reach out to them through their email or merely writing down your query in the box provided in their contact us section. 

Final Verdict- 

Sometimes when there are no reviews available on a site, we like then we must purchase to come to a conclusion. 

If you have purchased from this site before then, do share your experience in the comments below. 

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  1. I ordered a F5 speaker on March 17 and have not seen or heard any where about of the speaker, could you please respond to this matter or I will have to dispute the charges, Thank you my email is my mailing address is BeckySprung 2921 N Ohlman St Mitchell SD 57301

  2. I ordered a JBL speaker On MArch 31st and they have since closed the pages down and removed the facebook advert and contact details, i paid via paypal and payment has been taken but no receipt.

    1. I had the same experience! I stumbled upon JDAWS in Facebook Marketplace; saw the 80 % off speakers thing, spent $42, and came away with nothing. Dead pages, no tracking information, a total bust!

      I’m glad that I didn’t give these crooks anything more, but I am angry to say the least!

  3. Thought it sounded too good to be true….
    I bought a JBL Charge 3 bluetooth speaker and it actually did arrive today, so that is good. Problem is it is a complete knock off and sound quality is horrible. If I can’t get a hold of them I will dispute the charge. Very disappointing that they advertised as a JBL product and it is not. I would not recommend buying from this site!

  4. I ordered the JBL speaker on 3/20/2020 paid with paypal. I received an order confirmation & a tracking # but no speaker now the tracking # website is down & no contact information. I would like to know where the speaker is if I get no answers I will go ahead with a dispute.

  5. I bought a Charge speaker from them on 2nd April. Item arrived today, 20th April, and it is completely fake. Very poor build quality along with horrendous sound quality. I should have known really but trusted a Facebook advert. Happily I screenshot the advert but with the COVID-19 situation PayPal have no advisors available. I did open a non-delivery case which will now come to a final then I’m guessing I need to open another case for fake goods.

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