Jacobesk Reviews {April} – Is It Another Scam Or Not?

Jacobesk Reviews {March} - Is It Another Scam Or Not

Jacobesk Reviews {April} – Is It Another Scam Or Not? >> Do you have this question in your mind? Well, the answer is in this post. Read this post before ordering from this online store.

Online shopping has been the thing and the most widely followed gig around the world since 2011. It shifted from a gig to a global phenomenon in very less amount of time. Online shopping is now widely trusted, accepted and appreciated by customers. The grip held by online markets in now unbeatable by local market places and even malls. These are for following obvious reasons.

  • Variations and availability of different options of every price range
  • All the things that people need are just one click away.
  • At the door delivery and making it convenient
  • An online market is a place where people can find everything. It is not specific to the category of products it sells.

 Today, we are posting our analysis about available Jacobesk Reviews and its website. Read this post further to get details about this online store.

What is Jacobesk?

This is the United States-based online shopping platform that claims of providing best quality products. It ensures that the best quality products are delivered to the doorsteps of people properly and with care. It deals with all kinds of products like belts, cosmetics, luggage, bags and fashion wears but is especially popular for electronics products like headphones, earphones and speakers. The company is well established and is good at its trade. It sticks strictly to its working principle and code of conduct that it has set for itself. They are dedicated to their job and strictly believe in their work ethics. 

Is Jacobesk a scam?

Something known as the Jacobesk Scam was immensely outraging people and drawing negative feedback for the company. The complaints and feedbacks were all valid as far as the claims are concerned. It has no official address and no phone number. All it has in the name of the address is the website. 

Advanced analysis of the company: 

  • As the website uses the code ‘https’, it means that the website is protected by SSL. This is a good sign as it protects visitors from middlemen attacks and keeps all the communication encrypted.
  • According to website decryption expert analysis, there are no traces of suspicious code on the website, which is a good sign.
  • The website has a mail address. Though this is a good sign, it isn’t proof of authentication.
  • The number of external links and pop-ups for this website is extremely low. This might look good, but it is a bad sign. Every online business company wants more and more people to know about their existence. Fewer promotions mean either fewer funds or they want to keep the existence as secret as possible to not attract public view.
  • The website’s recent address was created on 22nd February 2020. This is a bad sign as most of the scamming websites use a new domain.
  • There is no return address on the return policy. This is a clear indication that they need people to believe that they exist in their country, but while returning the product, customers are asked to ship it to China, which itself costs more than the product. 

What does Jacobesk claim?

Jacobesk is a not so trusted online website, and we completely have faith in it. They claim to have a friendly customer care team that takes care of all the problems that people encounter while shopping online. Its return policies are feasible and supportive. Easy returns and 100% refund is assured by the company if the product is found faulty. It also claims that if customers are dissatisfied with the product, they can return the product and can either claim for a refund or get it replaced. 

What do we think?

The Jacobesk reviews can be found on several websites. It was less of a scam and more of a scandal to say. Many people were involved with this. The matter of concern actually is that how does the website exist even after numerous reports, articles and complaints! How does the Cybercrime investigation bureau not take actions against it? We advise the readers to not buy anything from untrustworthy websites because there are chances of receiving counterfeit goods or even worse, i.e. losing money and not getting anything at all. We claim what that the people be aware of the recent scenario and should try to go for the Jacobesk reviews before directly going for the purchasing of the product. Being careful is utmost important in this world that is digitally growing online because, with the growing network of technology, the number of parasites which breed and feed on their own kind is also growing.

0 thoughts on “Jacobesk Reviews {April} – Is It Another Scam Or Not?

  1. Total scam! Credit card payment to Jabobesk was actually sent to a JENNIFER GAWENUS. FRAUD! BEWARE!

    1. My experience also. I needed to cancel my credit card when I discovered Jennifer Gawenus name, not Jacobsen.

      They make you think the item is in stock but as soon as you click to buy the item then it is out of stock, but they have your credit card information & take money.

      The mention you’ll get refund in 15 to 30 days, but it doesn’t happen.

      Lord help anyone who uses a debit card rather than a credit card.

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