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Is Youranoncentral Legit [June] Is It A Scam or not?

Is Youranoncentral Legit 2020

Is Youranoncentral Legit [June] Is It A Scam or not? -> This article will provide you and information about the famous activist group and the reason for their popularity.

Are you familiar with the term hacktivist? If yes, and you are curious to know more about them, you are landed on the right page. This article is all about one such hacktivist group, which is known as Anonymous hacktivists. This group is more popularly known as YourAnonCentral.

But you have to find out Is Youranoncentral legit?

Talking about hackers, their motive is to take out personal information for their benefits. They hack the account for performing wrongful activities. However, these hackers turned activist are trying to bring something positive with the technology and so they are termed as hacktivists. 

Youranoncentral is also promoting its page by showing protests against the government. They are having a lot of followers online and are gaining much popularity in the United State. Anonymous are widely known for their cyber-attacks which is done against government agencies. 

To know more about the legitimacy of YourAnonCentral, let’s find out more information about them. 

What is Youranoncentral? 

It is a group of people who have named them self as anonymous. This group is prevalent in the United State for its cyber attacks against government agencies, institutions, and corporations. Many news posts are posted on the group since it came into existence. They have always targeted corruption and hypocrisy and regularly people aware of it. 

Their primary purpose is to protest against corruption by using nonviolent means, and so they are using online attacks to show their rage. They have named the group anonymous because they do not reveal their identity, and all are wearing masks to hide their faces. 

They keep on spreading their message through different social media platforms. They have recently uploaded a video with a damning letter warning the Minneapolis Police Department not to kill innocent people. A message has a clear warning that if the police department keeps on committing a crime by killing innocent, they also have a license to do whatever they want. 

Let’s find out why they are so famous. 

Why is Youranoncentral has gained popularity?

This hacktivist group is famous because they are publicizing cybersecurity threat openly. Because of this reason, many U S. Agencies are in fear of getting attacked by this group. They have taken a lot of actions until today but are highly criticized by most of the people. For instance, the action taken against the child porn site as said to be detrimental. However, their intentions were fair.  

Specifications of Youranoncentral:

  • Username: Youranoncentral
  • Known identify: Anonymous or YourAnonCentral, freedom fighters
  • Critics gave the name: cyber terrorists
  • Purpose: Anti-cyber surveillance, internet activism, 
  • Their targets: government organisation, government agencies, PayPal, police department, etc 

What is the general public saying about Youranoncentral? 

The group has always remained in controversies, and many people have shared their opinion regarding the group. One of the famous Forbes journalists commented that anonymous is performing the task with a good deed, and they should no more consider as a group. Instead, they must be treated as a movement that anybody is free to join. However, she criticized the group for doing cybercrime and stealing personal customer data and posting it online for fun. 

Though they have clearly stated their purpose and their belief is to and corruption, they chose where it is not acceptable in the society. 

However, something which cannot be denied is the popularity of this group is leaning on social media platforms. This group has a lot of followers on Instagram and Twitter. Some people seek their help online by posting their problems in the comment section.  

The group disappeared for some time, but they recently hit a target on the Minneapolis police department in vengeance for the death of George Floyd. 

Final Verdict

To recapitulate Is Youranoncentral legit?If this question still arises in your mind, you will get the answer in this article. This anonymous group of hacktivist is trying to raise their voice against something which is not right. They are mainly targeting government officials, government corporations, and government agencies.  

They have always remained in controversies because of their act. Some people have supported their deed while others have ever criticized them, which is the reason why people are still not sure whether to give them the title of hero or anti-hero. However, the love they have gained from people cannot be ignored. 

If you have any other information about the anonymous group, you are free to share it with us. 

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