Is the Owner of Roblox Dead {Feb 2021} News & Facts!

Is the Owner of Roblox Dead 2021

Is the Owner of Roblox Dead {Feb 2021} News & Facts! >> The news for one of the founder of famous game is spreading over internet massively, read the facts.

Are you also curious to know Is the Owner of Roblox Dead?

There is a massive buzz on the internet nowadays about this game. Today, many gamers from the Philippines, United Kingdom, and the United States are searching various platforms to answer this question.

Roblox has always been the favorite games of gamers as it gives players the chance to play and enjoy in various fields.

Let us find out what is the fact.

About Roblox and its owner:

Roblox is the game created by two people David Baszucki and Erik Cassel. They were the brain behind the popular game. The news is roaming, Is the Owner of Roblox Dead. To answer this, in the year 2004, both of them started working on this dream project, and then they launched the final version in 2006 and named the last name Roblox.

The name stands as Roblox because it is a game based on a combination of blocks and robots. The game started to take off popularity and peaked in the last two years when it reached every gamer’s heart. 

The gamers were thrilled and enjoyed every development of the game and competition. Many You tubers have got benefitted and fame from this game.

Is the Owner of Roblox Dead? 

This question is getting every gamer engaged and search many of the platforms for the answer.

We have told you that David Baszucki and Erik Cassel were the two owners who have made this unique and creative game.

In the year 2013, Erik Cassel, the co-founder, was suffering from cancer disease. He was fighting with this for the past three years.

In the year 2013, David Baszucki tweeted this official news and stated that we had lost Erik Cassel and gamers were curious to know the answer to Is the Owner of Roblox Dead.

Who was Erik Cassel, and what has happened?

We have mentioned that Erik Cassel was the co-founder and the David Baszucki, and he was also former vice president and administrator of the Roblox.

On February 11, 2013, Erik Cassel was passed away, and he was battling cancer. The fan base was shocked with the news internet was flooded with RIP messages in his memory.

Conclusion on the most important question

In the end, we have culminated a decision by reviewing all the inspections done for this news that there are so many fans that got shook with the announcement of the death of Erik Cassel, and that is why they were searching Is the Owner of Roblox Dead.

From the two great founders of the fantastic Roblox game, it’s clear that one of the founders, Erik Cassel, was dead in 2013, and the other founder David Baszucki is still alive. He is also the CEO of the Roblox foundation and appreciates the gamers worldwide.

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