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Is Shional Legit [June] Is This Authentic or a Scam?

Is Shional Legit 2020

Is Shional Legit [June] Is This Authentic or a Scam? >> This article contains information about the website that sells multiple products like Gym equipment, movable garage, electric cars, etc.

Are you busy and not having time for shopping? Then an online store is one of the safest ways of shopping. You can place your order whatever you want with millions of varieties. But all online stores are not safe for purchasing products. Several fraud websites entered in the market of the internet platform to shred the trust of the buyers.

In this article, we will talk about and will find out whether it is Shional legit or not. There are few comments available on various platforms about the website, and most of the buyers are confused and asked whether it is safe to buy any products from their or not.

Several websites are available on the internet whose primary purpose is to target the innocent audience and to dig out there hard-earned money. Several cases registered and reported in the United State. But due to lack of information available to authority, these culprits are roaming freely.

What most a search engine can do is, suspend the website. We will also cover the Shional website reviewin this article.

Is Shional Legit

The website is from China, and in our research, we found that the site is using false images to attract buyers, we found many comments indicating a fraud and a scam website. We suggest not to purchase any item from this website although the site is not working they removed it.

What is

The website is a website from china that are selling products like dumbbell, barbell, bench, skipping rope, and a free garage, tent, an electric toy car, home décor, etc. The website is not working, and the search engine is not showing the result that means the site is suspended.

But we will advise staying safe from this website, and maybe they can revive and introduce this website in a new form to cheat A.I of the search engine. The site is showing the address of the US, but it is operated from China. Most of the Chinese websites are famous in doing fraud.


  • Contact number: +12054947844
  • Office address: 1527fruitland Dr, BELLINGHAM, WA, 98226, US
  • Email Id:

Pros of

  • The website is selling multiple products in one online store
  • They are offering free shipping if the purchase order is over $30
  • The site is running a flash sale where all the products of a particular segment are available at a flat 50% discount
  • is supporting customers via an affiliated program, and it’s like refer and earn policy.
  • Newsletter subscription is possible to get all the latest updates about the new arrivals.

Cons of

  • The website is suspended by Google, and it is not working anymore
  • It is a scam website according to the customer who commented on various platforms.
  • The site not present on any social media page, not having any external links in the name of and not having any traffic.
  • used copied images and content from other websites, and they have no uniqueness.

Exchange and Return Policy

  • If the buyer returns the product after damaging it, then, in that case, the product will not be accepted as a return
  • 30 days easy return is available on purchase of any product from
  • The customer can also ask for a full refund, and the website will return it within 30 days
  • Free shipping is open to the American countries only
  • If the product is wrong and faulty, then the consumer can return it, and in return, they will get a replacement.

Customer review

Few buyers commented that they were planning to buy the dumbbell set, which they were getting it in a quarter of the price range of its original price. But after review the feedback about whether it is Shional legitor not, they canceled their thought of purchasing.


During our research on the website, we found several comments that indicated that it is a scam. Fake contact address, copied images, suspended website, and lots of negative comments confirm that it is a fraud website. We will suggest to all our readers to stay safe from this kind of scam. We neither support nor endorse these kinds of online stores, but the choice is yours.

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  1. Yes I was scammed. They admit they did not send me what I ordered. Refused to cancel my order. Have a shipping number but it is not what I ordered.

  2. After further reviewing this company here I skip Trace on the address and a registered owner I have found that this address is a home in Washington that was or is for sale 320 k the price is caught me by surprise I would not purchase nothing from this company it is indeed a scam. My advice always Buy from USA mainland.

  3. I ordered a $65.00 weight bench from Turns out they are actually in China, not in Washington like the website says. They sent a small plastic bag with paper and string in it… worth about 1 penny. When I told them of their mistake and asked for a refund, they said they could only refund 60% of my money to cover shipping costs and product costs of what they sent. The stuff they sent is worthless and shipping was probably $5… so they have found a nice little scam to steal 40% of American’s money. Do NOT order from these people you will get ripped off.

  4. I ordered a weight bench and received a tiny baggie with face masks in it from China (yeah like I’ll be putting these on my face). Lol.
    Shipping says, your package was delivered! And that’s what they told me when I emailed them asking what’s going on. Sucks!

  5. is a total scam. Ordered something through PayPal for the extra buyer’s protection and made a claim right away when I found out that the website was using false address and contact info. They did ship four worthless masks, and I asked to return them. Shional said they apologize for the mistake and will resend he shipment right away, which they provided a fake tracking info, as well as a fake tracking site to track the shipment. When I accused of them for sending fake info, all they did was replying with prewritten messages without any indication of willing to fulfill the order. Shional didn’t get my money because I made a claim so quickly, but I kept exchanging emails just to get more info out of them. It is probably a one or few men operation that is doing all the scamming. The website is a complete scam, but I wanted to have some fun with the scammers and acted like I was believing what they were telling me. Never, ever deal,with this website.

  6. I was scammed by them by way of ordering a Flowbee and they mailed me six cheap face masks for $70
    I was watching this very close and immediately when I smelled a problem within a hour of the start of the transaction I noticed they charged my credit card For a wrong amount of ten bucks more so my credit card company proceeded to only charge me for the right amount
    This matter gets confusing but after four months the dispute is all most over but also their name was different it Was
    Is there new scam e mail address
    Allege from a address in Washington State

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