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Is Playfull Legit [May] Is this Site Trustworthy?

Is Playfull Legit 2020

Is Playfull Legit [May] Is this Site Trustworthy? -> We would discuss the online game and know how it would be downloaded in android mobile or personal computer from the help of this review.

Do you have a passion for playing games online? Then the Playfull App is for you. 

Playfull is an application, designed and created by the UCLA Alumni and students, wherein you can play various games and get rewards for that. Also, you get to shop from some of the big brands at a reasonable price. 

There is no need to play for long hours to get rewarded. You can be at any level of the match and still claim for prizes. It seems to be an excellent application. 

Playfull is a trendy application in the United StateIt has also got some excellent reviews from the customers. 

So let’s check out the various pros, cons, specifications of the Playfull Application and also find out – Is Playfull Legit?

About Playfull 

Playfull is a gaming community, or an app wherein users play games to earn reward points. The Playfull team aims to reward people or users for playing games.

Alex Hesselgrave, Patrick Lu, and Zhupping Hu launched this gaming app in Los Angeles. It traces its history five years ago to a gaming app company called Mad Plus One. 

It was established with the vision to shorten the gap between gamers and brands so that a different experience is being celebrated.

Specifications of the Playfull

  • Type – Online gaming app
  • Website –
  • E-mail address –
  • Physical Address – Venice 10100, BLVD-47, Los Angeles – 90232
  • Founders – Alex Hesselgrave, Patrick Lu, and Zhupping Hu
  • Launched at – Los Angeles

 Pros of the Playfull

  • For every match, there is a reward.
  • There is no need to play for long hours to get rewards.
  • You can get a reward at any level of the game.
  • Quickly redeem rewards available at the Playfull store.
  • It is associated with big brands like cloud9, 4505, and FlexFit.
  • Gamers get to shop from top brands at discounted rates.
  • Brands pay happily to the Playfull to get their products on the gamer’s hand.
  • High rank at the Alexa.
  • It has got a high trust rating of 93%.
  • SSL certified, means it is safe from the number of MitM attacks.
  • A win-win situation for everyone. 

Cons of the Playfull

  • There are not many links available for this website.
  • This website has below average technical speed performance.
  • There are no reviews of the Playfull on the WOT (Web of Trust).

 Is Playfull Legit?

To answer this question, we checked and found out some of the customer reviews of the Playfull available online.  

Most of the customers are happy and satisfied with this gaming platform, as they get to play their favourite games and also win various gifts. Furthermore, they can redeem the rewards at the Playfull store and get to shop from their favourite brands at discounted prices.

One user said that everyone in the Playfull group is friendly, supportive, and kind. Another user says that just winning the game gives him immense satisfaction, hardly matters if he gets any real point.

Above all, the big brands are also delighted and satisfied to be associated with the Playfull group. They can offer their products to customers. 

For instance, Cloud9 is happy to bestow the gamers with their merchandise and experiences. 

FlexFit is pleased because gamers will get an opportunity to know their brand. 

And, 4505 Meats is excited to serve the gamers with their delicious meats. 


At the end of this Playfull Reviews post, we can say that this gaming community has various positive reviews and other benefits as well. 

Hence this online games application can be a good option for game lovers, as they get entertained and also receive gifts at the same time. Besides playing online games, it also helps to keep the mind alert. 

The big brands are offering their products to the customers at a reasonable cost. So this is an excellent opportunity for brand lovers as well. 

All you need to do is download this application and start playing on your mobile phone or personal computer. Also, customer care is kind and supportive.

Therefore we think that the Playfull App is beneficial for online game lovers. We have also answered – Is Playfull Legit? So go ahead and download this application. 

Also, be sure to leave a review of your experience of using this app.

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