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Is Noochy Licious Legit (July 2020) Complete Reviews!

Is Noochy Licious Legit

Is Noochy Licious Legit (July 2020) Complete Reviews! >> In this article, you will know about the vegan meals and nutritional snacks selling on online store.

Are you looking for snacks to indulge or want some high-quality vegan meals? Most vegans and even vegetarians love the flavor of cheesy taste, and they can still follow their plant-based diet. 

There is a brand in the United States that has nutritional yeast for everyone looking for healthy and hearty meals.

Most of the recipe is phenomenal, and our Noochy Licious Review looked at the price and taste of the vegan snacks.

But most of the websites are a scam or the quality of the food they have is not good. We have a check- Is Noochy Licious Legit. Please read the article to know why the site is famous for its vegan meals and also enticing.

Is Noochy Licious Legit or not?

We have noticed that the site does not have an HTTPS secure connection recommended for online shops. The purchases made on the website are not safe. The site is selling different vegan meals for the last two years, and the domain name is secured. However, all the necessary information, such as returns and exchange policies, are all missing. Also, the customer reviews and ratings on the website look auto-generated and bots. As we looked at what others said, we found bad reviews on Amazon, and very few liked their vegan meals. 

We want our customers to make sure that they don’t sign up for a subscription without reading all the details. So the chosen options when ordering is very important. 

Hence to “Is Noochy Licious Legit” is that the site is not to be trusted, and we highly ask our customers to beware of spending your money. 

What is Noochy Licious?

An online store selling vegan is ready to eat meals, which adds vegan protein and a flavor boost. Noochy Licious has different flavor menus to let the customers make dishes that are tasty and healthy. The company that is based in the United States and suitable for vegan lactose intolerant wants to drop their blood pressure or cholesterol. 

Specifications of Noochy Licious:

  • Website type: Online shop for vegan meals 
  • Website link:- 
  • Shipping:- Free shipping in the USA 
  • Returns:- Not mentioned. 
  • Cancellation:- Not mentioned. 
  • Refunds:- Not mentioned 
  • Company address:- No detail
  • Customer support:-
  • Payment mode: PayPal, Debit and Credit Cards

What are the Pros of Noochy Licious?

  • Lots of vegan and nutritious options
  • They are ready to eat and easy to cook 
  • They have a discounted price on many meal options
  • Free shipping for US buyers 
  • The site is running for the last two years. 

What are the Cons of Noochy Licious?

  • The HTTP certificate is not secured.
  • The important information, such as policies and contact details, are missing.
  • The customer service seems to be difficult to get the service. 
  • The owner details and addresses are missing. 
  • There is no social media presence.
  • Their nutritional facts are misleading and not clear. 

How are the customer’s views about Noochy Licious?   

The Noochy Licious Review looked at other market place and the customers who tried the vegan meals from this brand. We have found some dissatisfied customers about the company and its products. The Noochy Licious has no social media presence, which makes it highly suspicious. The brand ties up with the influencers to promote the brands. But the nutritional values are misleading, which customers pointed out. Also, there the no social media handles to validate its legitimacy. 

Final Verdict:

The final opinion about the company is that even though there is a variety of vegan products, but the necessary information is all missing. Also, the website has no https SSL, secure connection, and addresses.

But, the domain of the website is old and registered for the last two years. The contact details and product description are not mentioned. Thus, all this points out that the site is a scam, and Noochy Licious is not legit to spend our money on. The site is not doing great; the policies are missing. We would request our buyer to stay safe as it related to food and nutrition. As the nutritional facts are misleading, we don’t want anyone to have health-related issues. 

I hope you all enjoyed reading our review about Is Noochy Licious Legit

Also, we ask you to leave your comments in the comments box below.

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  1. I ordered 1 box and they sent me 5 and charged me for 5. Every day I get several spam emails trying to persuade me to buy more. NOT a professional organization! I will NEVER buy from them again!

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