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Is Nfnation website Legit {July} Go On The Legit Site

Is Nfnation website Legit

Is Nfnation website Legit {July} Go On The Legit Site -> In this article, you get to know about a website selling frame pools.

How many times have you bought frame pools? Well, it is your time to check all the new Nfnation website.

Is Nfnation website Legit? It is an intresting question. Nfnation is a very new website to hold so substantial market presence. These days there are ample of the site which are selling frame pools which is a much-demanded product in summers. 

Many websites are scamming people with frame pools in their listing. This frame pool scams often booms in the summer season when people are looking for more cool relaxing accessories and equipment. And there is no sign of Nfnation offline store in the past as well.

Currently, this website is more popular in the United States. We received some reviews from there.

If there is a plan to buy a new frame pool, and try a new website. Then our Nfnation website Reviews will make you more aware of this website.

Is Nfnation website Legit?

Is Nfnation website Legit? Many readers are interested in this question. As of July 22, 2020, this website is almost 14 days old as the domain was registered on July 7, 2020. The SSL certificate of this website is valid up to July 7, 2021.

We tried to search the social media presence of this website, but we were unable to find any dedicated social media pages. This website is not significantly popular. That makes us wary about this website.

Allow us to give you more details on our Nfnation website Reviews.

What is Nfnation website?

Nfnation website is an online store selling many types of frame pools. The products they have listed are available in various sizes and colors with many dimensions to choose from as per your requirements and desires. All the products that are listed on this website belong to only one popular brand.

Nfnation website provides frame pools of dimension 10ft x 30in to 26ft x 52in. The category of the frame pools available are Easy set, Metal Frame, Prism Frame, and Ultra Frame

But what is the confirmation about your money to be safe? Is your worthy investment safe if you buy from this website?

What are the facts that make you suspicious about this website? Is Nfnation website Legit or Scam?

Let us go into more detail.

Specifications of Nfnation website

  • Respective type of the website- frame pools 
  • Shipping time for orders you place- 1 to 2 days after placid the order
  • Delivery time- not stated on site
  • Exchange- within 90 days
  • Return- within 90 days
  • Shipping charge- not applicable
  • The contact number of respective company- not available
  • Company address- not available
  • The email address of the
  • Mode of payment- one can pay via Paypal, debit cards or credit cards

Pros of Nfnation website

  • The frame pools are available at low prices as compared to many eCommerce websites.
  • There are many varieties to choose from with various dimensions to fulfill needs of almost all buyers.
  • The return and exchange policy is up to 90 days, which is beneficial to buyers.
  • There is no shipping charge on orders.
  • Shipping is processed within two days.

Cons of Nfnation website

  • This website has a very low trust factor as it has been in operations for almost just two weeks.
  • Warranty or guarantee statements are not properly mentioned. What happens of pools malfunction after 90 days?
  • There is no physical address or contact number of the company on the website, which makes on hard to reach the company.
  • It can take up to 10 days for refund, which is not a positive sign.
  • The email address does not match with the domain name.

What are customers saying about Nfnation website?

We did in-depth research, but we were unable to find any customer review on this website on any of the listed products. Moreover, apart from the site, there is no significant customer review regarding any product purchased from this website, which is not good for the growth of any company.

Final Verdict

The prices are the same for the small frame pool or the bigger ones. That is very erratic pricing. The return policy is too good to be real. On the contrary, there is no statement warranty or guarantee statement related to the performance of the product stated on the site. Ratings are 5-star-rated on the website with zero customer reviews. The refund time taken is also more.

From our detailed study, we conclude that the Nfnation website is not Legit.

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