Is Kroger Scam (Jan 2021) Read Reviews Before You Trust!

Is Kroger Scam 2021

Is Kroger Scam (Jan 2021) Read Reviews Before You Trust! >> This article mentions all the information that how scammers false the people with hoax and collects their personal details.

Kroger is an infamous supermarket established in the United States. It is remarkable for its hospitality and generosity has recently got in the news because of the fraudulent Facebook post that claimed to provide a special gift to some lucky families. They claim to give a gift for one year.

Let’s explore more information about this fraud and find out the answer to Is Kroger Scam or not?

What is the Kroger scam?

Kroger is a well-renowned American supermarket that had recently got in trouble when a post with its name and company logo shared bogus information brought viral over social media platforms. A Facebook post titled states that the company is offering amazing deals and free groceries to people on Christmas day. 

The post has created a buzz in social media and received 25000 words and 7500 interaction. Kroger warns their customers that this is bogus information and a scam when people asked about this competition on Kroger’s official social media channels.

To retain their online reputation and exact customers’ doubts that Is Kroger Scam or not, they have shared a message over Twitter and request users not to share their details because Kroger has not launched such a contest.

How does this Kroger scam work 

Kroger scam first got viral with the hoax Facebook post and surveys, where scammers entice customers to win gift vouchers by giving just a few answers, land the greed of winning gifts vouchers consumers shared their details and moved further? 

After that, they received a congratulation message and an invalid voucher number that cannot be redeemed.

The first thing that you should do before trusting such post and message is to get detail and ensure that Is Kroger Scam or legit.

How to protect yourself from Kroger Scam?

If you wanted to keep yourself protected from the Kroger Scam, check these things first, and if the post meets with all the checkboxes, then move further.

Always cross-check the social media profile as the official Facebook profile of Kroger is simply Kroger but the Facebook post that created the buzz posted by a fake FB account of Kroger named The official website of Kroger is, and if the owner launched such a contest, they should update it on its official website. 

If you see such Face book post, always check it thoroughly to know about Is Kroger Scam or authentic.


Nowadays, criminals are becoming smarter and discover various ways to trick you and rob money from you. Let’s talked about the online scam and fraud where digital thieves pretend to be someone else and cater such offers that are too good and pleased us so much that we failed to neglect and got trapped. It is not the first to put customers and brand owners in huge trouble. 

Therefore, if you ever got such a message regarding gifts or vouchers labeled with the renowned brand name, check its legitimacy before moving ahead.

As per research, we have discovered that Is Kroger Scam or not. I hope you will find this article valuable and do share your comment on the comment section box.

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