Is Florida Mask Free[Sep 2020] Read to Know the Story!

Is Florida mask free

Is Florida Mask Free [Sep 2020] Read to Know the Story! >>Want to know more about Florida’s new policy that gives you the freedom to move anywhere without a mask. Please read our review.

If we check the global list, the US has suffered the most due to COVID-19. So far, more than 6 million people have been tested positive, and 200000 have lost their lives in the US.

The strict mask mandate of wearing a mask has been loosened. Last Friday, Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida, removed all the remaining restrictions on business that came due to the corona Pandemic. 

Isn’t that strange where the whole world is taking precautions, and medical professionals are busy making vaccines of the corona. What we get to know about the United States, which is the worst hit, is removing the restriction.

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To write our Is Florida Mask Free review, we have researched multiple portals and found that the restriction of wearing a mask was halted suddenly, and a new policy came up.

Like, the earlier rule, the new mandate also carries a $250 fine, but people are free to go outside if they are 6ft apart i.e., if they are following social distancing. In the previous mandate, anyone who wishes to move outside in the unlock period was required to compulsory wear a mask and also had to keep a 6ft distance

People’s Reactions

We have mentioned a couple of authentic reviews given by people of the United States. Let’s read some of them.

One of the persons who work at a shop said it’s his personal choice to wear a mask or get sick. Masks should not be mandated. It’s a matter of freedom that should be decided by him only. 

In a crowd, a group of dozen young women was waiting together in a front side of a bar to get in without wearing a mask and seemed happy.

Another man’s reaction, what are we accomplishing, just riding a car with a mask?

What do you think are they worried about the Pandemic that has taken millions of lives?

Is Florida mask free now or about to add more COVID-19 people to its list? 


About 44% of the working population in Florida makes a direct living through the tourism industry, which has been the worst affected. As per the reports from the state tourism research agency, in the second quarter, international tourism was 91% down, and Canada’s tourism is 99% down.  Even the domestic market has dropped at least 50%.

What’s your comment? Isn’t this just simply economics over health? Do you agree that this new policy is a great move to boost the economy, or will spike corona cases in the US again? Well, it’s too soon to comment on the outcome as of now.

Still, we suggest you wear a mask or any face covering at least until everything gets normal as we have already seen how much havoc the corona has created in millions of lives.

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