Is Fabricel Scam & Read Reviews {May} Safe to Buy?

Is Fabricel Scam 2020

Is Fabricel Scam & Read Reviews {May} Safe to Buy? -> It is an online platform that promises you to deliver the supreme quality of new variant products in the mentioned time frame.

Are you searching for a new collection of beautiful gifts, hair accessories, home gifts and petite? Then, you can try out our Fabricel. There are a lot of customers in the United State, who want to be clear if Fabricel Scam persist. Here, we try to combat as much information for the company as we could for your convenience.

What is emerged as the best platform from where you can buy the optimum quality of beauty products, hair accessories, home accessories and other products. 

Things like hair pain, hair clip set, knotted hairband, ceramic candles, block print dish towel, block print teaspoon set can be purchased from here that too at a very low cost. 

To know more about the company, we would like you to read the entire post. That will help you out to make your final decision. 

Write down the specifications of

The specifications of Fabricel are listed below:

  • Name of the Website:
  • Contact Details: +12563695004
  • Email ID:
  • Address: 1926 South 67th Street, Suite 250, Omaha, Nebraska 68106
  • Payment Gateways: Visa, Mastercard, Paypal 
  • Refund Policy: It will take around 30 days to refund your amount.
  • Shipping Details: It will take 7-10 Business Days to send your product to your doorstep

How to place the order on

Anyone with an internet connection can just log on the, look and purchase for the item they want. It does not matter which part of the country they are having their home. Hence they are saved from shedding their time and energy to go to offline stores that could be a bit far from their places. You just have to look for the product you want to buy and place your order on it. You just have to select payment gateways and carry forward the process. 

List down the pros of

The pros of Fabricel are mentioned below:

  • The website won’t ask you much time, as your order will be placed in a minute.
  • Here, you will get the products at a much lower cost as compared to other websites. 
  • The company offers great deals and offers to its new customers. 
  • They have given the product description in a precise manner. That would somewhere play a significant role in winning the trust of the people. 
  • The company can receive payment from many payment gateways.

List down the cons of

The cons of are:

  • The company has not given its owner’s details.
  • It has not mentioned anything about its shipping details. Neither the details of other documentations are mentioned on the website.
  • The product delivery takes more than expected time. 
  • The website does not include all the relevant information that a person looks for before placing their order on it. 

Is legit website?

No, after collecting information about from various platforms. We found that it is unsafe to place the order from such kinds of websites. As per the reviews, they did not send a single product to the customer doorstep. The reason for keeping the product price low is that customers would get attracted to these schemes, and hence they place their order on it. According to them, they will take your financial information and leak them to the scammer. 

What are the customer’s reviews regarding is not at all legal as it is not SSL certified. Also, it does not have other certification that makes the website authentic and genuine. There are a lot of customers who did not receive the product after making the full-fledged payment of the product. 

They are so disappointed that they will not recommend this company’s name to any of their friends or family members. As after contacting their customer support panel several times, they did not receive any response from them. There is hardly any positive review of this company. 

You can also share your viewpoint here, as we would like to know your experience with the company. 


We would like you to read more about the company because as per our analysis, we found that the company was spoofed. None of its details arouses the interest among buyers to place their order from. It would be better for you to place your order at any other platform. As the chances are higher, they won’t get the desired product.

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  1. I ordered something from these arseholes on the 13th and recieved a alert from my bank that it is linked to a chinese gambling website . do not order crap from these losers

    1. did you pay through PayPal? I stupidly ordered from them and I’m asking PayPal for a refund and changing my password.

  2. I got screwed myself for $300 as I ordered parts for my car. They listed in Omaha Nebraska. Chinese shithole company. What can you expected from them anyway, SCAMS, Diseases and Crime.

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