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Is Legit (July 2020) Clean Reviews!

Is Legit 2020

Is Legit (July 2020) Clean Reviews! >> In this article, you will learn about a website that sells wall organizers.

Have you ever thought that cleanliness is so essential for our daily life? Many people in the world suffer from disorders and have to go through therapies to recover from those disorders.

Did you ever hear about a disorder related to cleanliness? Yes, you heard it right; many people in this world suffer from OCD. Now, the question is, what is OCD? It is an obsessive-compulsive disorder, and people suffering from OCD needs everything around them neat and clean and well arranged. Many people are suffering from OCD, especially in the United States.

Who would have ever thought that people might have a disorder because of things whose arrangement is not proper? What is the solution to this disorder? Reviews have come up with a solution which will help you to overcome this disorder. Only therapies and self-care are not the only solution to this disorder.

Then what else can we do? If someone around you is suffering from OCD, then you should take ample amount of care that the arrangement of things is very proper and arrange things systematically you need some products which will help you.

Also, in this article, we will answer some important questions like Is Legit? To know this is essential as many people around you can take your advantage. So keep reading the article on below.

What is is an online store which sells a product which will help you to arrange your items appropriately and systematically. If you live in compact houses and do not have enough place to store your necessary daily items, then this place is for you. You will find some fantastic wall hangings. 

This website is beneficial, or people are living in hostels or small rooms as this website sells wall organizers which will help you to organize your stuff systematically and so that you can find your stuff on time.

The various varieties available are:

  • Wall-mounted wardrobe organizers
  • Snail house foldable underwear sock tie hanging.
  • Sundries storage back
  • Jewellery hanging wall pouch

All the wall organizers are available in different colours and prints.


  • Website type: Home décor
  • Website link:
  • Shipping: Shipping takes place within 7-10 business days.
  • Returns: The return policy is valid for 30 days.
  • E-mail address:
  • Phone no.: 9563938050
  • Return address: Sunmont Drive, 8579, OH 45255, US, Cincinnati
  • Recipient Name: Williams Nadine
  • Mode of Payment: The payment is possible through PayPal only.

Positives of

  • The website has an extensive collection of wall organizers.
  • The essential information is there on the website.
  • There are different types of wall hangings available.
  • The products are of premium quality.
  • The website has its newsletter.
  • The website runs a programme called Collective Together to keep the requirements of all the departments in mind.

Negatives of

  • The website deals in only wall organizers and no other organizers are available.
  • The website is not present on any of the social media platforms.
  • The prices are low, which is suspicious.

Is Legit?

The very next and vital question that arises is about the legitimacy of coolen. It is utmost important to check whether this site is legit or not. Reviews researched to know more about this site. We came to know that website has SSL certification and ensures that our data is safe and secure.

The fishy thing about the website is that its domain is only one month old and we do not recommend to use such websites whose domain is too young. Also, we found out that there is no social media presence of this website.

Thus it is doubtful to answer Is Legit or not. Thus readers should not trust site blindly.

What does the customer want to say about

Customers are the most critical stakeholders of coolen, and the company aims to keep its customers satisfied always. Though when Reviews finds out the truth we came to know that there are no real customers. The customer claims that this website give the tracking number and send the product, but the product is wrong and do not give easy returns.

There are many reviews from the United States that claims that the site is a scam and is not trustworthy.

Final Verdict:

The conclusion to Is Legit is a big no that this site is another scam site and is not real. The website sends the wrong products and does not provide easy refunds. The domain is also only one month old. Thus it is stupidity to trust such websites and buy from there.

We recommend people to stay away from this website. Readers can drop their comments below.

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