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Is Blaux Portable AC a Scam [50% Off] Read Review Then Buy

Is Blaux Portable AC a Scam 2020

Is Blaux Portable AC a Scam [June] Is It Safe To Buy? -> In this article, we will get to know about the features, specifications, and customer reviews about the new edge air conditioner. Read Now.

We all love to live in comfort, aren’t we? Air conditioning is one such invention that has changed the level of support in the past few years. If you want to have an air cooling gadget at your paradise, check out the details about the site and Blaux Inventor

During the hot sunny days, nothing feels better than the cooling of your heat. It keeps the room clean, safe, and healthy for people who are suffering from devastating allergies. With the climate changing frequently, it plays a crucial role in maintaining average room temperature.

Blaux Portable AC Scam

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In Today’s 21st Century the climate is changing very frequently, and for the same reason, an individual needs to have an air conditioning system installed in their office and at home. Technology has made it very easy for people to survive these days. The latest to come is Blaux Portable AC.

Currently the Blaux Portable AC Canada is trending as the Limited Stock Available with Free Shipping.

Are you worried about –Is Blaux a Legitimate Company? Or wanted to know about Blaux portable AC Scam, No issues, we have your back, read the entire Blaux Portable AC Reviews to know all about this cutting edge innovation. has launched only a couple of months ago but has gained the trust of its customers. Owing to the legitimate information available on the site, it seems to be legit. The contact details like number, address, and email id are available and easily usable by the customer. The site also has positive customer reviews and 5-star ratings that further win the confidence of a buyer.

The above words will surely answer a big yes to – Is Blaux a Legitimate Company.

Moreover, this product comes with a tempting offering – an Exclusive offer 50 % Discount. If you order now..

The product is on the heights of success among the citizens of the United States, Canada, Singapore, UAE, Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Germany, France, and Italy.

What is Blaux Portable AC?

It is a cordless air cooler or regular fan, which works as a humidifier and filters dust particles in the air. Available with special offers, with Get up to 50% Discount. The appliance is a must-have for individuals who have to travel a lot due to work or any other reasons. It is your personal A/C, which goes with you wherever you move.

Summers are a great excuse to go out and have fun. But it is only possible if you have AC installed at your place; otherwise, it could be unbearable for you when you are back inside. It is a rechargeable that comes with long-lasting effects during the hottest of days.

Pros of using Blaux portable AC

Blaux Portable air conditioner comes with numerous features; some of them below:

  • Portable: Travel from room to room, or you can take it for your next road trip. It comes with a handle to carry.
  • Adjustable: With modern and clean design having three fan speeds, it has a variable louver for direct flow of air. You can optimize the cooling as per your needs.
  • Easy to use: It is very simple to use with no refill tank. Just pour the water for humidified air.
  • C-Type: It comes with a C-type cable, which can recharge it whenever you want. Single or bulk pieces are available
  • Blaux Portable AC Using details and ratings are available on the website

So grasp this offer, and don’t let the summer heatwaves drag you in the heat zone. Ready to have an amazing cooling gadget with a 30- Day Money Back Guarantee.

Specifications of Blaux Portable AC:

Blaux Portable air conditioner comes with numerous features; some of them below:

  • Product – Blaux portable AC
  • Website link:
  • Company Telephone Number: For United States – 609 414 7087, – 778 300 0854, United Kingdom and Ireland – 08708 200084, Australia & New Zealand – +02 8607 8316
  • Registered Address: 68308, Ground Floor –12 Lei YueMun Road, Kowloon East Building, Hong-Kong&Kwung Tong.
  • Email Id:
  • login to

Blaux Portable AC Review

How to use Blaux Portable AC?

It is effortless to install and use Blaux portable AC. Anyone can do it in three simple steps:

  • Step 1: Add Water – You can pour water into the top of the unit
  • Step 2: Put Curtain: Once you add water, then insert the replaceable curtain, which lasts approximately 6-8 months.

Step 3: In the final step, all you need to do is turn it on and enjoy the refreshing relief

Why opt for Blaux Portable AC?

The product is an innovative option available in the digital world. The product comes with amazing features and offers profitable deals. If you are searching for budget- friendly Ac with the best cooling, the product is the optimum choice.

The product promises Satisfaction Guarantee, and the exchange policy is also tempting. It is like an investment; AC will serve you with the best cooling you needed in the hot weather.

The Cooler is light weighted and can be placed at any place as per your convenience. The Cooler will enhance the decor of your paradise and surely adds on to your interiors.

What makes Blaux Portable AC better than its competitors?

There are several other similar products available in the market. Still, the quality of the product and services you get along with the affordable prices make it rank the bottom of the chart. Below are some of the features that make it different from others.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Cord-Free Operation
  • Filters dust particles
  • Relieves from humidity
  • No-Hassle Returns
  • Quick and Convenient

Blaux Portable AC

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What are people saying about Blaux Portable AC?

kellen M – Who says hot weather is haunting! After I got a Blaux Portable AC at my place, I started mesmerizing the sunny climate as the product cooling is magical, and it gives you an essence of relaxation. The Cooler is the present need, and its working is too good. It works all night without any pause.

George K – The hot scorching heat has worsened my night sleep. Even my work productivity has shown a negative graph, but thankfully, my sister understands my terrible condition and gifted me with the Blaux AC. It makes you feel that you are residing on the top of the mountains.

Sherran T – One-word that describes the product is – Amazing. This year my Mother surprised me with the Blaux Cooler, and I am so thankful for her. The cool breezing air has lessened my tiredness and gives me a better place to live in. Now, no more hurdles in my sleep, thanks to my new Cooler.

Kellen M – Being a House-holder, my work suffers due to hot weather. Then, one day a friend gave me an idea to buy the Blaux Portable AC. I ordered it from the website, and now I am happily doing my household chores.

Where can you buy Blaux portable AC?

You can easily make your purchase decision by clicking on the official site The website has all the details about product availability and its information.

Blaux Portable AC Review Where to Buy on smooth

FAQs –

  • Does Blaux portable AC come with a return policy?

Yes, the AC is readily available with a 30-days money-back guarantee.

  • Does Blaux Portable work successfully?

Yes, the product caters to maximum customers with the premium quality. The company claims to be real and authentic.

  • Does the product come with great deals and offers?

Yes, heavy discounts are prevailing on the product. You can place your order and get up to a 50% discount.

  • Does Blaux AC save your bundle amount?

Yes, the product is pocket-friendly. It is crafted as per the customer’s pocket.

Final Verdict

Though the product has recently come up with the flying colors in the digital market but has been on the shopping list of the customers within a couple of months. You can rely on the product as it suits everyone’s pocket.

The product needs some months to attain popularity, Make its territory in the digital space, and improvise its virtual stability.

Moreover, as per the Blaux Portable AC Reviews says, the website has done extremely well, and its competitive move is perfect. The cooler has proved its worth in the customer’s mind, which directly works as proof for a brand strong image. Hence, we recommend our readers to initiate their online summer shopping by purchasing a portable cooler.

Do share your comments and experience in the comment box.

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  1. My name is Sebrina Land I order a blaux ac and I need to cancel the order I made on June 11,2020 my email is sebrina-steve@

    1. I just made an order today and saw all these comments/reviews. My credit card has been debited with 301 usd already and i am unsure if this is legit or scam. Anyone can you please update about your orders if you received it or not?

  2. Scam…no word back or notice of my order conformation to my email as promised! I am going to call my credit card company and ask to reverse the charges.
    I am so very disappointed…
    I did try to call the number that was listed for customer service or questions etc but they were not available because of Covid-19…great excuse to not answer any questions.

  3. I am just waiting for mine. Ordered 6/7/2020 and have not heard a thing yet. Everyone wants to know how well it works, cannot answer until I get mine. Hope it is shipped soon. Ordered thru Paypal

  4. Last week, this was on sale for $39.99, what happened? Why did the price multiply and then offer a 50% discount that is still more than double the original price. I was going to buy it even though it only does a small area but I was discouraged seeing the price go up so much and don’t want to be ripped off.

  5. This is looking more and more like a scam. I’d definitely say buyer beware. Most likely my $98 ($89 + shipping) is gone. And, who wrote this review? Credibility is low based on these posts.

    1. Janey Chepulis did you ever get your product delivered after 6/20/2020 when you inquired in these comments?

  6. Definitely a scam.
    My mom ordered over a month ago and no confirmation nor shipping… this is how a lot of scammer do it, they made something so catchy and get the old people to buy from them… and never send the items nor any confirmations. Buyers be aware! Will be contacting the credit card to reverse the charge.

  7. Linda Cockney did you ever get your product delivered since you posted your review on 6/19/2020?

  8. A SCAM and a fraudulent company! They are not here to help or respond to any of my several inquiries. Reporting to my Credit Card that it was a fraudulent purchase and a scam company! Even the charge on my credit card did not appear as Blaux Portable AC!

  9. we ordered a 3 A/c package and full money has been debited from my acc. I have not received any acknowledgement and receipt as well. Can someone please be genuine enough and not behave sold to this particular company? thanks and regards

  10. I ORDERED 3 UNITS THROUGH PAYPAL. 1 Unit on y my debit card ..June 8 2020 ..PAYPAL has already credited my account due no response from BLAUX STRONG ENTERPRISES ..I called BLAUX California, I personally spoke to a rep and was told she did see a tracking # for the unit and as soon as it is picked up the confirmation will be sent to my email that was 07/08/2020 … I still have not received the tracking and No unit

    1. We received a confirmation email right away. Waiting 3 weeks now for delivery.
      Can someone tell me how to contact this company? I don’t see any links.

  11. I ordered the 3 unit offering at 50% off on June 11, 2020 and the cost of over $200 was deducted from my debit account the next day. I have not as yet received the units and it is July 21,2020. At this point I wonder if they’ll arrive before December! I’m very disappointed and would not recommend dealing with this company due to the prolonged wait for the items. I cannot attest to the quality of the product as I have not received it and am concerned that I just threw away over $200.

  12. SCAM I ordered 2 months ago. I called them 1 month ago and they said they were back ordered and that it would take another 3 weeks. I tried to contact them but couldn’t, I tried their website but couldn’t contact them there either. I called my credit card co. and am now in dispute for the return of my payment.

  13. I purchased this pair of portable A C for our cars, they are old an can’t afford to get them fixed, These are not what we expected an we can’t use them, so I need the address to return them

  14. Just so everyone knows….. everyone is ordering these units during the Covid19 pandemic time. Orders are being shipped approximately 6-8 weeks from the date you order and they will take approximately up to1-2 weeks to receive after they ship depending where you live.

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