Is Afterpay Legit [May] Is this Site Trustworthy?

Is Afterpay Legit 2020

Is Afterpay Legit [May] Is this Site Trustworthy? -> In this article, you will read about a website that lets you pay in installments once you purchase anything from them. 

Do you want to shop online but don’t have enough money this month? Don’t worry; your problems have been taken care of by Afterpay.

You will get to know Is Afterpay Legit once you go through this article. Afterpay has made online shopping easier. 

The most comfortable form of shopping is shopping online. But there was a drawback to it. In retail shops, we could get a bill of exchange and pay later, whereas online shopping requires us to pay as soon as we place an order or receive it. 

Good news!! 

You can now pay in installments each month for the items you purchase through Afterpay. All you have to do is place your order, receive it and pay some amount of your order in installments. People living in the United State like this website for its innovative service.

Now you must be wondering if it is safe or not. Well, for that we have illustrated below certain essential things. Keep reading.

Is Afterpay Legit?

A website with great customer reviews and excellent services and products is deemed to be a legit site. If we talk about, we can say that this website has what it takes to become an authentic and trustworthy website. 

To know about it, let us read what it is and how does it work. 

What is Afterpay?

Afterpay is a website in the United State that allows you to purchase all sorts of products for women, men, kids and home, and let you pay feasibly in four installments. They make paying for the products as enjoyable as shopping is. 63% of millennials nowadays don’t have a credit card, and thus this website decided to trust their customers and give them the liberty to shop and pay over time.

But as much as they support their customers, they commit to responsible spending. Therefore, if a customer does not pay the installment on time, they charge their customer $8 and then that customer cannot shop further unless they pay the due amount. 

Afterpay reviews state that it is effortless to avail this method of payment. All you need to do is browse the store and select Afterpay as your mode of payment, create your account instantly and complete the process of purchase. 

Let us take a look deeply into its specifications. 


  • Website link:  
  • Website type: An online store for a variety of products where you can pay later
  • Delivery time: Not defined on the website
  • Shipping time: Not quoted on the website
  • Cancellation: Not specified on the website
  • Exchange: applicable
  • Return: Applicable
  • Refund: Applicable
  • Shipping cost: Not mentioned on the website
  • Company address: GPO Box 2269, Melbourne, VIC 3001, Australia
  • Email address:
  • Contact No.: +1 855 289 6014
  • Mode of payment: Afterpay

Who is Afterpay for

This website mainly focuses on the millennials who do not have a credit card and find it difficult to shop online because they cannot pay the whole amount at once. Hence, the afterpay method of payment makes it easy for such people who find it easy to pay in installments. 

But before indulging into this innovative form of shopping, let us find out what are its pros and cons.


  • A large number of store merchants offering Afterpay
  • Payment in 4 equal installments automatically each fort-night.
  • Does not affect your credit score.
  • Excellent reviews


  • $8 late fee charge after which you cannot shop until you pay the due amount.
  • First payment required upfront. 


The customers are highly appreciating this website despite the cons. Many customers are relieved after using this website and service of paying afterwards in 4 equal installments. has its social presence as well, which makes it all the more trustworthy and easy to access.


Afterpay is a website that allows you to pay for the products you purchase in 4 equal installments every two weeks, that too interest-free. No additional fee is deducted if you pay on time. Also, there’s no lengthy process or forms to fill up. In fact, it is quite simple, as explained above. 

Their online presence and happy customers altogether make this website more legit. If everything is great then who are we to not give a heads up to Afterpay. We recommend this website.

Have you tried this website yet? Don’t forget to share your experience below in the comments section.

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