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Intex Website Reviews {July} A Scam or Legit Site

Intex Website Reviews 2020

Intex Website Reviews {July} A Scam or Legit Site >> In this article, we review an online store that sells several recreational items at affordable prices.

Are you thinking of purchasing some recreation products? The summer season is considered to be the best time to purchase items like aboveground pools and swimming equipment. Pools are sold in a significant amount in the summer season. They provide comfort from the warmth and heat of the sun and make you relaxed. 

Children have a lot of fun playing in these pools. But items like these that have so many advantages and are used for recreational purposes aren’t cheap. They cost a significant amount of money, but you can save this money by purchasing them online. There’s an online store in the United States that specializes in recreational products like these, and you can purchase them at affordable prices, called Intexcorp. 

Some Intex Website Reviews tell us that their collection is extensive and contains affordable items. Several other products, in addition to pools, are also available on their site. 

So if you’re thinking of purchasing an aboveground pool or any other recreational item from the store of Intexcorp, we suggest you read our review of the website first. Some details about this website are going to be revealed that you must know before making any purchase. We’ll mention it’s pricing, quality of product and the most important question- Is Intex Website Legit? 

What is Intex Website?

Intexcorp is an online store that operates in the United States and offers different types of recreational items. Their products are affordable and are priced comparatively cheaper. The store assures that their products are of premium quality. 

Their product collection includes products like Airbeds, Aboveground Pools, Pool Floats, Sporting Goods, Pure Spa, and some other items. They also have considerable social media following on all major platforms.

Intex Website Specifications:

  • Website:
  • Products: Recreational items.
  • Delivery: unclear.
  • Phone Number: 18002346839.
  • Address: 1665, Hughes Way, Long Beach, CA 90810, USA.
  • Correspondence Address: PO Box 1440, Long Beach, CA 908011440, USA.
  • Returns: within 30 days of delivery.
  • Exchange: unclear.
  • Refund Period: upon receiving the item.
  • Payment Method: Visa/ AMEX/ MasterCard.

Intex Website Pros:

  • They offer several recreational products, related parts and accessories.
  • Their products are relatively cheaper and more affordable.
  • Policies like return and refund are available on their products.

Intex Website Cons: 

  • They’re likely a scam and deliver counterfeit goods.
  • Their evaluations and customer reviews are mostly negative.
  • Their product isn’t believed to be of premium quality.

Is Intex Website Legit?

Intex offers several recreational products at incredibly cheap prices, so some users were suspicious of their legitimacy. After doing our research, we found that not shopping from this website would be better. We cannot confirm its legitimacy due to the following reasons. 

Several characteristics make this site appear legit. Its contact information is present, including all crucial details like email, address, and office hours. Its social media presence is also considerable, which is a positive sign. 

But the customer Intex Website Reviews are all negative and call this website a scam. There have been instances where this site has delivered counterfeit items in place of the ones the users ordered. You won’t call this website a scam without looking at the customer reviews. Some of their content and their appearance is also slightly similar to some scam sites. 

So, Is Intex Website Legit? It’s not legit as customers claim that they deliver counterfeit items that are poor in quality. It’s why not purchasing from this site would be a better choice.

Intex Website: Customer and User Reviews

Reviews weren’t present on the website itself. On all other platforms, customer Intex Website Reviews were mostly negative. Users complained that they received counterfeit items and not the one they ordered. Some complained that they never received their ordered items. Users also complained that their pools rusted away in just a month. 

Final Verdict

Intexcorp offers many recreational products at cheap prices. They operate in the United States. They offer all relevant policies on their products and even claim to provide warranty on some of their products. Their popularity is considerable. But, Is Intex Website Legit? No, the reviews tell us that they offer counterfeit items and scam users of their money.

Readers, don’t buy anything from this online store as they’re most likely not authentic. You can buy the same products in several other stores. Kindly write to us if you have some additional information about this site.

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