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Instylehere com Reviews [July] Is Online Shopping a Scam?

Instylehere com Reviews 2020

Instylehere com Reviews [July] Is Online Shopping a Scam? >> In this article, we review a website where you can buy clothes and accessories at cheap prices.

Are you thinking about purchasing some clothes? You must be looking for something comfortable to wear? Or maybe you have to attend a party and are looking to buy something fashionable and glamorous? Buying them online would be a smart choice as you’ll save a lot of money. But usually, online stores don’t have a variety of clothes for all occasions. 

Some online stores have a massive stock of season-specific garments, but they don’t have any formal wear. You are forced to look someplace else if you want to purchase any other kind of clothes than the one you’re looking at in the store. There’s a solution to all these problems, an online store in India called Instylehere. They have a massive collection of all kinds of clothing, whether casual or formal and suitable for all occasions. 

Instylehere com Reviews tell us that their collection is not only huge but also cheap. The pricing of their clothing items compared to some other stores are relatively much less expensive. They sell clothing for both men and women. If you’re going to purchase anything from their store, we suggest you read our review before doing that. There are some details about this site that we must tell you before you make any purchase. Let’s take a look at them.

What is lnstylehere?

Instylehere is an online clothing store operating in India. They have a massive collection of clothing for both men and women. Their products aren’t expensive, and everyone will find them affordable. 

Their product range includes Formal shirts, Casual shirts, T-shirts, Jacket, Track Pants for men; Leggings, Pants Jackets, Coats, Tops, Tees, etc. for women; Balm, Eyeliners, Creams and Serums, etc. in Beauty products; Belts, Masks, Jewelry, Bags, Scarfs, Stoles, Wallets, Handbags, etc. in Accessories and Western Dresses. It’s a newly established website, and so it doesn’t enjoy a lot of popularity.

Instylehere Specifications:

  • Website:
  • Products: Clothing, Beauty products, Accessories, etc.
  • Processing Duration: within 48 hours upon confirmation of payment.
  • Delivery: about five days.
  • Email:
  • Phone Number: absent.
  • Address: unclear.
  • Returns: 30-day return policy.
  • Exchange: not present, reordering of items suggested by the store after the return.
  • Refund Period: few business days after receiving the returned item.
  • Payment Method: unclear.

Instylehere Pros:

  • They offer a massive collection of different varieties of clothing items.
  • Their products are much cheaper compared to other stores.
  • They have a 30-day return policy on their products. 

Instylehere Cons: 

  • There is a chance that this site is a scam.
  • They do not offer an exchange for their products.
  • Due to their lack of popularity, nothing can be said about the quality of their products.

Is Instylehere Legit?

The pricing of the products in this store isn’t just cheap; it’s dirt-cheap. They’re offering clothes at unrealistically low prices that are too good to be true. Their contact information is also not available on their website; it makes them a suspicious site. Their popularity in India itself is also shallow. Their appearance and content is also similar to some scam websites. Their user traffic is low, and their domain is also newly registered. 

All of these facts point to the conclusion that Instylehere is a fraud, but Instylehere com Reviews don’t seem to agree with us. Some reports and evaluations of this site suggest it could be safe. But we don’t think so, shopping from this site is a considerable risk and could be unsafe; so we don’t suggest it. 

Instylehere: Customer and User Reviews

Customer Instylehere com Reviews aren’t present on any platform. Only some reports and evaluations of this site were present. The reports didn’t give any confirmed idea and claimed that the site could be both safe or scam but couldn’t prove anything due to the lack of information.

Final Verdict

Instylehere operates in India and offers a wide range of clothing items of all types at dirt-cheap prices. They have all significant policies like return and refund attached to their products. But there are some characteristics of this online store that makes it look suspicious and possibly a scam. We have no evidence to prove it, but this site could be a scam. There’s a substantial risk associated with buying from this website. 

Buying from this site is not safe. In our opinion, you should buy your clothing from a trusted and famous online store. If you’re going to or have used their services, please write to us about your experiences with this site.

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  2. I have alSo ordered one product they are not even responding to my mails also.. It’s just an unprofessional behavior towards the customers… It is very dissapointing.

  3. This is completely a fake shopping website.
    I ordered cloth and didn’t receive it. They even don’t reply to my emails. I have paid for my order but still didn’t get the product.
    It’s totally a fake website.

  4. I too had the same issue. Got a message that the payment has been deducted but nothing after that. What a sad state of affairs..Cheating people of their hard earned money especially at this time is pathetic !!!

  5. This is a FAKE website. I ordered from here. And now they are not responding to any mails, also they have blocked my account. I cant even check anything online. DO MOT BUY FROM THEY. Its all a SCAM.

  6. Oh’s fake..I ordered on 22nd july.was just checking why no msg from their side
    abt delivery..when I open link nothing shows on website..

  7. This is an absolute fake account! No response on emails. The site where you check the order status is also down. I will raise a complain about this to Cybercrime on Twitter.

  8. i oredered on 20 july. asking for tracking the order by emails. but no reply. what should i consider?? is it fake???

  9. I ordered a personal care product 15 days back, with no response and intimation from their end till date….
    Seems a fake site…..

  10. Scam ! Scam ! Scam! – A fake website .it’s been almost a month that I have placed my order with prepaid payment and they are not responding at all. I m even unable to open the website also…lost my money ..please do not buy anything from here.

  11. No response of mails, no communication regarding the shipment or delivery. Ten days have passed since order placed and payment done. So unprofessional.

  12. This is completely a fake shopping website.
    I ordered tops and received none of them. The link they sent to track the order shows invalid. I have paid for my order in full but still didn’t recieve anything.

  13. Instylehere is fraud, they have removed their website
    And now the same person is using as another fake website.

    With all same apparel and accessories.
    How to nab these kind of people..

  14. Completely fake site. I ve ordered and even done payment for my item but its going to be around 1 month and still didn’t received my order. Very irresponsible behavior towards the customers.

  15. This is completely a fake shopping website.
    I ordered cloth and didn’t receive it. They even don’t reply to my emails. I have paid for my order but still didn’t get the product.
    It’s totally a fake website.

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