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Inexcess Reviews [July] – Is This An Online Scam Site?

Inexcess Reviews 2020

Inexcess Reviews [July] – Is This An Online Scam Site? >> In this article, we have a website that proffers different wall stickers, and we will find whether it is legit or not.

Inexcess Reviews: Are you looking to change the look of any area of your house? Do you want some colourful and vibrant stickers for getting a fantastic wall? Thus, we have a website that is proffering a wide range of stickers for bathroom, bedroom and any area as we want. 

People adore doing shopping over the web as they can grab all their products at a very affordable price. Moreover, they are available to the doorstep, and the products are available across the world, including the United State, no matter wherever you live. 

On the other side of the spectrum, some websites only seem like a genuine, but actually, they are not at all. So, it is essential to know the answer of trickiest question: Is Inexcess Legit?  

Let us get into the website and take more information about it.

What is

Simply put, it is an online e-commerce store in the United State that is offering a broad range of stickers at a very pocket-friendly price. Different range of items are available such as beauty salon wall sticker, bathroom WC toilet stickers, Bedroom decorates wall decals, 3D door stickers and so on. 

They are of premium quality and available at any place wherever you are living. The site is user-friendly, and it takes no time to reach you. 

Let us take a peek at Inexcess Reviews.

What has specified on the 

  • The URL link of this shopping store is
  • A vast range of items are available such as beauty salon wall sticker, bathroom WC toilet stickers, Bedroom decorate wall decals, 3D door stickers and so on
  • The office address of this store is 139 Brentwood Blvd, Gulfport, MS 39503 United States. 
  • The contact number to assist customers is (828) 390-7892. 
  • Email address to get in touch with the customer care executive is
  • The contact person is Bret Kennedy. 
  • The delivery time of the products takes seven to ten days. 
  • The return policies of the website state that the product return can be accepted within seven days after the day of purchase. 
  • PayPal is a mode of payment that is available for all buyers to make the online payment instantly. 
  • Notification services are available on the website, and you can fill your address to get the regular updates. 
  • There is the presence of HTTPS protocol and SSL Integration to protect all payment details and customer information

What are the positive aspects of buying products from

  • The site is easy to use as you can order with a few clicks.
  • The products are in a wide range, and you can get the one as per your choice.
  • Different colours and designs of the products are available to meet the customer’s demand. 
  • The product prices are affordable and costs a dime a dozen. 
  • The site is secured and there of harm to use it. 
  • Products are available at the doorstep. 
  • The stickers are of premium quality. 

What are the negative aspects of buying stickers form 

  • No social media pages are available. 
  • No reviews and ratings. 
  • The office address is misleading as we found a residential area at this location. 
  • Single-mode of online payment is available.
  • The domain is only seventeen days old. 

Is Inexcess Legit? 

After reviewing the site, we found that the site runs smoothly with HTTPS protocol and SSL integration. However, some things might look suspicious such as new domain name, no social media handle, no customer reviews, the office address is deceptive, and low traffic. 

Based on these unfavourable aspects, we have found that the site is a scam. Hence, this solves the query – Is Inexcess Legit?

What do shoppers think about this 

As there is no presence of ratings and Inexcess Reviews on the website, so it is hard to say anything about customer experience with the stickers and site’s services. Therefore, we failed to find anything that may take us to the right decision about the site. 

Final Thought

After diving into the website through Inexcess Reviews, the site is working well, and there are no issues with anything. But the negative remarks of the website lead us to the decision that the shopping website is not a legit one. So, we take it as a scam website.

Please do not forget to mention your opinions below. If there are any doubts, then kindly write the same in the comment section below. 

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