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If you search on the internet, you will find more than millions of online annuities website which offers you to calculate the best policy that fits for you. But what about if you are confused or don’t know what is best? For that, you have to visit to get an idea and complete knowledge about which Annuity Company is profitable for you.

The best thing about online annuities is it is helpful to compare, evaluates, and after getting the satisfaction you can apply for that particular annuity. It is one of the trusted brands marked by Google. You can visit to reviews where you can read many plans and policies offered by big brands like Pacific Life, MetLife, and many others.

Several insurance companies allow you to take the single premium annuity, quarter annuity, and half-yearly annuity depends upon your requirements. You can calculate and compare the premium and term plans of the various insurance company at one platform.

What is is the company started by Hersh and Ariel Stern. In 1986 they launched their services by publishing the annuity guide. They went on the digital platform in 1996, where it connects with the various insurance company, and now in 2020, they are connected with more than 30 000 clients.

It is the one-stop platform all pension seekers where you can compare, calculate, and take the policy which suits you. The terms and plans can also be discussed and can ask for help from customer care. They are ready to serve you for any assistance. You have to fill the details, and the customer care executive will call you. Or you can directly call them for any help and support.

It is one of the most visited and trust online annuity sites in the United State. The achievements and the success history of the site is glorified by a world-famous newspaper of United State like Forbes, Washington post, and Wall street journal and even by the electronic media house CNN, Bloomberg, and many more.

The site has now gained popularity among customers and voted number one site by the customers for their trust. Many big brand media houses like CNN money also complimented the service and dedication of the IF you want to read the comments and remarks given by some famous media house, then you can visit reviews.

Features and benefits about annuity (Pros and Cons)

When you can calculate and compare all the pension and insurance plans on your fingertips, then what else anything you can want. The best facilities form this online site is that no agents will call you to get into the trap of their words. You can identify on your own and choose the best terms and plans for yourself. Pros and cons of annuity are:


  • Nowadays, investing in an annuity is like securing your future from any emergencies.
  • After your gratuity gets matured, you can select the mode of payment. Many companies offer check which you can modify.
  • The profit will continue to your beneficiaries like your heir or spouse after your death.
  • The best thing is the tax redemption, which is based upon your term and plans you choose.
  • It is the best way to utilize your income after retirement.


  • Before investing in any term and insurance plan, you have to take advice about who can give you the exact idea.
  • Investing the whole money in annuity must be avoided.
  • Always calculate the pension and annuity plan before investing because it will depend on your investing and profit earning.
  • It is also important to evaluate at what age you are spending, and for how many years you can take the benefit.

There are lots of criteria that reflect your plan and annuity. And is helping from decades to calculate and apply for the best annuity plan.

Types of calculator available on

  • Calculator of retirement income
  • Index Annuity calculator
  • Calculator for Immediate annuity and many more

What Are The Reviews from Its Customers?

61- year- old Robin says,

I am thousand-time thank full to because I was planning an investment from my profit, and I was not sure which plan I have to take, but I very thank full to CNN Money for their appropriate guidance. Thanks to Google, because of my confidence built-up when I read reviews.

45-year-old Maven

I took a plan from Met Life through, which I am glad that the whole decision was my own without getting interference from any trappy agents. The site helped me a lot, the retirement income Calculator is terrific, and it gave me an idea for investing.

51-year old Rony

I must say it is the best annuity site available on the internet. The site not only helped me out about investment plans but also about the advantages and disadvantages. The customers care representative was friendly, she helped me to clear the confusion. Their fast service is excellent; the hard work of Hersh and Ariel Stern is appreciated that they provided such a unique platform for seekers and investors.

67-year-old Tom says

I heard so much about, but I do not understand why they did not clear my EFT payments on due dates. Do they intentionally doing this to earn a profit, or is it anything else. I am not getting that can anyone help me out, please.

35-years-old Raven

Thanks to the site and their customer assistance, I was planning to take an insurance plan which will cover my whole family and believe me they cleared my every confusions and query to make the perfect insurance plan.

Final verdict

This article gives you complete information about; we neither publicizing the site nor giving any remarks about the website. Although Google has highly rated and recommended this site and CNN Money and various media house also commented upon and given their reviews about the place. So, if you are planning for any investment or taking any annuity, it entirely depends upon you to initiate.

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