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Iboyce com Reviews {July} Is It Good Place To Buy?

Iboyce com Reviews 2020

Iboyce com Reviews {July} Is It Good Place To Buy? >> In this article, you will get to know about an online site that deals with indoor and outdoor sports products.

Are you searching for Iboyce com Reviews on the internet but haven’t found any till yet? Don’t move because you are in the right place. Here you will get everything that you are curious to know about Iboyce com. 

In this era, it is smart to read about the website reviews before shopping since internet frauds are new normal these days. There are so many sites on the internet that try to convince you to buy from them by flaunting relatively low prices of highly-expensive items, and massive discount offers to trap the customers. 

Iboyce com is the e-store that includes several products related to outdoor and indoor sports. The store registered in the United States and has a proficient team of young minds. Iboyce com claims to provide quality goods to build customer trust. 

Is Iboyce com Legit? To know the answer, kindly read the full review.

What is Iboyce com? 

Iboyce com is the United States-based company that was founded, with the motive to capture the large customer base from all over the world. The products that this online site sells are:

  • Inflatable Swing Pools
  • Backpacking Hammocking
  • Resistance Band
  • Golf Practicing Hitting Net
  • Inflatable Water Slides
  • Massage Gun, Yoga Mat
  • Swim Belt
  • Smart Bracelet Fitness Tracker, and many more

The site is giving away several perks and discount offers, such as free shipping on shopping over $38.99, Exclusive offers up to 15%, and the customers can save on each product up to 53%.  Furthermore, the site promises to deliver assured quality products at low prices with specified warranty and 24*7 customer support service.  


  • Website URL-
  • Products – Indoor and outdoor sports items 
  • Contact number – 0755 – 8695 0717
  • Company address- Hanzu R&D Building Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
  • Email address-
  • Shipping – There are four shipping methods mentioned on the site. 
  1. Express shipping – costs $5.99 on orders less than $39.98 and will take 7-12 days in delivery.
  2. Free Shipping – Cost $0 on orders over or equal to $39.99 and will take 7-12 days in delivery. 
  3. VIP shipping- Cost $12.99 on orders less than $39.98 and will take 3-7 days in delivery. 
  4. VIP Shipping – Cost $8.99 on orders over or equal to $39.99 and will take 3-7 days in delivery. 
  • Return – The customers can return the product within 14 days after the delivery. 
  • Refund- The buyers can get a refund in between 3-5 business days. 
  • Order Cancelation – Cancelation is accepted before the product is dispatched. 
  • Payment Method – PayPal and Credit Card.
  • Warranty – Customers will get 60 days warranty from the time of order.
  • Discounts & offers – Buy $49.99 or more and save 5%, and there are several limited-time offers that apply to the products, where you can save up to 50% or more. 

Advantages of shopping from Iboyce com

  • The site is assuring its customers to deliver high-quality products. 
  • The prices are perfect due to the exclusive discounts and offers running on the site. 
  • The site is providing four methods of shipping. 
  • The buyers are free to return the item during the specified period. 

Disadvantages of shopping from Iboyce com

  • Iboyce com does not have a social media account. 
  • The site’s domain is only five months old. 

Is Iboyce com Legit? 

Iboyce com is the ecommerce platform that deals in multiple indoor & outdoor products. The site contains every essential detail regarding the product, discount, shipping, return, privacy policy, payment method, and contact information, etc. 

However, Is Iboyce com Legit? The site is not entirely safe since its domain creation date is only five months old, and we have not found anything accurate about the site until yet. 

What are the buyer’s opinions about Iboyce com? 

The site contains a five-star rating on each of its products on their official website. We found many delighted shoppers that mentioned on the reviews that:

  • The product worked as advertised on the site 
  • The shipping is speedy
  • The swimming pool they got is perfect
  • The service is excellent, etc. 

We got very few negative Iboyce com Reviews on the website. Besides this, we haven’t found anything about the site over the internet, and that’s weird!


After reading about the Iboyce com Reviews on the site, we are partly convinced with it. However, we also can’t ignore the following points like the domain got registered only five months ago. We have not found any clue over the network about the Iboyce com. 

Kindly do the in-depth research about the site before taking a call to action and contact us via comments if you require any assistance.

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  1. iBoyce posts untruthful and misleading statements on their website with regard to shipment and delivery of the product I was looking to buy. Their claim was to have inflatable pools in stock in the US. THEY DON’T and ship within 24 hours. The bait and switch comes after they’ve received your money.

    First, you don’t receive the order confirmation within 24 hours. In fact, I never received one in the 4 days it took for me to resolve this matter. This was a red flag. The 2nd red flag was when I began a succession of emails included offers for an additional 10% – 20% (codes). The 3rd flag was the two emails from someone I believe in their customer service was asking me to be patient, but still no mention of order confirmation or delivery date. Next, I received an email that iBoyce takes “7-10 days to carefully inspect” their merchandise prior to shipping to ensure customer satisfaction. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand by now that they don’t have any in stock in the US – this was a blantant lie to buy time to get more. After 6 rounds of emails I finally got the truth from this organization which read

    “It is necessary to explain to you that we did have sufficient stock for the potential high demand of this product at the beginning. However, due to the absolute advantage of the product’s quality and price in the market, the product is selling very well, for which it is out of stock currently.”

    I cancelled the order and just believe that truth in business should reign supreme. They really should update their website with product available AND remove additional false statements accordingly. If you don’t have the product, you can’t ship in 24 hours from the US, China or anywhere. When companies employ disception in stringing customers along after payment is made until such a time when they do have the product they take away the consumers’ choice to continue or seek the item elsewhere. In this scenario, I took back my choice and will not try to do business with this company again.

  2. Yes! What you’ve written is verbatim what happened to me. It’s a scam. Save the headache and just buy elsewhere. The time spent chasing the product is not worth the money you may save.

  3. I have run into the same issue regarding shipping. I paid extra to have the item delivered in 3-7 days according the shipping tab on their website. When the tracking info stopped updating and the package did not arrive, I reached out to them by email. They informed me it takes 45-55 days for shipments! Seriously?? I sent a note back repeating their website shipping verbiage and asked for a refund. I am doubtful I’ll ever see my money or the item.

  4. Same experience as Sheila above, except I have not been able to cancel my purchase with them. They send an automatic reply to all emails apologizing for sending the wrong size and requesting additional information. DO NOT buy from this dishonest, non responsive, and unprofessional company!

    Do not trust any of the reviews. I have posted 2 negative reviews which were immediately removed and not accounted for. The 5 star reviews are therefore not accurate because both of my 2 star reviews have not been taken into account and other sites report that others having their negative reviews also immediately removed.

  5. DO NOT EVER AND I MEAN EVER BUY FROM IBOYCE!!! They are scammers and misleading with false advertisement. They ARE NOT A USA Based-company!! These are terrible lies they are a Chinese company that will pretend to send you something in 3-7 days but really 44-55 days. Their product is also the cheapest of the line and packaging is a shame. I ordered a 20ft pool and received a 8ft pool 38 days later! They lied and never told me they were sending a smaller size. Imagine my kids reaction! They knew they were sending a smaller pool with a useless filter cartridge (there is no pool cover or electric filter with pipes). They simply reduce the price to 149$ and sent me the cheap 8ft pool that is worth 80$ on Amazon and would have received in 3 days.. They also have the worst customer service. Actually there is no customer service.. fake phone and fake people answering.. Please research this thoroughly.. the reviews on their site are stolen from other sites. Read the TRUSTPILOT reviews too! You will get something in the mail 45 days later, but do not expect what you purchased and expect much cheaper quality..

  6. This company is a ripoff! I paid for a LARGE family pool. Paid extra for faster shipping and months later I received a foot bath sized pool too small for a toddler. They are rude when you question where your package is at in the shipping process and now I am stuck with a 2 foot by 4 foot useless water holder. BEWARE!!

  7. Yes, the same happened to me. My question is, why PayPal allowed this to happen? PayPal doesn’t care to do much about it so PayPal is also a scam! We should all post on every social media websites to let people know iBoyce is a scammer and PayPal helps them succeed!

  8. Abigail Hazel,
    You must be kidding right? Your article was written based on a company that scams customers!
    Check your fact!

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