How To Check The Legitimacy Of The Product? : Details!

How To Check The Legitimacy Of The Product?: Details! >> The write-up shares details about the methods to check the product’s legitimacy. Please have a look at the information now.

There is a dilemma in the buyer’s mind when buying any product online, whether it is legitimate or a scam. Many online shoppers prefer judging the product’s legitimacy before ordering it online, and there are many ways to confirm the legitimacy, especially if you are aware of the tricks. 

Worldwide online shoppers prefer buying products online, and often they are cheated with counterfeit and scam products. Fortunately, there are some parameters based on which you can judge a product’s legitimacy and make a wise and informed purchasing decision. 

Below is a detailed guide on How To Check The Legitimacy Of The Product? when shopping online.     

What are Scam Products?

Scam products or counterfeit products are fake items that hold the logo and name of the specific brand. The product seems legitimate and genuine but are manufactured and sold illegally online. 

When you are a victim of such fake products, it means you are not buying them from a brand or manufacturer. The scam products can be anything from electrical items to designer bags, outfits, toys, clothing, cosmetics, and watches.    

Why Avoid Product Scams?

There are many good reasons to avoid online product scams. The products are inferior in quality and may not perform as intended. Some of the scam products may also risk the customers’ well-being as they are not tested and tried by the manufacturer before making them available for you. 

Besides, when you buy scam products online, you are likely to experience business-related problems. You will find difficulty in contacting customer service for smooth shipping. 

How To Check The Legitimacy Of The Product? – Detailed Guide!

Unfortunately, it is challenging for the brands and manufacturers to stop counterfeit products’ business and market. But, some effective methods can help avoid you from getting scammed with such counterfeit products. Below is the detailed guide on how to analyze the product’s legitimacy?

Checking the URL of the Seller

The URL of the seller’s website is the first thing you have to look for to confirm its legitimacy. If you are buying the product from the brand’s website, there is no necessity to check the URL. But, if you consider buying it from an ecommerce website not linked to a brand, checking the URL becomes essential.

You have to check whether the URL comprises “http” or “https” as “https” is the secure version and confirms the site’s legitimacy. Buying products from such a website is safe, but it needs to check other parameters also. 

Domain Age

The domain age of fewer than six months is a red flag and must be avoided. You have to check the domain age of the seller’s website and ensure that it is at least registered six months earlier. The newly registered websites are likely to do product scams by selling counterfeit products to customers.  

Trust Score of Website

The seller websites with a good trust rating are likely to sell genuine and authentic products. The trust rating of the website signifies the authenticity of the seller and its products. You must check the trust score of the website before making any purchases on the portal. 

Social Media Presence 

The products on social media are often considered legit, and people also comment about the product after using it on their social media page. Based on customers’ feedback and reviews on the social page, the product gets a rating out of five. 

It makes it easier for customers to review and analyze the product on social platforms and make the buying decision accordingly. The products with no social existence are often considered a scam or counterfeited, and hence they must be avoided. 

Customer Reviews

The products with no customer reviews are often a scam. The customer reviews help Worldwide buyers make the right buying decision. However, not all customer reviews are genuine, as some reviews are paid and posted by scammers online, which usually happens on the official website. So, you have to be aware of it. You must know how to distinguish genuine customer reviews from the paid ones. 

Users always praise genuine and legitimate products, and they appreciate them based on its performance and quality. The best way to learn about the authenticity and performance of the product is via customer reviews. So, customer reviews are the crucial element to confirm the product’s legitimacy.

Product Description

Now, it is the crucial thing to consider when checking a product’s legitimacy. You have to read the description, check the logo and even the packaging of the product. The fake and scam products often come with duplicate logos placed wrongly on the item. 

You will also see a spelling mistake in the brand name, and the description would be misleading. The packaging of the scam products doesn’t comprise a company logo or tags. It is the primary sign of a counterfeit and scam product. 

Availability of the Product

You also have to check the product’s availability and ensure that it is available on all major ecommerce platforms. The availability of the product on reputed and major ecommerce websites confirms its legitimacy. So, you must check these things to confirm the legitimacy and stay secured. 


When you see massive discounts on the price of the product, you must avoid it. No genuine product from a reputed brand would be available with a massive discount. Discounts are offered, but it is not very massive. 

The usual discount on an authentic product can be 30-50 percent and not 80-90 percent. The products available with 90% discount are usually a scam, so you must avoid buying such products. You must compare the product’s pricing on different portals, if it is available and make your buying decision accordingly. 

To Sum Up

The helpful guide on How To Check The Legitimacy Of The Product would help you stay safe and make the right decision.    

It is essential to consider the guide before making online purchases and stay safe and secured from counterfeit and scam products. Remember, scam product is massive and finding the authentic product out of counterfeit product is not child’s play. 

You must ensure to consider all these pointers mentioned in the guide to differentiate the scam products from the genuine ones.

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