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House Party App Reviews [April] Really Work or Just Hype?

House Party App Reviews 2020

House Party App Reviews [April] Really Work or Just Hype? -> This read is for those who wish to learn more about the House Party app.

Can we meet? Let’s go movie together, are certain sentences that are forbidden in the present times. The out toll of the pandemic caused by ‘corona virus’ has taken several lives and has caused panic with a grim situation worldwide.

Conscious governments have taken the decision of putting up people at their very homes, with the purview of social distancing being a major step towards combating the peril.

Suddenly, staying indoors for a prolonged time becomes difficult and obstructive as days go by. We yearn for socializing, watching movies with friends and even chit chatting with our buddies and distant family members to liven up our spirits.

Our emotional health is as important as our physical well-being. So, here’s to that, ‘House Party App’. The house party app is becoming increasingly popular with the vibrant youth in United States, Ireland, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand.

It’s not that this application is designed for only the restless young lot. It is above age, sex and any other thing.

What is House Party App?

This application is a face to face socializing instrument through which you get to speak to a number of people, change rooms and have a feel of being present amidst society.

The popularity of this software program lies on the simplicity of it’s use and few salient features.

Even when, Snapchat, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Discord and Xbox exists, why is it that House party is preferred over them?

Partly because people like novelty. It’s a new venture and any new thing is worth exploring so people are hooking on to it.

Secondly, the most distinguishing factor is that it aids video chats for that ultimate party feel and also help engage in low data games like trivia, Quick draw etc. So, you get the privilege of chatting as well as gaming on a single workable platform.

How does it work?

This app can work on phones as well as PCs and laptops, that’s because it’s ios, android and Google Chrome compatible. It’s designed to improve social networking in the current isolatory situation.

You simply have to download the application on your device and fill in very basic few details as personal information to log in. Once you are a member, you would keep receiving alerts about who and when people are entering the arena and then according to one’s suitability, one can chat, sing, dance, play games and so on.

The makers have created it long back but in the present times, it’s serving as a temporary relief for this mundane, home bound life.

Who should buy this?

House Party application is completely free, so you needn’t worry about spending money here. Anybody having an internet connection and a smart device to work with it, can avail the advantage of this technological produce.

Why is it famous?

House Party app is around since 2016, but recently it has come forth because people have all the time at their disposal to socialize and utilize the free time.

Today, it’s stands in the first position in terms of downloading in the United States, Italy and Spain. So, what are people deriving out of it?

  • The app will connect all your contacts automatically, once it’s downloaded. You can join in with any alive member in the group and start chatting.
  • At a time, this application can bind eight people together for face to face communication. The process is simple and abrupt. There’s no formal invitation sent nor awaiting of anybody’s approval.
  • Automatic impulses are sent from the app like a hand wave to people who haven’t still downloaded the program and you wish to connect to them on the contrary.
  • Along with chatting, there are options of playing games together. These are simple delightful games which will keep you occupied and mindful.
  • Provision of sending recorded messages to someone who is offline and also conserving the chats is possible here.

What are the negative remarks about it?

When you see the positives, be prepared to accept the drawbacks too. Here, the latter are trivial.

  • Regarding recording, be extremely careful with whom and what you chat, that’s because the other person might preserve the chat for using against you.
  • The games enabled on this app cannot be enjoyed for a long time as they start repeating after a couple of rounds. So, definitely the makers need to work on it.
  • Too many notifications in the app might disturb you, so one can turn them off and use the ‘Sneak in’ feature to enter chat rooms without anybody’s knowledge.
  • This app doesn’t allow privacy when it comes to pulling you in. You simply might find yourself videoing in front of undesirable company. Here, there’s a lock feature that prevents others from doing that and also keeps away kids from using the app.


The last words would be, house party app is an absolute harmless technology that can be used to remain amused in such trying times. So, go ahead and rejoice with it.

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