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Home and Mart Reviews [April] Is It Trust worthy Store

Home and Mart Reviews [April] Is It Trust worthy Store

Home and Mart Reviews [April] Is It Trust worthy Store -> This article is meant for th se who wish to learn more about

With the serious pandemic outbreak of corona virus, we all are advised to stay put at our homes and keep our hands clean, using soap and water, sanitizers or wipes.

Toilet papers and thermometers are also some of the essential keep these days, as these products are running out of shelves too fast.

How efficiently, we will be able to combat this fatal scare, that’s a million dollar question. But, we sure need to abide by the guidelines set by our government so that we can fight it till our last breath. is yet another online store that claims to sell hand sanitizers, wet wipes, toilet paper, thermometer and personal care. It’s registered in the United State and of course sounds promising in such needful times.

What is Home and Mart?

Home and Mart basically sells cool gadgets which can be used in daily lives for gaining ease in life, shocked? Yes, that’s what their ‘About Us’ section says.

Regarding contact information they have furnished an e-mail id : At least the company has a server of it’s own.

How does it work?

I really don’t have any idea about it’s working because what shows isn’t what it means.

You can select the items displayed in the website and order using PayPal or debit and credit cards. On advance payment, the delivery of the products will be done within 8-10 business days in United States.

For other countries, it might take 10-20 working days, however the carrier ‘Cadevot’ doesn’t promise on the delivery dates.

Is Homeandmart Legit, is a big question here. Why would a person trust this company which has a false image?

Who should buy here?

These days as I said, the products chosen by the owner(s) of Home and Mart are all essential disinfecting agents for human hands and body, to prevail in this situation of crisis. However, the company doesn’t look authentic at all.

There will be no dearth of interested individuals who won’t lurk to buy such important items at unimaginably cheap prices, but a little careful vigil will scare away many.

Why is it famous?

The only positive attribute that I can see here, is that Home and mart is selling essential disinfectants instead of cool gadgets, which is the need of the hour.

What are the negative remarks about it?

There are several flaws in this e-commerce portal. Firstly, there is no information about the owner(s) of the company like physical address, phone number and their mission. 

It seems the company has suddenly surged up just to take advantage of this perilous situation and make quick money disregard of the customer’s trust.

The built of the website is amateurish and lack completeness. The content and images are copied. So, one can’t be sure whether the products will reach them or not.

The website lacks external links and social media presence, which is crucial for a novel e-commerce business to establish itself.

The rebate in prices is marked in red, which most scam sites do in order to attract impulsive buyers and passersby.

Is Homeandmart.Com Scam? can be a scam site because, it has failed to establish the trust factor. It is registered recently on 01.04.20 and works on the shopify platform, which is a scam.

The website uses a ‘https’ link, which is secure but that doesn’t guarantee safe and reliable business dealings here.

Lot of fraudulent companies wish to take advantage of this unwanted situation when we people are helpless. So, never fall for such businesses without verification.

Home and Mart hasn’t furnished any return address, which most dubious companies do. That’s because the company will be located somewhere in China and the shipping cost of the returnable stuff has to be borne by the customer. 

Remember, transporting goods to China is pretty expensive and there’s no guarantee that you would receive a refund.


In these treacherous times, let’s not fall prey to such scavengers, who wish to fill their stomach by our blood. Please be wide open mentally when you decide to spend money here. It will not only lead to financial loss but any vital payment related information furnished by you would be sold and misused.

Always discuss such companies among your friends and family and make them aware of such stingy businesses.

If you wish to share your comments here, then please do so in the comment section. We would love to hear from you.

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  1. No Delivery Estimate, what method of shipment (UPS, FedEx, USPS) or where it is shipping from is provided when checking out. Proceed with caution, if at all!

  2. I ordered on Pay pal 3 weeks ago $45 worth of Hand cleaner, toilet paper, wet whites and other items and I have not received anything nor have I been told anything nor can I get online and find out anything. If not a scam its close to on. I have put. In a protest to get my money back.

    1. I paid $53 and have received nothing! It said a receipt would fallow. Well, that was a lie! I did take a screenshot of the sales page though. I will file a complaint with the Attorney General’s office.

  3. Homeandmart is 100% scam! I never received my shipment of face masks. Also, they dont respond to any emails. They also are DBA

  4. If anyone has received anything, please let everyone know. I emailed the address on my paypal bill but i’ve gotten no response.
    BBB says this company was started on April 1, 2020 and so they have no data yet.

  5. I just sent Home and Mart an email to check order status. It’s for an order placed on 4/5. I’ll give ’em 72 hours to respond. If I haven’t heard by 12 noon on Monday 4/20, then I’ll be concerned, and leave a 2nd scam alert response here. FYI, I ordered similiar products from Modagal’s website, a week later. Modagal (also shipping from China) sent me an email yesterday, They let me know that My Modagal order shipped via FED EX yesterday.

    1. I still have not heard from Home and Mart (emailed to on 4/17). I ordered Santi Wipes and Hand Sanitizer from Home and Mart. I am now trying to contact them thru Paypal (the email payment address is LTFASHION LTD/ I will update you (on this board) by 4/24. FYI, I ordered Masks & Gloves from Modagal (shipped from China) a week later. They contacted me within days to let me know the ordered was shipping via Fed EX. I received Modagal’s order today. I also ordered foam hand sanitizer from Handvana on 4/16. It has already shipped. I should receive it by 4/27 (shipping via Fed Ex Smart Post- economy delivery service).

  6. I ordered from them about 9 days ago, and have received nothing. I have emailed them and no response. I am now seeing the exact same products on a different site that looks identical but with a different name. Home and Care. So I do believe it is as an and will be calling my bank on Monday.
    Angela in Texas

    1. Still No response from Home and Mart, so I put in a transaction dispute with Paypal. If you paid thru a credit card or Paypal, I’d suggest you contact them to dispute the transaction, and to alert them, so that other customers may be able to avoid the scam. The dispute process takes 2-4 weeks, I’ll let you know the resolution.

  7. This site is a SCAM, I ordered hand sanitizer which was overpriced it’s been 3 weeks now I have sent several emails with no response and other than the email address they provide, there is no other way to contact them or track your package. Definitely a SCAM.

  8. The URL address is not working anymore. I did send a message & got a response a week ago, but afraid that is all I will be getting for my $60- hand sanitizer I bought for my son who is working with the public – I can’t find any anywhere!! I was Leary & should have went with my gut.
    So sad how people take advantage at a time like this :’-(

  9. I placed an order with homeandmart on april 7. They confirmed my order immediately. They said they will email me when my order shipped. To date,I have not gotten my order or an email from them. I emailed them several times about my order,and have not recieved any response. I would avoid this company.

  10. How disgusting that this Company would take advantage during these difficult times. I am a Law Enforcement Officer & I am in dyer need of wipes & disinfectant while on duty. I am filing a complaint with the Attorney General’s office and informing the Media of these scammers!

  11. I ordered 5 gallons of hand sanitizer April 6 and as of now, I guess I got scammed. (SCREWED) I spent $120 and cannot get a straight answer. After several email attempts they sent me a tracking number however when you click on it, it says not available. Really? It’s been over 5 weeks now.
    BBB here I come!

  12. Horrible company, I placed an order and as of today it still hasn’t shipped. No direct answers on when or if prefer will ship. Still trying to cancel and refund my order. Now being told I’ll be charged 15% for restocking fees? How are there restocking fees for items they can’t even ship me? This is a complete SCAM in my opinion!!

  13. I had to cancel my order of sanitizing wipes. Before ordering, I sent an email to determine if the wipes were in stock on April 2. They replied yes, but could not give me a delivery time, but not to worry. Several weeks later, no confirmation of shipment. On May 5th, I canceled the order. I did get a reply to acknowledge my cancellation and refund to my PayPal to follow. I do NOT recomend buying from them.

  14. I placed an order on April 5th. I emailed several times by replying to the email address in the order confirmation that I received. Each time I did receive a very timely response asking me to please be patient as they have received many orders. Finally on May 13th I received a shipping tracking number and it appears from the tracking that the package left China on May 15th and has not reached the USPS connection as of yet. I didn’t cancelled the order because according to PayPal, you have 180 days to request a refund, so I figured I would wait it out and see what happens. I will post an update.

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