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Is Hillorest Scam or Legit [Read Reviews 2020 April]

Is Hillorest Scam or Legit

Is Hillorest Scam or Legit [Read Reviews 2020 April] -> In this article, you read about Hillorest reviews, and if this is a scam or is it legit.

Are you looking for a beautiful set of desks and chairs for your space? Check them out at Hillorest.

Hillorest Reviews available all over the internet talk about various aspects of the website. At this e-store, you get to buy multiple furniture items like office chairs, bedside tables, etc.

Currently, products from this website are a huge trend in the United State. Furniture is a need either for home or for office. And thus, investing in right and reliable furniture is a must.

In this blog, you will get to know if this furniture website is genuine or is Hillorest Scam. You will also learn the specifications of this website, pros, cons, some customer reviews and Is Hillorest Legit?

What is Hillorest?

There are multiple furniture websites online, and so are the shops and stores in the market. Some companies are well-established for years now in selling home-based or office-based furniture. Then what is unique about this company? What Is Hillorest?

Hillorest com is just another online store that sells office chairs, night tables, filing cabinets, headboards, and nightstands. All the fundamental furniture requirements are available at this online store.

Filling cabinets start from $51, and headboards begin at $65 only. But how reliable is the company? At the end of this blog, you will be able to find the answer if this company is a scam, or is it authentic. Let us discuss some other important points related to this site.

Is Hillorest worth the money?

We have read a lot about Hillorest scam in so many of the reviews, but we also read positive statements. Some buyers were of the view that they got 100% genuine and high-end furniture from the company while some were just disappointed.

As per what we can tell after seeing the website is that it is not how a professional website looks like, and also, the registration date seems a false time. Hence, it either could be a risk or a steal deal.

Specifications of Hillorest:

  • Products- Office chair, headboards, filing cabinets, etc. are available
  • Address- Bellingham, Washington (US)
  • Shipping- 6 days
  • Delivery- approx.. 2 weeks
  • Cancellation- only before shipping
  • Returns- Applicable but the customer has to pay for the shipping charge
  • Refunds- Applicable but might take around a month
  • Mode of Payment- Online (No COD)

What are the advantages of buying from Hillorest?

  • You get to buy furniture of good design
  • The designs are very classy
  • Rates are affordable
  • You can cancel/return the order
  • The company claims to pay back to the customer if the item is returned

Where does Hillorest lack?

  • The store allows online payment only through PayPal, and Debit or Credit cards
  • For returns, customers have to bear the shipping charge
  • Refund, delivery, etc. take a lot of time
  • The website is registered just in 2019 which is doubtful
  • The information panel is not aligned correctly. This shows that the website is not professionally managed

Are people happy with Hillorest products?

If you read the customer reviews on this website, then you will know that just like any other website, even this website has received mixed customer reviews from the buyers. And hence, we had to read so many considerations to conclude.

People have expressed their satisfaction with the products that they received from this online store. They said the quality is premium, and items were not damaged.

Some expressed grief that they have not yet received the item while it has been more than two months. A few buyers received cheap quality items, and when they applied for a refund, theyreceived no response.

Final Verdict

Fraud companies are continuously scamming people. Online shoppers need to be aware and alert about all these frauds. Thus, it is always important to first read everything that the site has mentioned. Online shoppers should also have a habit of reading other reviews to get a clarification.

In this case, what we feel is that the company seems new in the e-commerce market. It would not be correct to judge its authenticity. There is no doubt that the company lacks in various aspects, but this is not the right way to determine if the website is a scam or legit.

Thus, we recommend our readers to check-in your network if anyone has bought anything from this website before.

Comment below if you know anything about this website.

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