Hasible com Reviews [April] – Is It Legit Store or Not?


Hasible com Reviews [April] – Is It Legit Store or Not? >> It is good to have a look of our post before placing order over this web store and then, decide!

There are many e-commerce websites available in the market, offering a lot of products. They offer this variety of products so that they can have an excellent customer list and demands, which eventually increase the demand for various products and increase the traffic on the website. These websites have to take into account the delivery and database of the customers. One of them is hasible.

The trend going on these days is more online shopping than actually visiting the physical stores. As we are way too busy with our mundane life and we rather spend the given time with family and friends than going shopping. Instead, we fulfill our purpose by shopping online while travelling or having a break during office hours. 

However, one always has a doubt over the legitimacy of such online stores. We appreciate the idea of reading Hasible com Reviews before placing an order.

Read this post and know more about this store; clarify your doubts about it.

What Is Hasible com? 

It is an online store that has various products lined up like Mantel Clocks, Wall Cabinets, Room Dividers, and so on. They provide the best deals on various products with high-quality services and longstanding commitments to customers.

They ship all across the globe and being one of the best online stores in the United States

Hasible com has built an excellent reputation with their exceptional customer service and prompt shipping. 

It has the fastest delivery as compared to other e commerce websites, which allows it to be ahead of its game. Even though they don’t have many segments to offer, they surely know what’s best for the customers and how to attract them towards their website.

Who’s This For?

People who are looking for some serious quality buy for their house or car should visit Hasible com. If you are in need to redesign or re-furnish your house with some vintage look or you love going old school with your room, it’s the best for you. 

Don’t know what to do with your car, those worn out tyres and all the accessories you need to get it better! OK! That’s a lot to handle and Hasible com can be the best solution for all your problems. 

Benefits of Using Hasible com

Understanding the e-commerce battle and the market competition that lead the websites to get maximum orders and support by the people. One needs to be a bit more than others or be a step ahead and be as clear as possible about various policies. So that, you can’t have question like; is hasible com legit

Well, when you are dealing with the ones who know exactly how to satisfy their customers and deal with all the minute details and problems, here are the benefits of having an account on Hasible com.  


  • 100% security policy 
  • Secured and encrypted account
  • A fully secured payment policy 
  • Sell products worldwide 
  • They run an affiliate program  

Hasible com allows you to grow along with them. If you affiliate with them, they give you a 5% commission. All you have to do is share the link, and if a purchase is made using your link, you get the commission. 


  • Cancelation policy is not clear – can’t cancel your order once it’s been shipped 
  • No returns unless the product is damaged or its a wrong delivery

Features of Hasible com


Hasible com does shipping all across the world, which means you can order from wherever you are. Going through different products may appeal to you, and you wish to make a purchase. It’s super safe and encrypted, so don’t worry about the trust or don’t trust factor. A 5% fine will be charged on mentioning the wrong delivering address. For those who do not receive the product within 15 to 20 days, then there is an option of calling the customer care or writing a mail to Hasible com mail ID. 

Contact or query: / Telephone: +1 8456360200


Cancellation of the order before shipping can get you a full refund. Return the item after delivery only if they are faulty, but they have to be in the same condition, unused and in original packing, and of course, you need to have the receipt. 

The refund will be done once the product is inspected. You will receive a mail that states the status of your refund. If it is a valid refund, you will get it in your bank account. The product tracking number will be provided to you after the payment has been made.   

We have seen various Hasible com Reviews and noticed a mix response from its customers about refund policy of this online store.


Hasible does not scam website, and they sell genuine products with secure payment and privacy policy. Its team knows what the requirement of their customers is and looks efficient in resolving issues. We can suggest that one might try this online store. However, better stores are also available. You may get better quality products in cheaper price too.

We appreciate if you comment about your experience with!

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  1. Hasible is a joke they say that you can buy tires from them cheap and you pay for them and never receive them they’ll give you a tracking number but it doesn’t go to the tires there a f***ing rip off and then when you try to get the tracking number for what you ordered they won’t respond

  2. BUYERS BEWARE..!!! they do nothing but bait and switch they will send you a random item that you did not order.. there scam works like this .. you buy a item on there online store.. they don’t send it to you right away to get past the 30 days PayPal gives you to file a dispute , so what they do is send ghost package of cheap plastic parts or items instead of the actual item that you purchased they use the tracking number and a scanned item delivered to your house and that’s all PayPal needs to meet the item has been delivered .. and then your out money and hands clean from PayPal… closed case …..this store is 100 percent a rip off run online store … BUYERS BEWARE

  3. This company is a scam ! I bought 2 tires and was sent face masks from China . I emailed them to correct this and they stated the product was already shipped . I had to send them pictures of the incorrect product and am still waiting now for my tires . It has been over 2 months and all they do when I write to them is say oops we must have forgot your order again ! I don’t think I will ever see the product at this point ! Don’t buy from them they will steal your money and never send you your order. !!!! #Hasible.comisascam

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