Online Websites Reviews Reviews [June] How Is It Legit Or Scam? Reviews Reviews [June] How Is It Legit Or Scam? -> The article is written for assessing the genuineness of the gaming accessories website.

The present era is of social media, whereby commercial units are using the Internet to promote themselves. One of them is online selling goods of the same company via a different website. Will such technique fulfills all the criteria needed for designing and floating site on the Internet? Reviews will answer this question.

In United States, many websites are being launched every day. Hence there is a need for revaluation for their authenticityPlease pay attention to a few essential questions. If products are being manufactured in China, can a website be designed in other country foe selling that company’s products?

Is Legit is being written after detailed research to find the answer to such questions. For your benefit, we have reviewed many websites which are doing legitimacy assessment of the newly launched website.

What is is selling games, switches, and accessories via the online shop. the website is selling attractive gaming switches at affordable rates. The website is mentioning that products are being outsourced from China. But the contact address is in California, USA. 

The brand of the product is Nintendo but it is not mention anywhere that the website has an authority to sell Nintendo products. All these things create doubt in online shoer’s mind. 

From our study of the Internet, It has been noted that more than one website exists, selling online products of Nintendo. Is it legit to do so? For the answer, please study further. There is one more website, and it is also claiming the same contact address and corresponding email address.

Specifications of

  • Title of the website:
  • Name of the Commercial Unit: Not mentioned
  • Email ID:
  • Mobile Number: 3232167777
  • Type of the Unit: shop for selling switches and games online.
  • Items being offered: Games, switches, accessories, etc. with the brand Nintendo.
  • Location of the Unit: 921 e 52nd St. Los Angeles California United States.
  • Shipping Methodology; via courier services 
  • Return; Original products are accepted within two weeks,
  • Refund: Refund is being made.
  • Approach for Payment: Via PayPal.

Pros of buying products from

  • USA based person can get products from China
  • Company is claiming products to be of the latest technology
  • In its about us section, it is mentioned that daily products quality is being improved
  • Prices are indicated for each product.
  • Return and refund is also possible.

Cons of buying products from

  • Many websites are selling the same products
  • A unique brand is being sold online via more than one party from the same address
  • The site is expiring in the year 2020.
  • Based on Google Maps, it is found that the mentioned address is of a home-based club in the United States.
  • The owner’s name of the website is not mentioned on the website; hence genuineness of the site is in doubt.
  • Name of the designer of the website is not included in the website
  • The domain of the website is not with a professional extension like .com,.net,.in, etc
  • The site is not having provision for the testimony of the customer of the website.
  • Payment can be made only via one method.
  • The method of approaching social media is also not professional.

Is website Legit or Scam

The website is not legit because of many strong reasons. The owner’s name of the company is not available. Products are being supplied from China and sold via many online shops in the USA. Customers are having many complaints about the company. The ranking of the website does not exist. The site was designed 29 days back only, but the copyright column year is mentioned as 2015 to 2020.

Customer opinion about the legitimacy of the

From various reviews of the same site, it is clear that customers are not happy with the website. Based on the Alexa study website is not with any ranking. Customers are also complaining that similar sites are even existing and charging randomly from their credit cards. When Pay Pall is approached for the genuineness of the payment style to the company, Pay Pall was helpless in this matter. Customers are also complaining that after the payment is made products are not being received from the supplier,

Final Verdict

Google map could not justify the location of the commercial unit. The contact address is of the home-based club of the USA. By thorough comparisons of the pros and cons of the website, it is clear that only the website domain name is changed by the brand Nintendo. But more than one site has been designed for supplying the products made in China. The reason for more than one place is also not apparent. 

Based on the study, it is evident that is a scam.

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