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Greyboom Reviews (Nov 2020) Is It A Legit Or Fake?

Greyboom Reviews 2020 on Smooth

Greyboom Reviews (Nov 2020) Is It A Legit Or Fake? >> In this article, you will get to know about a multi-purpose store that specializes in footwear.

Do you also love to have a collection of footwear? Many people are very fond of shoes and sandals and all the different types of footwear. Are you also one of them? If yes, then Greyboom Reviews will help you to know about one such place.

Nothing can be better than staying at home and shopping in this lockdown when you can’t spend your money watching movies and going to restaurants. Let’s spend our money on our footwear this time.

People usually judge a person by seeing their footwear, as this is the first thing that comes in the notice. So, why not our first impression for anyone be the best. We all know many fake sites are running in the United States, so we need to keep a watch on this website.

We will help you to know Is Greyboom Legit” or not via this article and will tell you if you can trust this website or not.

What is Greyboom?

Greyboom is an online store that specializes in selling footwear. Though the store sells many other products when you open the website’s home page, you will only see a footwear collection. The site has many other different kind of products from various fields.

Some of the footwear types available in the store are:-

  • Espadrille wedges
  • Sneakers
  • Heels
  • Ankle Boots
  • Booties

You will find this footwear collection in different sizes, prints, patterns, and colours. The other products available on the website are- trimmer, movie screen, level ruler, beach blanket, laundry tub, cooling fan, personal cooling, heating system, etc.

Specifications of Greyboom

  • Website type:- Multi-purpose store
  • Website link:-
  • Shipping:- 12-20 business days
  • Return:- Within 14 days of receiving the order
  • Refunds:- Within a few days
  • Cancellations:- No information given
  • E-mail address:- or
  • Company Address:- No details given
  • Contact number:- Not given
  • Mode of payment:- The amount is done through PayPal and Visa cards. 

Positives of Greyboom

  • It is a multi-purpose store.
  • The footwear collection on the store is unique.
  • The website has a good return and refund policy.

Negatives of Greyboom

    • The website design is not proper.
    • The “About Us” column of the website gives utterly different information.
    • There is no social media presence.
    • There are many websites available on the internet with the same name.
  • The essential details about the company’s address and contact are missing from the website.

Is Greyboom Legit?

With the growing number of fake and scam sites growing in the United States, this site cannot be trustworthy without proof. So, Greyboom Reviews researched and got to know that the domain is just two months old. Also, the information on the website is misleading. There are many units and icons which are not working on the site. 

The website does not provide essential information like the company’s history, address, and contact details. Thus, the site is not trustworthy in one go. Also, there is no social media presence. When we researched further, we got to know that many websites are running on the internet with the same name but sell different items.

Thus, it is evident that the answer to the question Is Greyboom Legit is a big no as all the above facts point that the website is fake and is an apparent scam. 

What do customers want to say about Greyboom?

The customers are an essential source to know about the company’s products and the company’s details. Thus when Greyboom Reviews tried to find the customers of this site, we got some shocking results. 

Yes, we found no customer reviews. There is no unit on the website for the customers to leave their reviews. The critical question now is how we can trust a website that does not have any customers.

We think this website is made by the scammers to manipulate customers, steal the credit card information, make fake cards, and take the money. Thus, we can conclude the answer to Is Greyboom Legit is a no. The website is a scam and should not be trusted.

Final Verdict:-

The final statement is that the website specializes in footwear and has many different products in its store. The site is not well-organized and does not provide the customers with essential details like the address and contact number. Many sites are running in the same name, and thus it sounds a scam to us. 

The buyer should be cautious while buying from such sites as they might end up losing money and get nothing. Thus, we recommend readers to stay away from this site.

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    1. Me too i been emailing them about order i made 10 days ago and they said yesterday that it ready to ship with a tracking number but not in tracking system so we will see in next 3 to 7 days in ehicyit say I should receive package

    2. I ordered a pair of beard clippers a month ago and have emailed twice to no response. Shame on me for ordering from an unknown company.

  1. I made an order on the 20/07/2020 and I’ve had no reply from the ‘company’ how can people be so fucking heartless?!

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