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Gotodra com Scam (Oct 2020) Let Us Understand More!

Gotodra com Scam 2020

Gotodra com Scam (Oct 2020) Let Us Understand More! >> We are going to review a company that claims to settle debts and establish its legitimacy.

Are you one of those who’ve been receiving incessant, unnecessary debt regarding calls from Gotodra? We are here to tell you in detail about this website and to establish Gotodra com Scam exists.

Many users in the United States have received calls and messages from this organization that claims to settle and help recover from debts. It would be best if you went through our review to give you a better understanding of what Gotodra does. We will also help establish the legitimacy of this website.

What is

DRA is a debt collector company that helps settle debts. It is located in the United StatesThey claim to assist you if you are owed money or want to recover from debt. They settle debts related to Alimony, Credit cards, apartments, student loans, small business-related loans, medical, and many others.

The website Gotodra has been present online for several years now. You can contact them either by calling them on the number on their website or fill in their contact form.

We found several reviews on the Internet in regards to DRA. They are mostly from users who claim of Gotodra com Scam. Users have been receiving multiple calls and messages from them, inspite of the fact that they have no debt whatsoever.

Is Legit?

Gotodra is a company that settles debts. Gotodra has been reviewed on the Internet multiple times but for all the wrong reasons. Many people have highlighted Gotodra com Scam. 

Users have highlighted that company is a scam, and they have received multiple calls from different numbers. Even people who have no outstanding debts claim to have received DRA calls, and they even address the person with a wrong name.

The business is registered on Better Business Bureau, and their three-year record shows only one resolved complaint till date.

This site definitely seems like a bait to lure people who are looking to settle their debts. Please stay away from such websites and do not provide any personal information until you are sure.

Final Views 

DRA is a company that helps you settle your debts. They have been present online for a number of years now and claim to assist you in paying debts related to student loans, Alimony, utilities, credit cards, and much more.

Gotodra com Scam has been confirmed by many users online. All reviews from people are negative, claiming that this is a scam website. People claimed to have received multiple messages on their voice mail, where they were not even addressed by the right name.

One of the users says, “This Company is a scam. I don’t have any outstanding debts, and I will not call them back. If you’re going to call me atleast address the voicemail with my actual name.”

There are many users with similar complaints. Our advice is that you avoid sharing any personal details with them. Dear Readers, please share your experience with us in the comments below.

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  1. We keep receiving phone calls from GOTODRA. We do not know who they are trying to contact, they never ask for anyone by name. I have e-mailed them at least twice and no response back. I also feel this is a scam.

    1. What I have been doing is calling them repeatedly asking for verification of the debt. They put me on hold, disconnect me, I called 15 times last night, I jam their phone lines, One man said let me do you a favor and burn your house down, LMAO! another said they will repossess my car, lol.. “Alice” finally said she will email me the full verification of my debt and that they had sent me numerous letter regarding this.. (sent to a 10 year old address) I have still not received the email. Tonight I am going to call and call and call and jam their phone lines and demand the ” full verification of the debt” from A-Z lol.. I am also going to insist on copies of the numerous letters and mention mail fraud is a federal crime. One guy asked me why I kept calling them?? lol I said you called me 5 times a day for a month, enjoy!! I am making myself the biggest PIA ever.

  2. Getting calls sometimes even at midnight, I have blocked their number but they keep changing it. I don’t have any collections but they just keep calling. It’s very annoying.

  3. Do they still call you? If they don’t, what did you do to make them stop? I’ve been getting two or three calls from them every day and I don’t know how to stop them.

  4. Keep receiving calls from them. Even called back, said I would NOT provide my name to them, provided my number and informed them that nobody by the name they are looking for lives with me, has access to my number, and is not a relative. I don’t even know the person they’re looking for. Despite this, they persist to call me.

  5. I received phone calls from GOTODRA about several times a day in about the last couple of weeks. I do not know why they were contacting me. To discover that debt from a payday loan company I know nothing about finding out this information, I had to give my personal information to find out what was going on. still, nothing if this is a scam company then I am done for they got my personal information

  6. calling my company’s cell # no name no ref# and did call them they required a ref#
    VERY Illegitimate Told them to delete my cell# would not do it.

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