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Gotgofriendly com Reviews [June] Is it Scam or not?

Gotgofriendly com Review,

Gotgofriendly com Reviews [June] Is it Scam or not? ->  In this article, you get to know about an online portal that sells a wide array of items at reasonable costs.

Are you an avid online shopper who buys products for the house and personal care from e-commerce sites? Now its time to take a look at Gotgofriendly. 

This e-store has made a lot of people curious about it. We found a lot of posts asking about Gotgofriendly com Reviews, so we decided to take a more in-depth look at the site and share our findings with our readers. 

There is no lack of online stores that sell a variation of items. Yet, consumers are always trying to find new sites to take advantage of better offers and faster delivery services. 

Currently, this site is gaining attention in the United States. People are curious to know about its services and whether it can be trusted for online shopping. 

If you too want to know more about this new e-store, then do read on. 

What is Gotgofriendly?

The website sells a variation of products ranging from home equipment like high-pressure power washer to hair styling tools and yoga pants. The site has listed three categories yoga pants, hair products, and toys, kids, and gifts. 

However, there are other types of products, such as locksmith tools and lawnmowers available on the site. Whether you require equipment for home maintenance or a personal care item like a hair trimmer, this site caters to a variety of shopping requirements. 

But, is it safe to shop from the site? Can Gotgofriendly com be trusted for online shopping? Here we assess the many aspects of the e-commerce store to determine its level of trustworthiness. 

Specifications of

  • Website type – an e-commerce store for house equipment and personal items 
  • Shipping time – 7-20 business days 
  • Shipping fee – fee charged on orders below $39.90 
  • Cancellation of order – within 12 hours of placing the order online 
  • Return – within 7 days of receiving the order 
  • Exchange – not mentioned 
  • Refund – full refund 
  • Company address – not provided 
  • Company email id – 
  • Company contact number – not mentioned 
  • Mode of payment – PayPal, debit cards, credit cards like MasterCard, Visa, and American Express 

Pros of shopping from

  • You can select from a huge range of products.
  • The site sells equipment as well as clothing and hair products.
  • The items under all categories are available at good discounts. 
  • Buyers can return an item. 
  • The site issues a full refund if the returned item clears the quality test. 
  • The e-store ships internationally. 

Cons of shopping from 

  • Buyers do not get to pay cash on delivery, as the site only accepts PayPal, credit, or debit cards. 
  • The website charges a shipping fee for orders that cost less than $39.90. 
  • The site does not share the company’s physical address or contact number. 

Is legit or not?

The e-store is SSL certified, which is an excellent sign as it means the site ensures data protection. The site has listed products under all its categories, and the descriptions are vivid to help customers make up their minds. Plenty of information regarding the site’s shipping and return policies are provided on the site

The aforementioned signs are good for the site. However, the domain is less than 6 months old, and the e-commerce company does not share its physical address or contact number. Also, the content on the about us page does not appear to be updated. 

All these could be because the site is recently welcomed. Overall, the site seems to be trustworthy. 

What are people saying about

Despite the store’s newness, we found plenty of customer reviews posted on the website. Certain best-selling items, such as hair straightening tools, etc., have numerous reviews posted on their page. The customers share their happy experiences with hair styling products. 

We continued our search online to check the kind of response the site was getting from the shoppers. We didn’t find any proper reviews available. It could be due to the fact that the site is quite new. 

Final Verdict 

The e-shop possesses SSL certification and shares plenty of valuable information about its items and policies on the site. However, there is a lack of information about the company. Also, the store does not have an account of social media portals. 

The customer reviews on the site indicates trustworthiness. In our opinion, the e-store is legit, and we think our readers would enjoy the products and the discounts offered. However, we suggest you maintain caution as the site is relatively new. 

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  1. I was greatly encouraged once reading your reviews on this site. I want to purchase an item from them but after I got burned on a site called for some tools I always try and check what others had to say about it. If you wanted to do a review on the handtackle site I’m sure others would appreciate it.
    Thank you,

  2. I was greatly encouraged once reading your reviews on this site. I want to purchase an item from them but after I got burned on a site called for some tools I always try and check what others had to say about it. If you wanted to do a review on the handtackle site I’m sure others would appreciate it.
    Thank you

  3. The shipping is horrible. I ordered my product in early June, and have not received it. Take heed, if you are expecting your delivery on schedule you will be highly disappointed.

  4. I’m very disappointed with this site. Supposedly my items have been received in America, but they have not left from Valley Stream, NY since they arrived almost a month ago. They said that I was not eligible for a refund for 2 months after my order was placed. I have received other things shipped from overseas in much less time than this. I will be making a report with BBB in reference to this “company”

    1. I had the same issue. I finally got my purchase yesterday and it was the wrong thing. After tons of emails they said that is what I purchased. However I have an email from them that states what I said I bought is the truth. I am currently in an email battle over what I bought. I hope you get the correct product.

  5. I bought what I thought was –>🔥Last Day 50% OFF – Multifunctional Circular Saw And Blade × 1
    with a set of saw blades(recommended)<– What I got was just saw blades, no SAW. When I contacted Their SUPPORT they said it was just for the blades. Now their Website is down!!! SCAM!!!

    1. The exact same thing happened to me! I received just some blades (NO saw). I emailed them and they replied that I only ordered blades. I let them know that the order summary even stated “Multifunctional Circular Saw And Blade x 1′ And your site RECOMMENDED to purchases additional blades. I did NOT purchase additional blades … I only purchased the saw. We’ve gone back and forth 3 times now and they will not budge. And just like you state … their website it down. SCAMMERS! I can’t stand dishonest people!

  6. Same here. I did contact customer support and they advised me I could not return them because there wasn’t a problem with them. Oh the problem is a gave blades and no saw to use them

  7. Same here. I did contact customer support and they advised me I could not return them because there wasn’t a problem with them. Oh the problem is a have blades and no saw to use them

  8. I am dealing with them right now for the same problem…only received blades. I am do angry about this and will pursue it! They will either send me the saw or refund my damn money!!

  9. I ordered the saw and blades and have just received the blades only. Even though the email from them shows my order summary of both items. Emailing them has turned into an argument that I only ordered blades so I have start a dispute with PayPal to get my money back. They are definitely a SCAM company, please do not buy from them.

  10. Ordered the Multifunctional Circular Saw at the beginning of June. Kept getting emails of if being shipped. Got an text message yesterday saying it will be delivered today 7/29/20. Couldn’t wait to see it. Went to the mailbox and no box. Yep you guessed it. Only got the blades. Total BS

  11. Oh lord looking at you’ll reviews doesnt look promising I ordered a circular saw with the blades hopefully I’ll get just that 🙏🏽 and its been since June

  12. I ordered the saw only sent blades??? They said I only ordered blades but my order clearly shows a saw PLUS the blades. I have went round and round with them. My order doesn’t lie about what was ordered. What am I going to do with just the blades?? Really

  13. We bought the multi function circular saw, we only got the blades and not the saw. We contact the support service and we ask for the saw or to be able to return the blades and get our money back and they denied the return. Big disappointment, they do false advertising. Terrible company.

  14. I bought a multicircular saw with 3blades at the beginning of June. I hadnt heard nothing contacted them , they told me please be patient. Next day got a tracking number that it had shipped. This was around 17th June. July 9 I get an email with purchase number but different tracking and different shipper but yet it said it was in NY. Contacted them same crap. Then I got email said package has been delivered lol. Nope so emailed again, told them I filed fraudulent charges at my bank since PayPal was not responding , and they said they were sorry and after the site was taken down and read the comments on the shipping page that people were only getting 3 blades I emailed them again and today they offer me 5 dollar refund after spending 30.97 in which I have the email stating it was for a multifunction circular saw and 3 blades and still nothing and expected me to agree. Please no thank you, I called them a scam, reported it and my bank sent me papers which have already been turned in to get my money back and so no this is a huge scam and the comments have been the same on the shipping @24servicevip thing and its a huge list saying they only got 3 blades and a response of this is what you ordered.

  15. I also ordered the multifunctional circulaw saw and a blade. I waited for months to receive it and all i got was 3 blades.

  16. I order the Circular Saw, too , and only received the blades. I contacted support by email including a picture of their ad which shows and states you get the saw and bonus is the blades. I got the same response as others saying all that I ordered was the blades. I will contact my AMEX to report the fraud and hopefully get refunded.

  17. is absolutely a scam site. I placed an order and recieved a partial order 2 months later. I ordered the Multifunctional Handheld Circular Saw with replacement blades and only recieved the blades. After several emails back and forth with with their customer support they refused to acknowledge that I had ordered the Circular Saw even after sending them a copy of the original email with order summary proving I had ordered it. They refuse to fulfill my order or give a refund. I do not suggest ordering from them.

  18. Same issue here.
    I contact customer support and they answered , i could not return the item since there wasn’t a problem with them.
    my reply to them . the problem is a have blades and no saw to use them with
    It’s A SCAM!!!

  19. Same here but I haven’t contacted them. I can’t even find the link where I purchased them. If anyone has that in a link or screenshot please let me know!

  20. these POS are scammers, sheisters and most definitely FALSE ADVERTISING!!!!! They advertised a saw and blades and when you purchase them, they only sent saw blades.

  21. This is a scam!!I bought the Multifunctional Circular Saw And Blade × 1 with a set of saw blades, it took 3 months to arrive and I just got saw blades. When I contacted their support, they said it the my order was just for the blades and I been trying to get into the website and is down. TOTAL SCAM!!!

  22. I also purchased the saw with blades and only received blades. The purchase as $47 but they charged my card for $55. Trying to get them to refund has been nothing but the runaround.

  23. Scammers! I clicked on an ad and ordered a multi-function circular saw, they had an option to order it with blades which I selected. They shipped only the blades and claimed that was all I had ordered yet I had screenshots that showed it was supposed to be the multi-function circular saw with blades. And an email confirming my order of a multi-function circular saw and blades. To get a refund through PayPal they wanted me to return the blades with tracking # which would have cost me $5 more than the refund. Not once did they offer to send the saw they owed me. I read about others who who had been shipped the blades only as well and some had been told they couldn’t return them because there was nothing wrong with them!

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