Gossgear Com Reviews [April] Is It A Legit Store?

Gossgear Com Reviews

Gossgear Com Reviews [April] Is It A Legit Store? -> Read this article to get an idea of what this site is like and to know that it is a legit site.

Take a look at the world fashion today and choose your shopping site carefully. Introducing the Gossgear.com reviews, that will help you in selecting the right site to shop for your favourite clothing. 

Many sites that sell clothes are a fraud. People all over the world have spent a lot of time looking for a legit website. One that will help them to dress up well in style, and in minimal budget. But to find something of worth on the internet is rare and needs a lot of luck. Customers are sceptical of spending their hard-earned money on sites that do not do as per expectations and let them down. 

Therefore, in countries like the United States and several others, people have started shopping from this site. Their customer reviews are positive, and the Gossgear.com is proved to be a legit site. So we insist you read further to know everything about the website and then take your call. 

What is Gossgear?

Gossgear is an online store for clothes. Their clothes have a large number of varieties with themes and accessories. Their target customers are mostly the younger generation as they like hip and colourful costumes. They sell different types of t-shirts mostly and with phone covers ranging from different themes like football, politics and so on.

Who needs Gossgear?

Gossgear is needed by people who hate going out in the sun or spending their evening walking through the market. Most people in today’s generation find it a very challenging task to take the time to go for clothing shopping. The reasons are fair. People in today’s world have limited time and more work to do. They want to invest time in meaningful things like on a start-up or bonding with family. 

As the world has become smaller due to the internet, most teenagers and young people like to socialize online. Moreover, the concept of stepping out to buy something or pay bills is left in the past. One can see the shift in the attitude of the people as the queue in front of banks and shopping malls have reduced drastically. 

Advantages of Gossgear

  • Gossgear is an online platform that can be accessed by anyone who has a stable internet connection. 
  • They offer free home delivery if you order over 36 Euros with a replacement policy. 
  • They have a variety of things to choose from. 
  • They also sell accessories like mobile phone covers. 
  • It is easy to use and order form this site. 
  • Your order will reach you in 5-10 working days. 
  • Your information will remain intact and secure. 

Technical Specifications of Gossgear

  • Gossgear is a light website that can easily open in your mobile phone, tablet and laptop. 
  • The blue and white colour of the site is soothing to the eyes and gives the place a friendly vibe. 
  • The fonts are in bold, and the images of the products are clear, which makes the website trustworthy. 
  • They have different sections for different categories and pages to give the place a clean look. 

How does Gossgear work?

Gossgear is an online site that accepts your order and delivers your product till your doorstep. It offers free delivery above thirty-eight euros and provides replacement policy. 

How to use Gossgear?

If you want to order from Gossgear, you have to get a phone or a tablet with a stable internet connection and log in to its official site. Once you register, you will receive updates about the products and offers. You can choose your order and click buy now. They have various modes of payment from which you can choose.

How is Gossgear different from other shopping sites?

Gossgear is the only shopping site where you can see a different category like St. Patrick’s day, Military, Outdoors, jobs, sports and colleges and much more. The t-shirts have excellent quality material and will add to your stylish looks. They offer free doorstep delivery all over the world in only a minimum shopping of thirty-eight Euros.

On the other hand, other sites target a more severe kind of customers who want to look very regular. They are mostly fraud and do not meet customer expectations too.

Final Verdict

To conclude, we can say that Gossgear is a legit online site that you must give a try. It offers free delivery and has numerous collections in all sizes. However, the site could have had more categories, like bottom wear and other clothing material. The t-shirts are very limited in its customer reach and will soon lose the interest of the younger buyers.

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  1. I just wish they would answer my email I ordered a shirt on March 26th and it only says printing but have got nothing else. Payment has already cleared

    1. Hello ,
      I placed my order on April 3rd and have yet to receive anything. Did you get your order by chance?

    2. Me, too! I ordered a shirt and phone cover April 11. Got an email a few days later saying it’s printing. That was it. Nothing more. They took my money but haven’t answered any of my emails asking where my order is. Never again will I order from here.

    3. Dispute it with Paypal or your credit card. They are total scammers and will never send a refund or the product. Please report the page to Facebook as well. Click on the three dots and select ‘Find Support or Report Page’, report them for products not received as well as misleading page as they are now pretending to be a church or something.


    1. Gossip gear.com is a total scam. I can not get in contact with them and payment of $40 for a yellow birthday quarteen shirt has cleared. Someone took the money and we never received the shirt nor can we contact them. This is a horrible company that stole my money and ruined my daughters birthday as she was so looking forward to wearing this shirt on her quarantined birthday and was very disappointed! I will be looking into what I can do to legally get my money back from this horrible company. Please be warned they are not legit. I’ve learned my lesson to not trust ordering from anywhere other then through an honest company such as Amazon. Please do not make the same mistake as I did. I am also a struggling widow and for there to be people out there such as goss gear. Com to take advantage of someone in my position or anyone for that matter. What a horrible company.

  3. I ordered a little over a week ago, and I just got an email saying that my has shipped and have a tracking number, so I should be seeing the t-shirt soon.

  4. They did not respond to any of my emails. They are a scam company. Reported them to my bank and the Better Business Bureau.

  5. Wish I could give 0 stars! I ordered a T-shirt for my daughter’s April bday ON APRIL 6. I’m 100% positive I ordered one style and got a confirmation of another. I tried to cancel the order by contacting customer service, which is only allowed through email. I then again ordered the T-shirt I originally thought I bought. I got a response 2 days later saying sorry, we can’t refund you, your order went to print. When I explained I reached out immediately after, and they took 2 days to respond, I got a response basically saying sorry for the bad luck. Now it’s April 27th, my daughter’s actual birthday and BOTH t-shirts are still “printing”. When I ordered, the confirmation emails both said my order would be shipped in 5-10 days. I’ve reached out again through customer service and they said the “order is delayed”. When I asked when I could expect it, once again- no response! I highly caution anyone to order from this horrible company! I never take the time to write reviews but this experience has been highly suspect and I’m not sure if the company is even legitimate!

  6. I placed an order in early April and it is now May 5 and it still says “printing” just like it did last week when I checked. I wonder if I will ever receive the T-shirt I bought or if I lost almost $40.

  7. Gossgear.com has been an absolutely terrible company to work with and I do not suggest ordering any products from them. My order status showed order received for 15 days. After the 15 day period passed, the order finally moved to printing and has been stuck in that status for 6 days. It does not take 6 days to print! Additionally, they have a guarantee that it can be cancel and refunded if requested before it is sent to printing. During the 15 days of waiting for it to print, I asked for it to be cancelled. They said that I could not cancel it because it was in production. However, it was not in production, per their own website order status tracker. It was still another 2 days before it moved to being in production. Since then, I have written several emails of which their “customer service” has responded with continuous canned answers that do not even address my questions or resolve my issue.

  8. I’m a fuc*ing queen if this is a legit store! It’s a scam – people pay a lot for those t-shirts, then wait ages to realise that they have been scammed. The “company” doesn’t reply, lie about the status of the order using automated messages, and business goes on.
    YOU’VE BEEN WARNED. You’re welcome.

  9. SLOW and not resposive, don’t order here if you need something ontime, ordered april 26th still waiting and then they ship it the slowest method available

  10. Ordered April 16, today is May 6. Still in printing since April 30. Happy Mother’s Day Mom!!!!

  11. Definitely a scam. I ordered a shirt almost 2 months ago and never got it. I have been trying to reach someone about a refund and nothing!! Don’t buy from here!

  12. These people are scammers. I ordered two T shirts – one I had made specifically for a quarantine birthday party. I ordered it on April 18, 2020 – 3 weeks before the birthday party. It is 2 days before the quarantine birthday party and has still not been shipped but “prepared for printing on April 30.” This is May 7 and it has not been shipped, just “prepared.” I sent them a complaint that it was late and won’t arrive for the event. They gave me a 10% refund which amounted to zero. I am still paying the same amount without the refund because they added the shipping fee back. DUH. So then I write again asking to cancel my order and they say it can’t be cancelled because it is marked for “printing.” If it is not yet shipped, it CAN be cancelled.

    SO I HAD TO CALL MY CREDIT CARD COMPANY TO HAVE THAT CHARGE REMOVED. THEY WILL FIGHT ME OVER $50. They don’t fulfill order on time. After the date of the party, the shirt is WORTHLESS.

    THEY ARE FRAUDS to not fulfill orders within the standard 5 to 10 business days that most places do. Amazon would be even sooner. And the pandemic is no excuse. They are making pandemic shirts.

  13. This “company” is a scam. I canceled my order in the same minute I placed (You will get no cancelation confirmation from them so take screenshots as proof) and after few hours they send me a note that I can’t cancel it becasue it was to late to cancel. No phone number to call them, constatly sending the same email that I can’t cancel the order. They will force You to buy from them. It’s been 3 weeks now as I am waiting for my item still didnt arrive yet. If You unfortunately bought something and You want to fight for Your money keep all the proofs of cancellations and emails – You will need it to dispute purchase and file fraud if You will want Your money back. Run from this “company”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Unfortunately, on April 10th, I ordered FOUR shirts costing $100 and I have yet to receive my shirts. I’ve not even received an email letting me know that my order has gone to printing.

  15. I ordered a shirt April 28 . Only response is it is printing. Can not get a shipping date. I would not recommend ordering from this company.

  16. Oh gutted I didn’t see this before I ordered. .Exact same as everyone else on here. Ordered 3 weeks ago, 25th April, for 10yr old daughters birthday on 26th May. Allegedly still in production/printing. Now no way will arrive in time and will not cancel/refund. So dissapointing. Shocking business practice. ? Complete scam.

  17. SCAM – do not order from them!
    Ordered t.shirt on 18th April. Advertised shipping was 5-15 days.
    I contacted them after 30 days later, as I still had not receivrd the t.shirt and my daughter’s birthday had passed. The t.shirt was still being printed!
    I requested a full refund and to cancel the order. This was refused and a 30% discount given.
    I complained again and requested the t.shirt order be cancelled as it was no longer fit for purpose and they did not fulfill the order at the advertised time. I was told I would not receive any further discount. 4 days later I received another email to say the t.shirt had been shipped. 34 days after I ordered it! Useless now, my daughters birthday has passed!

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