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Givanvito com Reviews [July] Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Givanvito com Reviews 2020

Givanvito com Reviews [July] Is It A Scam Or Legit? >> In this article, we will discuss all the points about the site selling the electronic items for kitchen use.

Finding a perfect electronic item is a tough task or not? Sometimes it is to go market and find the best deal for yourself, but buying those online gives a bit of relaxation. is one of the online platforms dealing with all the electronic items for household use. Online reports have to say that the company is found in the United States.

Givanvito com Reviewswill share all the details regarding the company and the features of the website, which the customer should know before they use it for the shopping. The article also shares the necessary information about the company.

What is is the newly registered online company dealing with the electronic items used in our household work in daily routine. The product list includes mixers, microwave ovens, coffee makers, etc. They have outstanding product quality with colorful shades as per the requirement of the customers.

The company offers worldwide service by the mean of USPS. You can order the item from anywhere in the world and quickly get the product from different production houses. The company also offers many facilities that can make the customer more comfortable in purchasing the items.


  • Website –
  • Email address –
  • Shipping time – 2-3 business days
  • Delivery time – 7-12 business days
  • Payment method – Online mode of payment

Is worth money or not?

Givanvito com Reviews say that the company has registered only one month ago and do not have any feedback. Before going for any purchase, we should have explicit knowledge about the site’s work and service. The website does not clarify the return and refund policies, which leaves the place to be suspected by the terms and conditions. As no report registered, we cannot judge the site, so it worth money or not depends upon your decision and research you make about the company.

Pros of website

  • All the kitchen need completes here
  • Colorful and useful products
  • Affordable prices of products

Cons of website

  • No return and refund applicable
  • Invalid email address on the official page
  • All the contact details are kept private from the users

What customers have to say about it?

The feedback by the customers plays a vital role in making the company famous. Givanvito com Reviews found no input by the users as the website is newly registered. The official page does not have any comment section for the feedback of the customers.

As no online customer review available, you have to go for your research before trusting any of the new sites. Go for the online survey about the website and make a correct decision about the company.

Is Legit or Scam?

Early judging of the site is not correct, but Givanvito com Reviews found that the site use open cart platform to work. It has been noticed that the website does not have a mail server, which is the bad sign. The scam sites use the new domain name the same as to use the new domain name. It could be a scam, or legit no can be proved without the user’s feedback, but we can be safe by using the simple logic of fake mails and other points.

The policies offered by the company is one the way by which we can trust the site, but does not have any of the satisfying systems like return, refund, or exchange. This feature can be harmful as if you get the problem with the product, no one can help you with it, and the whole money is wasted.

Final Verdict

Here is an unbiased review of this new website. This article shows up on the sides of the website. It has shared the good as well as bad of the company that you may face during the usage. Givanvito com Reviews managed to give the necessary details like e-mail address and many more. According to the survey, a scam site does not share details with the customers, so the company is doing. Its all the details are private and not visible to the users.

Being not sure we cannot say it legit or scam, but there are too many points leaving the site to be suspected. So before using read out all the points about it and leave the feedback in the comment section. Your comment may help many other users, so enjoy shopping safely.

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  1. It’s definitely a scam. Ordered something, it took way more money off my account than what it said the price was and then no communication after that. Stole money and gone.

  2. To me they’re scammers I bought an item of 10 roller wich is equal to 3 87 and .something Nigerial money they debited 27 thousand Naira since 10 -7-2020 I sent them email almost every day no respond today for 4 days so they are scammer I leave them wit God they will pay me in the hear after useless,if there’s some one that will help be to bring my money back pls she or he shud help me

  3. This website is very suspicious. The email looks suspicious and the refund policy is not convincing. I double-checked that there are only 3 items in the cart, total up to RM100+ before checking out. But after I made the payment, the amount charged became RM800+!!! I quickly sent an email as per the advice on the webpage but there is no reply at all.

    Please take my experience as a reference.

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