among Us (Feb) What Does This Mean In Among Us among Us 2021 among Us (Feb) What Does This Mean In Among Us -> are you an Among Us game User? Read this out to know some necessary things about this game.

Do you know what does among Us generally means? Well, you might be knowing about it if you chat while playing among us game. 

Among Us game is prominently played in the United Kingdom, United States, and India. This game is has attracted so many youngsters because of the services and features offered by Among Us game. The most used and exciting feature of Among Us game is the Chatting feature, which allows the players to communicate with their teammates while playing.

So, while chatting, players use various acronyms; in short, GG is one of the acronyms used in Among Us game. Let’s see more about the Among Us game acronyms.

What Is among Us?

If you are a new Among Us game user, you need to know various acronyms used while chatting or communicating in Among Us. GG in Among Us game means Good Game. It might be that this short form is used in many other gaming platforms too.

So, you can use this type of acronym to chat with your teammates on a gaming platform.

Some Other Similar Acronym Used:

“AFK” and “SUS” are some other acronyms used in gaming platforms to signify some or the other thing to the teams while communicating with each other. So, besides among Us are different acronyms too, which one must know before stepping into a gaming platform.

So, let’s know what does other acronyms means! 

  • – AFK indicates that the teammate is temporarily not present.
  • – SUS means suspicious behavior of the teammates. 
  • – The players often misuse-Noob as it mainly stands as N00b.
  • – Re: this generally indicates reconnecting in among us game.
  • – Dc: again, this Dc is used when the crewmates are disconnected while playing game

As gaming platforms receive much of its users from the United Kingdom, United States, and India. So, they want to know about the gaming acronyms.

About Among Us Game:

We shared with you the meaning of among Us! Now we will have short briefings about the game.

This game Among Us is a very well-known game among people which is played online with friends. This game can be played on iOS, Android, or pc, whichever you find useful for you.

The game provides two options in which you may join, for that is either imposters or crewmates. You can have a group of four to ten people with you. 

This was in brief details of this game.


So, this article is basically about the acronyms used while playing among us game. We have listed some of the names of the Among Us acronyms that players commonly used while chatting in-game with their crewmates. So, we think now you must have got an idea of what does among Us means.

Do you know about other related acronyms used in Among Us game? Please update us too about it below!

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