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Game (Feb) Why You Should Prefer This? >> In this article, you will read about a gaming website that also offers to play online, and allows you to build your own game.

Have you ever been called a ‘gamer’? Then you must be the person who has been excelling in games and would be aware of the new games and sites. You also must have come across Game

The developers of India have come up with a new website named Game Kharido, which means ‘buy games’. There is a boom witnessed in the esport scene. Many games have emerged so far that render cash prizes or otherwise on winning. These games have brought up various gamers and have enhanced the gaming industry.

Let us see what this new website has in the box for us. 

What is Gamekharido?

This new website in India is categorized into 21 Cards Rummy Online, Make Game, Online Game Play, Free Spin Casino Real Money, Best Casino Game Online, and Play Online Real Money. It is known as Game

These categories consist of links that lead to different pages for the respective games or actions. This page also includes links that provide money and free credits used to play the games. 

This website provides them with a facility to create it’s games as per their imagination and interest. The link available on their page leads the interested people to various other websites to design games.

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Specification of Gamekharido

  • Website URL:
  • Website Type: An online gaming store
  • Company’s Location: India
  • Contact Number: Not available on the page
  • Mode of Payment: Not provided

What are the reviews about Gamekharido?

There are no reviews about the website as of now as it is new to the online market. However, there are several reviews about the websites they have provided links to on their page.

The Privacy Policy

The page only displays the privacy policy of the Game apart from the different categories for the users. We recommend our readers go through the policies of the sites this website will be redirected to through the links. The users need to check whether the linked websites store and use their personal information so any website that is performing this could be used accordingly. 

Besides this, we would like to tell our readers that the information that a website tracks include the date, location, name, the IP address of the user, and links accessed through the web portal.


This website leads to different other sites based on the respective categories. However, Game is an exclusive platform for live streaming, playing numerous online games, and creating new ones. 

Furthermore, they have rendered their privacy policy, which is accessible to anyone who visits the website. The Game clearly states in their privacy policy that they take all the measures to protect the user’s information. Nonetheless, the users should go through the sites they would be directed to through this website.

Have you tried this website yet? Kindly share your views with us in the comments sections below.

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