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Freezy Pillow (August) Is the Product worth your Money?

Freezy Pillow 2020

Freezy Pillow (August) Is the Product worth your Money? >> In the given article, you will know about the Freezy Pillow case, which claims to provide a cooling effect and a comfortable sleep.

A relaxed sleep works for you to bestow a fresh mood and healthy eyes. Comfortable pillows with cool and comforting pillowcases can be a boon to get a comfortable and relaxing sleep in this hot weather. 

Are you looking out for ways to get relief from this hot and humid weather? Do you wish to buy a cool and comfortable pillowcase for yourself? If your answers are yes to the above questions, then you have navigated to the right page.

In this unbiased article, you will read about a product named Freezy Pillow, which provides a cooling effect with its pillowcase. This product is mostly famous in the Netherlands and Belgium

What is Freezy Pillow? 

Freezy Pillow provides you with a cooling pillowcase that retains its cooling effect while you use it. This pillowcase is simple to use and is machine washable. It also gives you the freedom to use these covers on any pillow you wish to.

The fabrics employed in the pillowcases consist of ice yarn fabric and polyester blend and its 3D quilted composition. This helps the Freezy pillow keep up a colder effect than a regular cotton case. 

It keeps the overall area of the pillowcase cool to prevent any problems regarding locating a cold spot as it is natural to change posture throughout your sleep at night. 

The mesh around the cover’s border is prepared from 100% polyester and renders improved breathability to the cushion and assists it in retaining its coolness.

The specifications of Freezy Pillow: 

  • Product type: The product is a cooling pillowcase. 
  • Color: Pillowcase is in white jacquard texture with the blue border.
  • The freeze pillowcase costs $25 only. 
  • The Freezy Pillow case can be used with any pillow type.
  • The pillow is made up of polyester and ice yarn fabric. 
  •  The pillowcase size is about 17″ x 26″ x 1.5″ inches.
  •  The pillowcase conforms to most standard cushions.

What are washing instructions regarding Freezy Pillow? 

The Freezy Pillow can be washed with cold water only. It should be washed with gentle machine mode and should be dried out with low heat exposure. 

Furthermore, one should neither bleach nor use a fabric softener while washing it. The freezy pillowcase should not be allowed to dry clean.

Is Freezy Pillow legit? 

In our exploration of the product, we came to know that product exhibits few details regarding it as this product was recently introduced. 

Also, no information or customer reviews are available regarding the Freezy pillow anywhere on any platform except for the ten customer reviews on its web page.  

Thus, these reviews are not enough to confirm the legitimacy of this product. Accordingly, the product does not seem to be a legit one. 

The pros of the Freezy Pillow: 

  • The Freezy pillowcase is priced reasonably and is affordable. 
  • The freeze pillowcase is easy to use and wash. 
  • The pillowcase has a soft fabric. 
  • This pillow helps you have a cool and comfortable sleep. 

The cons of the Freezy Pillow:

  • The pillowcase is available only in a few colors. 
  • The freeze pillowcase is new to the market.
  • The freeze pillow is not active on any social media platform. 
  • No customer reviews are available about the Freezy pillow. 
  • The product seems to be a scam. 

What are people saying about Freezy Pillow? 

 In our exploration of this product Freezy Pillow, we got to know that this pillowcase has nearly no customer reviews except on the website selling it as this product was launched a few months ago. 

Also, it does not show its presence on any of the social media platforms. Therefore, the product is not much popular as people are not much aware of it. 


After making an in-depth analysis of the Freezy Pillow, we got to know that its product is new, and therefore it shows only a few customer reviews regarding it. 

Moreover, freezy pillowcase shows its reviews only on its webpage, and no other information is available regarding it in any other site. Accordingly, this product seems to be a scam one. 

To save your valuable money, we advise you to research and confirm the authenticity of a product before making my payment for it. 

We request you share your reviews and experience if you have any regarding this product in the comment box below. 

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