Scam (Sep) Let Us Know More About It! Scam Scam (Sep) Let Us Know More About It! >> This article will talk about a popular online game targeted by scammers by offering freebies to players.

Are you someone who loves playing games online? As more and more gaming platforms have come up online with millions of players worldwide, the scams have also increased. Fortnite is one such popular online game that you can play free of cost if you have a compatible device. 

V-bucks are used to purchase items within the game, and these V bucks are bought with real money. Scammers try to entice players by offering them free V-bucks. Scam is one such example.

Our thorough review will also help you understand these rising gaming scams and how you can keep away from them. Many players across the United States have fallen prey to these scams.

What is

Fortnite is a popular online multiplayer combat video game across the United States. Fortnite tips claim to be running a giveaway offer wherein you will get free V-bucks in game currency. This free V-bucks offer is used by scammers to lure gamers into submitting their personal details.  

When you visit their website, you have to enter your player username and password and choose how many V-bucks you want. Once you have submitted this information, you are directed to download programs or fill in surveys. 

These surveys ask for your personal information. This is where you fall prey to ScamMake sure you do not give any personal information, especially your credit card details, because many such websites sell users info.

When on the Fortnite tips website, you get redirected to a Youtube channel called Outcast Venor. This usually is a sign of scam websites trying to get more subscribers and views on videos.

How can you stay safe?

Playing video games online is a new trend, and when you are connected to the Internet, chances of you being enticed by a scam are huge. Scammers make millions by using attractive offers as bait. If you play Fortnite online, you should be aware of Scam so that you can play the game safely.

  • Stay away from V-bucks generators that claim to give away free currency in exchange for filling in surveys with personal information.
  • While on Youtube, avoid clicking on links that redirect you to third-party websites offering you ways to get free gaming currency.
  • There are also fake Fortnite gaming apps that you should avoid. If you download these apps, you might be installing malware on your phone or be giving away your details.
  • When kids are playing games online, parents should educate them to avoid such scams.

Final Views

Playing games online is fun, especially a multiplayer game like Fortnite, where players are worldwide. But, this is where chances of falling for a scam like one run by Scam increases. 

The temptation to get free V-bucks can result in you giving away information that can be misused.

Our advice is that you should be smart and careful while playing games online. Be aware of cybercrimes that are on the rise. 

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