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Are you a fashion freak? Do you crave new, comfortable, and stylish clothes and accessories? If yes, then is your ideal stopover. 

This online portal sells the latest fashion clothing and accessories for women. There are a lot of Reviews available on the internet.

People all over the world and especially in the United States, are evincing interest on this site. 

We also tried to find some information about 

Read this article carefully so that you know more about this eCommerce store that is creating sensation worldwide.

What is is an online store that has a massive collection of lady’s clothing and accessories. The products are trendy, comfortable, and very reasonably priced. is a carefully designed website where you can shop conveniently. You can purchase under the categories of What’s New, Best Sellers, Dresses, Tops, Jumpsuits, Active Wear, Accessories, and much more. 

Why is unique? is a storehouse of the most fashionable lady’s products. They sell a wide variety of the most stylish women’s clothing and trendiest accessories.

They update their catalog daily and claim to sell designer products of high quality.

The economical pricing of the products is simply unbelievable.

They offer the flexibility of placing an order in any language of your preference. Their website allows translation in 109 languages.

No doubt, all this makes the shopping experience on their website an overwhelming experience. 

Specifications of

  • Products- High fashion lady’s clothing and accessories
  • Website-  
  • Email-
  • Address- 827 North Star Court, Tonganoxie, KS 66086 (this is not a return address)
  • Contact- Phone number is not provided
  • Processing time- 3 to 5 business days
  • Shipping time- 10 to 20 business days
  • Shipping fee- Starts from USD 8 (depends upon the destination and weight of the packet), Free shipping for orders over USD 99, additional duty or VAT is applied as per destination requirements
  • Delivery time- Processing time + shipping time
  • Exchange- Not mentioned on their website
  • Returns- Only possible within 14 days of receiving the product
  • Order Cancellation- Only possible before the order is shipped
  • Refund- Refund is given only if your order is canceled
  • Mode of payment- Pay Pal

Pros of

  • They sell an elaborate variety of latest clothing and accessories
  • The products seem to be very comfortable and of excellent quality
  • The prices are very affordable
  • You can view and track your order online
  • It has a mail server and uses an HTTPS protocol
  • The site has a dedicated Facebook page
  • One can find on Pinterest too

Cons of

  • It is new in the market; the domain name is pretty recent
  • It uses a free_email which is not considered safe
  • Shipping is not free for orders under USD 99
  • Additional duty or VAT may be applied to shipping fee in some countries
  • The mode of payment is very restricted; it only accepts Pay Pal.
  • The site neither agrees with any other online methods of payment, nor cash on delivery

What are people saying about has a social media presence on Facebook and Pinterest.

You can find some reviews on Facebook. There is no doubt that is prompt in replying to queries, but the reviews available are not very encouraging.

Moreover, if you search carefully, their comment section displays more comments than actually found on Facebook. For example, the post shows 65 comments, but if you click on that, you can read only 4 comments. This shows that they have retained only the positive comments and filtered out the rest.

Some customers have complained about delayed deliveries. Some customers have also called the website a scam.

Also, there are no customer comments on Pinterest. On Pinterest, there is only one display picture and a link to their website.

Final verdict:

Despite its attractive products and equally attractive prices, is not a very popular site. It has a medium traffic volume.

Their domain name was created just a month ago. 

There are mixed Reviews found on the internet.

Moreover, the prices, offers, and discounts available on their website are unrealistically attractive.

In this light, it becomes a bit ambiguous to buy from this site. 

In conclusion, we advise you to thoroughly do your research lest you fall victim to any fraud.

Leave a comment below to share your shopping experience with It will help other customers who are planning to buy items from this website.

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  1. I have been trying to reach Florylook for 6 days. I need to cancel part of my order. They have not responded and do not post a phone number I can call. I am very disturbed by this.

  2. Received 2 out of 4 items ordered 6 weeks ago. Sent supplied return authorization request with no response. E mailed requesting help with return of 1 item where the sleeves are not sewn and the other grossly misrepresented. They are ignoring me and I still haven’t received the other 2 items ordered, which they were happy to charge me for.

  3. I ordered from them on May 5th and May 8th they said it was shipped. It is now June 18, 2020 and the items have never been delivered. They have been no help at all when I asked them where the items where. I would never order from them again. They just take your money.

    1. Never received 3 out of 4 dresses I ordered on May 7th. Shipping states all were delivered! No contact information found.

  4. I’m waiting on an early May order and there’s no sign of life 🙁
    I’m frustrated with myself for making this mistake.

  5. This is a Chinese company. If you try to return an item, the return must be sent to CHINA. I ordered 2 dresses for $59 (which were 2 sizes too small) and the return would have cost me as much as I paid for the dresses. They refused to budge and offered me an $8.85 refund in lieu of return. After a week or two of negotiation they up the offer to a $20 refund. I told them they could shove it “where the sun don’t shine” and threw the dresses in the trash . DON’T DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY.


  7. I have spent almost a month trying to get this company to respond to my emails, several contacts through their website and complaints on their Facebook page. When they finally responded they let me know that too much time had passed since I received my order for them to give me a refund, even though I contacted them soon after they arrived. So, no refund. Also, when you read all of the information, you have to pay for return shipping and any custom fees. The clothes are cheaply made, poorly sized. Needless to say, I am very unhappy. And…I still haven’t received the other half of my order and they will not respond to that.

  8. This horrible place is a total scam and I am a fool for even ordering two dresses at 59.00.
    I received one but notthe other. It looked like something a five year old would sew! I do thank this place for teaching me a lesson. Total scam people! Hope the company burns to the ground.

  9. I bought and received two dresses from
    Florylook, which was a new name after
    I ordered from their last name. Both are smaller than advertised-Chinese sizing is like that-and one is disproportionate-top smaller than the bottom. I tried to contact them to exchange the one for a larger size but they refused to respond to me. I commented on a Facebook pop up ad about that and they did contact me. I will respond and am hoping to get satisfaction, but am not holding my breath. I don’t consider their business tactics on the up and up. Stick with American companies!

  10. I ordered 6 dresses in May. 4 eventually arrived, but all are unusable. The fabric is awful. The sizes are wonky…some too big, some too small. 2 never arrived and now my account has been deleted from their site. Do. Not. Buy.

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