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Flockek ru Reviews [June] Is It Matter of Losing Your Money?

Flockek ru

Flockek ru Reviews [June] Is It Matter of Losing Your Money? >> In this article, you read about an online web store, providing home furnishing and other accessories.

What is the right home? The question is not limited to the capacity of the people as everyone has their own choice and taste.

In the United States, everywhere, lots of scams are happening. Flockek ru Reviews has speeded by many reviewers, who have considered this as a scam. In this article, you’ll get to know about this web store and will find out a deep story behind.

Change is the need of time always, and in the fashion industry or house decor, the variation is very vague. No one has a similar taste, so loads of manufacturers and suppliers are in a constant endeavour to reach the buyers’ satisfaction.

The people around the globe are always excited about new patterns and styles and love to do the same with them. These provide them with tremendous and immense happiness and also enlighten the environment somehow. This is the constant change required industry.

Is Flockek ru a scam?

We, as the service buyers, have the vast responsibility to judge and find out the truth as the world is full of brilliant brains that are always in the interest of having some or other scams. The internet score after their constant searches and the different ways they have concluded this web site.

The keyword and reviews present online states that Flockek ru is a scam. Howsoever, we will further do our part and try to state the actual scene as to avoid the people to fall in any trap.

The main objective of this article is to help people to understand the actual condition and spread awareness if there is any scam involved. There are high possibilities that this could lead to a fraud or someone may have copied an existing web store exactly to make people fall into a scam.

The exceptions are always there, so let’s not judge very early.

What is Flockek ru?

The web store is an extravagant stocked up with products related to home furnishing, entertainment, garden furniture, cleaning and storage stuff. The variety is enormous, and they have made all efforts to keep the buyers engaged in finding their choice.

The web store claim to have excellent quality produced post many quality checks so that buyers can have a great feel and opinion. The web store is reachable at and has an https as a secure communication. In the United States, buyers have experienced a very stylish range of products to style homes. Designing their homes makes their mood changes, and they feel this is also important to feel stress-free.

Homes are the place, where people live the vital time, be it could be work from home, party at home, or any other way, people want their home to be in excellent, cosy, clean, appealing look, that they love.


  • An appealing approach is to provide free shipping across the globe
  • The web store is stocked up various products like designer switch plates, lanterns, night lights, boxes and hats.
  • To contact them, Email –, Address – 1926 South 67th Street, Suite 250, Omaha, Nebraska 68106 and Telephone +12563695004
  • Latest deals section reveals the deals to collect presently.
  • A policy of within thirty days to return any product, if it doesn’t match up with the statement is also provided.

What are people’s thoughts regarding Flockek ru?

People in the United States are keener towards the actual existing of any web store, as many people scam unnecessary and create a mess. has found certain unauthentic about this web store. As per there, Flockek ru Reviews doesn’t exist, and this web site claims to be as a Russian scam towards American.

The products listed on the web store are unrelated to the prices of such variants at other stores. The contact information is not also unanswered, neither via Telephone nor by Email, had any response been received. Hence, this seems to be a scam, and people have to have a quick watch.


The people are vigilant and its available online that the domain name is entirely new, the Address shared over the store’s web site is claimed by many other websites as well. No social links are activated, which prove their actual presence. These factors show that the web site is a scam and not trustworthy at all. So we do not recommend, rest you as a buyer can search more.

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  1. I emailed them. They contacted me 4 days later which was last week. I then emailed them again with my explanation. I haven’t heard anything yet this time.

    1. I think thet got me too. . I had a tracking number anx everything. It was like any other tracking number i watched it go in and out of facilities and it said delivered the june 22. I didnt receive it. I put the tracking nunber in find carrier and it was USPS. I figured it was honest but clearly something is uo. I got an email from so is this fake or did my item just go somewhere else? I also contacted USPS because i believe they would have to mark it as delivered. . I just filed a report. Did you hear back from them?

  2. Ordered a dehumidifier. Got tracking number. When it was delivered it was a small pack with 5 mask.
    flockek.ur is a fraud.

  3. I was duped as well. I did receive 10 masks that were supposed to be break drums for a vantage vehicle. Damn it Bobby.

  4. I waited for about three weeks after placing an order. I did try to research the company before buying anything, and there were no reviews up at that time (around the beginning of June 2020), good or bad. Today I checked the tracking number again, and it announced that the package was delivered in my mailbox over two weeks ago. The “package” I was expecting would have been a large box, not something that would fit in my mailbox, so at first I thought they were simply giving me a fraudulent tracking number and NOTHING had been delivered. Then I remembered that on the date given, I did receive a small package — of three nice little non-surgical masks, coming from an address in China. I don’t usually fall for online scams, but I certainly did this time.

  5. Same thing happened to me ordered a air conditioner got 5 mask instead. Plus, I kept getting calls from China every week afterwards. The need to be charged for this type of scam and be ordered to give us our money back.

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