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Firelak Laser Reviews [June] Is it a Scam or Legit?

Firelak Laser Reviews 2020

Firelak Laser Reviews [June] Is it a Scam or Legit? -> In this article, we are discussing about new innovative products; also, we are finding different customer reviews to check the authenticity of this product.

What if you could safely ignite a fire? Now, this is possible with Firelak. Moreover, this a new invention that can burn paper and plastics rapidly. So let’s check out the Firelak Laser Reviews. And find out more.

Firelak is manufactured in the United State.Also, it is available at a reasonable price.

Firelak can instantly ignite cigarettes, burn plastic, and paper. Also, you can explode balloons with it after a party. It can engrave on metal and further burn Wood and tapes easily. Also, this product is safe to use as it is made in an effective way to prevent accidents while using it. Thus you can safely burn and melt anything that you want.

So let’s dive deeper and find more information about the pros, cons, specifications, and customer reviews of Firelak

What is Firelak?

Firelak is a new and innovative product that can ignite matches, cigarettes, paper, wood, and plastics. Also, it can cut plastic and paper in seconds. You can burn and melt anything with Firelak. This product is heatproof and waterproof. It is also made with anodized aluminum to last for a lifetime. Besides, this product is easy and hassle-free to use.

Firelak works with powerful laser technology. And it can last a lifetime giving service up to 6,500 hours. It is made from anodized aluminum and is heat and fire resistant to survive extremely tough weather conditions. The parts of this product are made with precision so that it gives a lasting performance.

Specifications of Firelak:

  • Made of military-grade anodized aluminum material
  • Based in the USA
  • Available at the website WWW.
  • Email address-

Pros of Firelak:

  • Easy to use
  • Available at reasonable rates
  • Made from the best quality material
  • The durability of a lifetime
  • it Gives ultra-high-output with a wavelength of 445 nm and 30000 mW of power.
  • It has been rated IPx6
  • Water and heatproof to last in harsh weather conditions
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping for US customers
  • 24*7 email support
  • Delivery in 2 to 5 business days with USPS
  • Uses lithium technology
  • It is lighter now
  • Brightness can be customized according to one’s own needs.

Cons of Firelak:

  • The delivery time is longer outside the United States.

Is Firelak Laser a genuine product?

There is no doubt that this product is genuine and

good. As we checked the various information given on the website and found it to be true. Also, this product is available on a legit website based in the USA. The customer service also quickly responds by email.

Customer Reviews:

So we checked out the various testimonials and customer reviews about this product on the internet. Almost every customer is happy with this product. Therefore they have given positive reviews and five stars for this product.

One customer wrote that he had previously used various other types of lasers, but none were as effective as this one. Furthermore, he could burn multiple things like plastic and paper with the help of it. Another customer said that she was impressed with this great product and helped her during her camping trip to the mountains.

Other customers wrote that the product was of excellent quality and it also arrived quickly.

We hardly found any negative reviews about Firelak Laser.

Final verdict:

As we can see that this is a very powerful and famous product and found positive Firelak Laser Reviews.Therefore we can conclude that this product is most probably genuine and of high quality. Also, there are 30 days money-back guarantee, so if in case you are not satisfied with this product, you can return it within 30 days.

Therefore if you are looking for a suitable product to ignite various things, you can try Firelak Laser. Besides, you can customize it according to your preferences. Also, the package includes 1 Firelak, 5 interchangeable laser lenses, Li-ion rechargeable battery that is a high drain of about 186500. And special protective glasses.

So you can go ahead and try this product. Although we could find good reviews about this product, we did not find any reviews of customers residing outside the US. Thus if you are living outside the US, please leave honest feedback of Firelak Laser.

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  1. Sorry to say, this product is not what they advertise. No battery No charger and No Glasses were sent to me and it took a long time to get to me…I am not happy with this

    1. No battery, no charger, no instructions. took 2 months to deliver, had actually gave up on it. very disappointed now in reading the reviews, what a scam. I guess if I want to use it I am looking at purchasing a battery & charger from amazon at an additional 29.99.
      SCAM. buyer beware

    2. same it took 58 days from order received laser n 5 lenses, wont igniteva match or toilet paper, totally scammed bullshit

  2. I’ve been waiting over a month for mine to come in.
    You write their customer service and don’t get any answers. I think they’re a scam.

    1. After 2 months I received the package from China not from USA, and in package was only the body of the laser and 5 lenses to adjust the beam. Nothing else. No battery, no charger, nothing. No info about what kind of battery we need. So is from China, waiting time to delivery is like 2 months, and no accessories like batteries and charger, and don’t dream to receive the glasses and some box for the laser. It’s a SHAME. We paid for something, and received something else or missing accessories.

  3. “No battery No charger and No Glasses were sent to me and it took a long time to get to me” Ditto here. Not exactly a complete scam, but I don’t have the type of battery this thing uses on hand, so basically worthless. And it took almost 2 months to ship.

    1. : for the product that we sell the necessary battery is # 18650. per vendor as i see it doesn’t light anything or cut plastic smh…..

  4. Same experience here…took over a month to deliver. When I received it, no battery, no instructions, no glasses. A day late and a dollar short. They refused to give my money back, thank god the credit card company processed my dispute. The website is real….but the product is a scam…stay away!

    1. Bunch of bullshit. 1 light, 5 lenses. Literally nothing else received. Says 2-5 days in US. Took 37 days to receive junk

  5. Firelak is fake NO battery comes from china and it is a regular pen green weak laser, cheep material DO NOT BAY BEWARE!!!!!

  6. I got the same thing I waited over 3 months for my no battery no charger no glasses it’s a piece of s*** or them the ones you wanted the one you want

  7. FIRELAK…not what they promo in AD. way to long to receive it, then have to run around for the battery.
    DOES NOT, perform anything thing as depicted in the promo AD…So I call it BS

    What it actually is ; a HIGH power laser pointer with 5 attachments with different effects.

    DOES NOT, cut paper, DOES NOT engrave, Does NOT start fires.

    Save your dollars and frustration…do not buy, unless you want a high laser pointer

  8. I got a regular ol’green laser. No battery, case, nuffin. Just an envelope with a batteryless laser and some attachments. The company is a scam.

  9. This product review seems entirely tone-deaf. This product SUCKS. Do you even review products? Like, actually?

    The overwhelming feedback from customers (like myself) is that they do NOT deliver on any level.

    Lastly, the writing style of this review is highly suspicious. It reads like someone who is trying to sound smart but doesn’t speak English well. It is overly formal, repetitive, and sounds a lot like the customer support reps I’ve been chatting with.

    Your review is garbage just like this product.

    1. Thanks for your experience if you have any concern about the content quality or product issue than we are highly requesting you go for the official webpage to know more information,,@ thank you@..

      1. That is their standard response to questions about the product. Their official web page shows it’s a blue laser, 30,000mW, burns paper, pop balloons, light matches. The product they sent was a green laser pointer, not even 1,000mW and it does not do any, ANY, of the things as advertised in the ‘official web page’!

  10. Same as other reviews. No battery, no case, no glasses. Took over 30 days to receive. no response from customer service . Not made in USA
    Poor quality green laser not blue as the ad says

  11. I ordered Laxtrong Firelak laser pointer from LAXSTRONG received it almost 60 days later. They provided me with a bogus tracking number and it was never sent to the carrier. I have been in email contact with Mark and he kept asking me to wait. This happened several times. I think he wanted me to wait past the 60 day credit card dispute limit. When I filed a dispute with the credit card company, I received the laser within 3 days. It was shipped from Jamaica NY, not the Chinese link they sent me and using a different tracking number. Like other blogs, I did not receive the 18650 battery, charger or the goggles. It does not burn anything including your hand. You can’t even feel it get hot. It is way overpriced. This has turned me off buying anything on Facebook.

  12. Mines just arrived on July 9th 2020 after waiting 3 months, and the only thing that came was 5 lens and the pointer with No battery, No charger No instructions. It doesn’t even tell you what kind of battery to use. I feel ripped off and trying to contact someone is impossible. I’m not pleased at all.

  13. I ordered 2 of these over 38 days ago and still have not received them. Since they claim to be in the US I thought I would have them by now but every time I inquire about them I am pointed to a site that is in Chinese and am assured that they are on there way. I am giving up hope of ever seeing them and would advise anyone thinking of ordering to think twice.

  14. I received a green laser pointer, without battery, case or glasses. Did anyone else actually get a blue laser as advertised?

    1. No, I got a green laser instead of the blue one as advertised. It doesn’t do any of the things they claimed either and that Mark from support has the gut to tell me that it was specified as a green laser in my order. A total scam.

  15. Same as the other reviews. Took 7 weeks to receive a nondescript laser. No battery, protective glasses, warning label (letting you know the output wattage and nor the wavelength). Fuck this facebook ad scam

  16. Took over 44 days to receive and they didn’t come with batteries, chargers, case, or glasses. Total waste of my money for an aluminum paperweight.

  17. I finally received the two units I ordered. Took almost 44 days to get them. They came without batteries or the other accessories that are listed. I had to order the batteries from amazon only to find out one of the firelak’s doesn’t work at all and the one that does work is just a green laser pointer. Won’t even start a match on fire. Not sure if they sent me the wrong ones but definitely wasn’t worth the money I spent. Very disappointed in the product.

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