Fetlife App Github Review (Oct) Is It Reliable!

Fetlife App Github Review 2020

Fetlife App Github Review (Oct) Is It Reliable! >> This article has related to the usage of an android app and how does it work.

Are you a software developer looking for a platform to showcase your skills?

As per the Fetlife App Github Review, this piece of news may then interest you. Software and game developers across the globe have great ideas which they can convert into the software. 

The GitHub is a platform, popular in the United StatesUnited Kingdom, Canada on which developers work together on several processes. They host and review codes for websites and applications. It also allows you to manage projects and build soft wares collaboratively.

A few words about the GitHub

As we can see, it is a website which gives you the open sources for Android applications. With only the least amount of requirement, users can download applications on their devices with Android OS Version 5.0 or the newer ones.

You can do upgrades, last-minute fixes, update issue templates and do much more. The app offers support with their troubleshooting Guide and also through their email id

How do you start using the codes?

The Fetlife App Github Review gives useful instructions to use the app. If the user like to develop software, review and host codes, or even manage projects, then you can use this piece of information. 

Users can download the app and start using the codes as follows:

  1. Acquire the code along with cloning GitHub repository. 
  2. Establish an environment for Android Development.
  3. Import the open-source file of FetLife to an IDE
  4. After that, run the acquired code with the help of Gradle Task, that is install_debug 

Can you update the existing version you may have?

Well, the answer is ‘no’. You have to uninstall your older version of the GitHub and then reinstall the newer version. The reason is that it is signature dependent. Users have to install the app and follow the onscreen prompts for it to work. The process of installation is, therefore, different from that of installing other applications from the Play store. Yet, it is not complicated.

The benefits of the Fetlife App GitHub 

Information on the website says that the user can do many functions on using the Fetlife App Github Review. Some of the benefits have mentioned below that you ought to aware of. 

  • It helps to browse Activity Feed.
  • Chat with other Kinksters
  • View other Members’ Profile
  • Upload their photos/videos
  • Find FetLife events on Google M.


After exploring the Fetlife App Github Review and its functions, we learnt that the open-source application for Android could be easily downloaded from here. It is a licensed app that has used an ample number of users worldwide, but it needs more support to back it as it is currently not on the Google play store. 

Drop a line about all concerns and queries in the comment part below to know more about and add on to the Fetlife App Github Review.

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