Feelingenjoy.com Reviews [June] Read This Before You Buy

Feelingenjoy.com Reviews 2020

Feelingenjoy.com Reviews [June] Read This Before You Buy >> In this article, we review an online home and clothing items store, Feeling Enjoy.

Are you in need of home equipment or clothing accessories or other such items? We know a place where you can purchase them at cheap costs. Home equipment is an essential part of every household. A lot of new home accessories have proven themselves to be very useful. They help fasten the process and save a lot of time. But where can you buy these products and accessories at affordable prices? We know the answer to that question. Head over to Feeling Enjoy.

In this Feelingenjoy.com Reviews, we’ll go through every piece of crucial information regarding the site. We’ll help you decide if Feeling Enjoy is the site you’re looking for or not. All other details will also be present.

What is Feeling Enjoy?

Feelingenjoy is an online retail store that has different varieties of home products and accessories. The products available for purchase on Feeling Enjoy are affordable. Feeling Enjoy claims to have a lot of high-quality products in their collection. Their product range includes equipment and accessories like Mini Fryers, Biscuit Bags, Filters, Candy Boxes, Food Sealers, Spoon Sets, and Mini Baskets.

Feeling Enjoy is considerably popular in the United States. Sources tell us that they’re based out of the US and Canada. They’re relatively new and are still growing.

Feeling Enjoy Specifications:

  • Website: https://feelingenjoy.com/
  • Products: Home and Clothing accessories.
  • Processing Time: 2-5 business days.
  • Delivery: exact duration unclear.
  • Email: support@contactdz.com
  • Contact No: not present.
  • Address: not present.
  • Return: within 45 days of purchase.
  • Exchange: available on damaged items.
  • Refund Period: 14 business days.
  • Payment Method: Credit Card & PayPal.

Is Feeling Enjoy Legit?

The name Feeling Enjoy itself raises suspicions about the authenticity of this website. Feeling Enjoy doesn’t seem like a name any professional online store would choose. Feelingenjoy.com Reviews provide us with the information that they’ve only been in existence for a few months. Not only the name, but we have many other reasons to suspect Feeling Enjoy of being a fraud.

Not a lot of information is present about Feeling Enjoy. The customer reviews are also nowhere to be found. Information like office details address and contact number are also absent from the website. But we cannot confirm our claim. We haven’t found any review of Feeling Enjoy that calls it a scam, due to its lack of popularity. But that does not eliminate our suspicions. In our opinion, Feeling Enjoy is risky.

Pros Of Purchasing From Feeling Enjoy:

  • Feeling Enjoy has a unique and distinct variety of products.
  • The cost of the accessories available on Feeling Enjoy is also not expensive.
  • Free shipping options are available on Feeling Enjoy.
  • All necessary policies like return and refund are available on Feeling Enjoy.

Cons Of Purchasing From Feeling Enjoy:

  • Feeling Enjoy charges a 30% cancellation fee even if you cancel your order seconds after placing it.
  • Feeling Enjoy is not responsible if the product does not reach you due to problems from the courier’s end.
  • Feeling Enjoy are not smooth on returns, and the process involved with it is long and complicated.
  • Their free shipping options do not come with the ability to track your order.

Feeling Enjoy: Customer and User Reviews

The popularity of Feeling Enjoy is tiny, and sources claim they only have a few hundred visitors on their website every day. So, we were not surprised when we were unable to find Feelingenjoy.Com Reviews on several major platforms.

We looked at several articles and other information from various sources. We found that the reaction to Feeling Enjoy was mixed. There’s a chance that this website is a scam, but it’s still relatively new, and so we’re unable to confirm our claim. Many sources claimed that Feeling Enjoy could also be safe, but it’s too early to tell.

Final Verdict

If you should purchase from Feeling Enjoy is entirely up to you. We’ve provided you all the details and information, but the final decision is your own. Feeling Enjoy has affordable quality products and has free shipping. All policies are present on Feeling Enjoy. There are also some drawbacks like cancellation fees and the concerns about Feeling Enjoy’s legitimacy. Feeling Enjoy is new and not famous, which makes it a risk to purchase from this website.

The decision is yours. But, readers, in our opinion, you should keep all the drawbacks of Feeling Enjoy in mind when purchasing from it as it’s a risky website with the possibility of being a scam.

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  1. I placed an order on Monday, have been waiting for an answer when they will let me know when my order has shipped. Have sent 2 requests in trying to find out if order has shipped but have heard nothing. Getting a bit nervous now. Hope to hear from them soon!

  2. I placed an order for two outdoor golf games. Both games included several multi-colored foam golf balls. Instead, I received two white foam golf balls. I have gone back and forth with customer service. They always say my order is complete. Would a person REALLY spend $52.79 for two foam gold balls?? I have asked for a refund, but have received nothing yet.
    When I placed the order, I had no idea I was actually dealing with a company in Hong Kong. Also, since ordering the product, they have taken it off their website.

    1. I am in the exact same situation except I only ordered two. They currently offered me $3 refund. I am going to dispute my charge through my card. I will never order from them again.

    2. I ordered the golf game also and received a white foam golf ball. Like you, I would not have purchased a foam golf ball for $40.00. Feeling Enjoy is a scam as far as I can tell. Sad that people take advantage of you online. I was just trying to buy this for my husband for Father’s Day.

  3. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!! They are top notch scam artists! I ordered their Outdoor Golf Game back in May, and am still waiting for it! The first one delivered to an “unknown address,” and now I’m waiting to hear the status of the subsequent delivery….. all the while, their “customer service” people at allway18 keep shelling out excuses. Run from this website!

    1. The same exact same thing has happened to me with the OUTDOOR GOLF GAME….I ordered 2 games advertised as a great Father’s Day Gift- more than a month after the holiday, I received 2 foam balls. The company told me that is what I ordered. Again, like you, why would I pay so much money for foam golf balls?

  4. I ordered the Outdoor Golf Chipping and Putting Game in May. The order description stated a target (looked like a cornhole target), practice may and 2 balls. I received 1 foam “ golf sphere”. The response so far is that my order has been delivered . The item is no longer on website. I’m afraid it was a scam. First mistake was that it was an ad on Facebook. Never again!
    Buyer beware. Do not order from this company!

    1. Here we will assist you if you are not satisfied with the services. !!! Then click on the official website to know the tracking process…. Thank you…Here we will assist you if you are not satisfied with the services.. !!! Then click on the official website to know the track process…. Thank you…

  5. I placed an order A MONTH AGO and paid for expedited shipping but have not received it! I’ve been in contact with the support email who asked me to be patient. The tracking information provided does not update regularly and gives me no indication of when the package will arrive. I WOULD NOT recommend ordering from this site. It is not worth the hassle.

  6. This is a terrible company. I had the same problem as many. Made an order and was not sent what I ordered. Had no help from the support service. Just repeated e-mails that my order was delivered. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!

  7. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPAY!! I placed an order for two outdoor golf games. Both games included several multi-colored foam golf balls. Instead, I received two white foam golf balls. I have gone back and forth with customer service. They always say my order is complete. Would a person REALLY spend $52.79 for two foam gold balls?? I have asked for a refund, but have received nothing yet.

    When I placed the order, I had no idea I was actually dealing with a company in Hong Kong. Also, since ordering the product, they have taken it off their website.

    I plan to work with my credit card company to see if anything else can be done.

  8. I also ordered the supposed golf game and received one stupid ball…there is no customer service to speak of. This company is a scam through and through!!!

  9. I ordered the “Golf Putting Game” (x2) back on 6/14/2020 and even paid for expedited shipping and every time I ask for the status, they send back saying “Please be patient, your item is on its way”. It has been saying that for the past month and when I check the tracking number, its still under the status of “Estimated delivery date:
    Pending”. This website was a fraud and has already been reported to the Federal Trade Commission. The website now has been taken down and hopefully will never go back up again. I recommend making disputes with your bank as this was a fraud site to try and get your money back. Never order from a website that doesn’t have a phone number for customer service.

    1. Arizona- I’m also trying to dispute!! The same happened to me. I cannot figure out what the company came through as on my statement though. I thought it would be feeling enjoy but It’s not. Can you help?

  10. I wish I looked them up before ordering! I ordered 2 of the golf corn hole looking games in early June and still haven’t received them. Obviously s SCAM! So frustrating!!

  11. I ordered the Outdoor Golf set on June 10th. I still have not received a package, Customer service wont respond, the shipping information hasn’t updated since 6.13.2020. I would NOT order from this company.

  12. Oh man! I am fighting with them now over the exact same product!!! I ordered 2 as gifts and I received the 2 foam balls as well and that’s it! I too did not realize the company was in Hong Kong or I never would have ordered! I’m so pissed! Lori from Arizona

  13. WARNING, WARNING!!! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!! I ordered the Golf Pitching and Chipping Target game from this company, like many others have said. The photo in the online ad showed the cornhole-type target and yep, I received a plastic golf ball. Wish I had checked out the company before ordering. Still trying to get a refund from the company.

  14. Same as many of the above. Ordered two of the golf chipping games on June 4th and what finally arrived on JULY 31st is TWO FOAM GOLF BALLS. No game whatsoever! Luckily I only paid $40 total (2 for 1 special), but I am still furious. If I click on the ‘visit our store’ link in the original email the site no longer even exists.

    Guess it’s my own damn fault for clicking on a Facebook ad! 🙁

  15. Same here. I ordered a golf game for my son-in-law for Father’s Day in June beginning of June .Just last week I received one golf ball spongy golf ball in the mail and also I tried to get back on the website and could not find it myself then they send me emails saying my order was shipped and delivered I haven’t seen a damn thing. Said it was coming from China to LAX to hear San Diego that is not true

  16. I had the same experience ordering the outdoor golf game as other people who placed their orders I ordered and paid for 2 games and received 2 golf balls. After over 20 emails, I am pursuing having the charges reversed on my credit card. The worst part is this company was made known to me on Facebook. Please let me know if anyone has had any luck getting their money back.

  17. I ordered this for my husband for Father’s Day and received a foam golf ball. I have contacted them several times and the only response I got was to check with post office. SCAM.

  18. I order the Golf Pitching & Chipping Target Game on June 8th, 2020 and yesterday received 2 foam balls! This was after many, many texts to Feelenjoy and to PayPal. A total Rip off! This site should be banded. PayPal should have it red flagged. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!

  19. I too bought the Golf and Pitching game as a gift for my husband for Father’s Day. Order placed in June and received 2 FOAM BALLS on Sept 8th!! I have sent multiple emails requesting a return / refund and was denied by the same CSR “Jessica W”, stating that that was what I ordered and to re- check my order again. This company is a complete and utter waste of time. I should’ve known better and am sorry I trusted buying from this joke of a company. BEWARE, DO NOT BUY FROM FEELINGENJOY!!! THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY!!

  20. thats exactally whats going on with me right now. I also received 3 foam golf balls, and my response was like yours.. Did you really think I was gonna pay 60$ for 3 golf balls.. They are telling me thats what I ordered.. What a scam.. I just dont know how to take this futher.. Its terrible.

  21. I placed an order for three outdoor golf games. Both games included several multi-colored foam golf balls. Instead, I received three white foam golf balls. I emailed back and forth with customer service, the shipping company and the owner of the company. The owner said “The email you received only shows the main title of the product (which was Outdoor Golf Game), we will ship it according to the sub-attributes you ordered when we ship. The product we sent you is exactly what you ordered.” When I looked at my first email from the company, underneath the Outdoor Golf Game was sub-title HIGH-DENSITY FOAM PRACTICE SPHERE. So that is what they sent. Every other email from the shipping company stated they sent Golf Pitching & Chipping Target.
    I see from above that I was not the only one who ordered the game. Would a person REALLY spend $72.86 for three foam golf balls??
    The foam golf ball package has a invoice on it which states the golf balls are $3.33 apiece. Since I ordered 3 games, the charge should have been $9.99, not $72.86!
    Also, since ordering the product, they have taken it off their website. Now, I’m still in the process of getting PayPal to help adjust the charge. I have not have any success there, either.

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