Federal Reserve Call Scam (Oct 2020) How’s it Harmful?

Federal Reserve Call Scam 2020

Federal Reserve Call Scam (Oct 2020) How’s it Harmful? >> As mentioned, the article talks about a scam that has been made by the name of the Federal Bank.

The scam is one word that sends everyone in a high alert zone. There are a lot of scams that we read about in the newspapers each day. One of the recent cases that have sent the people in the United States in a state of worry is Federal Reserve Call Scam

We have created an informative article to get the details about this scam and understand what it is all about and how to keep you safe from this scam.

What is the Federal Reserve Call Scam?

There is a new scam about The Federal Reserve Bank of New York. This scam has become a scam that has made the fraudsters contact the general public impersonating the Federal Reserve. 

There have been cases when the fraudsters have claimed that there has been suspicious activity in the bank account. The bank account is held target. In the call, the fraudsters claim that the account holder needs to talk to the Federal Reserve Bank Officer in the Federal Reserve Call Scam.

Also, there are cases of spoofing happening involving the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Though these calls are not actually from the Federal Bank and it is just by the preteens of Federal Reserve Bank. It is one scam that has been going on.

How can you keep yourself safe from such frauds?

To save yourself from Federal Reserve Call Scam, the public should be alert to avoid the scams that involve the individuals who claim to be the employees of the Federal Bank. The bank has given out that the bank doesn’t maintain any funds or accounts for the individuals. The bank also claims that it doesn’t send any emails or calls to individuals directly informing them of suspicious activity.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York never calls people asking for money or any private information. In case of any queries, the individual may contact


Thus, the article mentioned above talks about a scam named Federal Reserve Call Scam occurring in the United States. One scam has made the people get tensed about their bank accounts associated with the Federal Bank. The scammers ask for money or personal information from the users. 

It can result in the users of the Federal Bank facing immense problems. So, it is advised to be cautious and keep yourself safe from such scams. Never share your personal details with someone over the phone and never give anybody money till you are sure of it. Thus, we will advise the users to be cautious. Also, make sure to know all of the concerned person’s details when you are dealing with the bank account to save yourself from Federal Reserve Call Scam.

What do you think about such scams? Have you ever encountered a scam like that? Please write to us in the comments section below. It can be of help to others.


  1. Received a scam call claiming to be from Federal Reserve. The call showed origin to be from 276-415-0085 in Lebanon, VA. The call was directed to an agent in a boiler room who wanted information that I would not provide. He threaten that I could be arrested. Date of the call was 1/22 at 11:07 AM.

    The call disconnected and when I called it back it routed to a individual who lives in Bristol and was a work. It appears his cell number is being highjacked for these scam calls.

  2. Just got my second call from this scammer. I just hang up . The first one was months ago . Reported to police ..also get the SS scam calls a lot .

  3. Just received my second call from these scammers, in the past week. I hung on both of them and I’m sure they will keep calling. I’m so tired of paying for my personal phones and have all these scammers taking my phone lines and my time to promote their own illegal scams. All my numbers have been on the ‘do not call’ lists for several years, but it doesn’t help.

  4. I have been getting the SS A scam call for two years. I finally let them tell me about yesterday March 2, 2021. They are relentless! Today I received the federal reserve system scam. Is there anyway to stop these people to stop calling? I block the calls and on the do not call list but, they just spoke more numbers. The call today is actually the phone number of my bank.

  5. I received a call from them yesterday and today with the same electronic voice recording prompting me to “press 1 to speak to an officer.”
    Yesterday I later called the phone number in Middletown, Maine. It was answered by a medical complex. Yes, numbers are being hijacked to place the out-going calls. Today’s call came in from a Tampa, FL number.

  6. have received 2 calls from a recorded message saying they are from the federal reserve saying that my bank accounts have been hacked and that false accounts have been opened in my name and that an arrest warrant had been issued for me. wanted me to press 3 to speak to an agent. voice mail number came from 805-637-7243.
    knew it was a scam right away. i did not respond but did report to FBI cyber crimes.

  7. I just got called from a number in Lancaster CA claiming that there was a warrant for my arrest issued by the Federal Reserve police regarding a bank account of mine. I hung up. I used to get calls from the SSA claiming fraud now it’s the Federal Reserve police. I didn’t even know that such an organization existed.

  8. I live in AZ and lately I have been receiving calls about my account and Social Security number has been detected and recognized as fraudulent behavior and an arrest warrant is in progress.and I should push 1 to speak to a officer that could assist me.
    Needless to say I Blocked the number, however a few days later I received the same call. I then blocked that number. Why don’t you broadcast that these are scammers using your name?

  9. I received a call from them today with an electronic voice claiming to be from the Federal Reserve Banking system claiming that my account was suspected of having suspicious activity and that a law suit was being made in my name and an arrest warrant was being issued. the number was 599 773 7272 from
    Visalia CA

    Diana R

    Today I received a robo call from the Federal Reserve system scam. stating my account was reviewed for suspicious activity and that a lawsuit was being filed and a warrant issued for my arrest. The number was 559 733 7372 from Visalia Ca.

  10. Just received a robotic voicemail message today saying their are “fraudulent activity on my accounts” from Federal Reserve and that legal claim under my name if filed and that warrant issued for my arrest. It also told me to press 1 to speak to an officer. Doing further research no individual has a Federal Reserve bank account

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