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Fashioncosy Reviews [June 2020] Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Fashioncosy Reviews 2020

Fashioncosy Reviews [June 2020] Is It A Scam Or Legit? >> In this article, the users will get to know about a web store dealing with various women wear products.

Are you a fashion lover? If yes, then you must find this very interesting.

Fashion designers are in extreme demand as the world is looking for great styles and patterns in each section, whether women wear, kids wear, or men wear.

Women are always excited about their look and wear and fond of party wear when it comes to shopping online and that too, with massive discounts.

Here we will furnish some information on Fashioncosy Reviews, where you would be able to understand the latest trends trending around.

People in the United States, have an unbelievable inclination for online stores, and hence they are increasing rapidly in no more time. The quick revolution has become the shopping exciting and even challenging for the buyers.

Intensive in-depth research is required to find out –Is Fashioncosy legit? At the moment, it is legit, and we will detail deeply about this web store. As scams are the easiest way for many scammers to earn money in a short time, so always allow yourself to research and check before buying from some new web store.

What is, as depicts, is an ecommerce web store that is purposely involved in women wear. The web store has a massive collection of Women Clothing, Bags, Jewelry, and Shoes. The web-store has a claim in supplying the trendy and latest fashion products for women with almost all variety of colors, sizes, and affordable.

Here at the Fashioncosy store, various sections of the things are displayed, which are believed to be according to people’s choices and have the latest fashion style.

Specifications of Fashioncosy

  • The web store is located at
  • Customer support Email:
  • Official address – Name: Chengdu FenhuiTechnology Limited
  • Address: No.1609, floor 16, Haitang center, Tianfu Avenue, Tianfu new district, Chengdu city, Sichuan province
  • Warehouse address: No.7 Yongda road, Huadu district, Guangzhou city
  • Telephone: 086-13360012945   

Pros of buying from

    • Huge Discount Offers: is explicitly offering massive discounts across the web site, including all variety and categories, be it is clothes, jewelry, or any accessories.
    • Products selection: The stuff shown on the Fashioncosy store is somehow related to everyone’s requirement and seems excellent.
    • Product variety – The impressive products are of any women’s choice, and especially the party wears dresses, tops, jeans, shorts, and all other usable stuff like shoes, bags, pieces of jewelry, etc.
    • Shipping Arrangement: the web-store has an impressive arrangement of worldwide shipping of the whole range of products and could reach within a time frame of seven to twenty days. Also, the free shipping is offered by the store on all orders above dollar seventy-nine.
    • Payment method: Payment is only possible either by debit/credit cards or PayPal, no cash on delivery is available.
  • Web store has a comfortable layout
  • The wide variety is stacked up
  • Excellent discounts available across the store
  • Combination of all variety to make the buyer attractive
  • Free shipping over dollar seventy-nine.

Cons of buying from

  • No availability of social links
  • Not such great Fashioncosy Reviews
  • No cash on delivery option

Is a scam?

There is no clarity on the ‘About Us,’ as per the internet Fashioncosy Reviews, the trust index is shallow. People have not found this web store a reliable one. So this could be a scam as the domain name is very new, not old enough to be trusted.

What customers have to say about Fashioncosy?

Fashioncosy Reviews help decide on this web store. Few people would have ordered various products from the sections and are not happy. The reasons are the nasty stuff received if received. 

Some of the customers have claimed and believed this web store as a scam because they haven’t received anything even post waiting for many months and have paid in advance for the whole order.

Final Verdict

In the United States, women are very fond of fashion wear and very excited about online shopping. There is a shallow trust index of the trust for this web store, and even the customers’ reviews are also not in support of the web-store.

We are not sure to shop from this web store and advise our readers to be aware while buying not from here as it is a scam.

If you are happy with the information shared in the article, please feel free to share your reviews or comments; kindly do so in the comment section.

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  1. I placed an order in May2020 and it is July 3rd 2020. I have not received my item.This company is a SCAM. I will never order from a online overseas company again.

  2. I placed order on the 3rd of June. I have not received my merchandise yet. I keep tracking the clothing and after being on the ship for several days I see now that it is at LAX but still held back because of the holiday. The pictures on-line of your clothing are very attractive. I purchased items for my granddaughter who is dealing with multiple tumors on her neck and face. I knew she would love them What a disappointment.

  3. What do you mean awaiting moderation? Believe me I wrote the above with great moderation. My disappointment is great.

  4. So relieved I read the negative reviews on Fashioncosy. Clothes looked great on line but unhappy customers saved me being drawn to bogus advertising. Should be against the law! I will spread the word.
    P. S. Would it really be so difficult to manufacture legitimately, produce great products and make lots of money honestly?

  5. I ordered a dress in June and I have not received it. Their website won’t allow me to email my questions. Sure looks like a scam business to me. Luckily the dress didn’t cost much but I did like it. Won’t make this mistake again. But it really fucking pisses me off.

  6. How can I get my charge card refunded ? Ordered long ago 4 items . Just received, fit is bad. I ordered 4 items. Finally received , I ordered large size of 4 different items. I received 2 exact orders. Two of one style, and two of another. I recieved 4 items all the same color. The large pants won’t even go over my knees. The cut is infantile. They would fit a small child … I need to return them and have my charge card refunded… Where do I return these items ? Please give me a good address to return items and a better size chart. Maybe with measurements. I like the pants, but they are way too small … Your quick response will be great fully appreciated..

    1. Good luck with trying to return them. I have been trying to return $200+ in clothing to them and I am getting no where with them. You have to pay for your own shipping back so I went to the P.O. and it was $43.00 to ship it back. WTF!!! NoWay am I doing that. They need to send me a return label like a normal company would do.

  7. I placed an order for two shirts on 6/14/20. One with a large sunflower on one side and the other with a group of colorful butterflies. I have waited one full month to receive my order. Today, 7/14/20 i received one completely white shirt. I prepaid 16.99 for each shirt plus tax and shipping and handling. The site says to contact customer service with questions but there is no customer service number listed. It states to contact, yet when you do it only takes you back to the original website with the same info to contact customer service. So there is really no way to contact them if you have a question or complaint. I will never order from this company again. Nobody has money to lose.

    1. You have spelled the address wrong – fashion has a H. I got responses over the course of the three months I waited, always telling me to wait some more. Each of my three dresses came from a different place and a different time and came through different US cities to get to me once the slow boat from China arrived in the US. The dresses are the wrong sizes and fabrics – totally unwearable rags.

  8. I too place order of 8 items that were supposed shipped 01/06/20 is 7/16/20 none of the items have been received. Tried to communicate with them via email and never answer me back it is definitely a scam.

  9. Buyer beware!! I am recommending you not buy from Fashioncosy. I ordered to tops on June 15, 2020, received 1 but not the other. It is a very thin gauzy fabric. I have reached out to them a few times to find out where my items were, and they did not reply. This is my first and last time that I will order from Fashioncosy. I will buy made in America clothing and NOT clothes made in China.

  10. I ordered several items from this website. I finally received my order 30 days out. However the clothes I received were NOT the clothes I ordered. Dresses were different designs and fabrics and sizing was way off. There is no point in complaining to them and you will not get a refund. Don’t order anything from this company.


  12. Total SCAM! I ordered a dress in May. Emailed a request for an update 8 weeks later. Return email was a ‘stall’ – indicating it would arrive. Never has. Very disappointing.

  13. Ordered. Three dresses, took over two months to be delivered and when they arrived they are nothing like the pictures or how they are described, Extremely cheaply made with horrible fabric DO NOT ORDER!


  15. I ordered 5 items. After 21 days I got them. They say a small is a size 6….but I am a 4 and almost all were about a 0-2. Way too tight. One was the wrong dress. One said blue when it was black. One said red when it is orange. Horrible quality. I am going to try and return, but I have not heard from them yet. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!

  16. I ordered 5 items, when I finally received them 3 were not what I ordered. The shopping took longer than expected but I am thinking it was more Covid related than site related but not sure. Disappointed nonetheless. Hoping I get an answer to my email and then a refund or the proper items sent.

  17. Oh my goodness is all that I can say. How do we get these prople out of business. I ordered 8 dresses from this company. None are like the picture shown. M is like a XXXL. I look like I could put 10 people under them. The fabric is so cheap that I would doubt that one would cost .50. I have already disputed this with my card people and I blasted them
    Back at their fake service department.

  18. BEWARE – this is a quasi scam. You might receive the order after 6-8 weeks as I did. The sizes are way too small. For example the dresses are actually shirt size, if you manage to put them on, which is next to impossible.

    The material is extremely cheap and nothing like is marked on the web (cotton, etc). The pictures on the slick website are highly deceiving. The website is appealing, but in reality the clothes are completely different from what is advertised/pictured. I was shocked at the cheap material, that I do not have words to describe it.

  19. I bought back first week in June on a friends recommendation, still nothing. Now I learned she just liked it, never bought it. Reviews then seemed positive and I’m regretting my choice. I have been since July but now it’s just insane. To see these responses of incorrect orders and sizes not as expected, and I got this from a search of is this company legit and it’s actually their site trying to appear like a review of their site. I’ve seen where the pictures are pictures of other clothes from those that check out websites and that’s why the quality doesn’t match. I don’t know but I wish I had been more aware prior. I only did it based on the recommendation.

  20. I ordered dresses and pants that looked beautiful on the model. I just received them more than a month later and they are HORRIBLE! Totally cheap fabric. I honestly don’t even know what it is. I am so very disappointed!!!

  21. This site is a scam. Luckily I paid via PayPal. I’ve opened a dispute against this company as I’ve not received order placed over 2 months ago

  22. BUYER BEWARE!!! Do Not Order From Fashioncosy! I ordered for the first time the middle of June 2020. I thought it was a scam, but I finally received my two items in the mail on August 11, 2020. They were the worse quality I have ever seen. Although the clothing looked great on the website, when I received the items, I had to laugh. The top was like a piece of gauze (very small although I ordered a large) and the dress was a joke and small again! Please do not order from these crooks! The clothing shipped to me is a big joke. I would not have paid $1 for what I received!

  23. BUYER BEWARE!!!! I ORDERED 6 dresses on 6-19-2020, 3 came finally in 29 days on 8-1-20, the next in 43 days on 8-10-20. EXTREMELY disappointed. The material is very weird, very thin, sheer, SHINNY material, badly cut and designed, the colors are way off, the sewing is very cheap. So disappointed. I read some of the reviews and didn’t take heed. Didn’t think it could be so bad, Simple dresses, I thought. All 6 dresses fit horribly and really need an extra slip underneath. They say cotton blend, where is the cotton? feels like plastic. I found the rules for returns; I had to pay return postage to CHINA!!! The minimum international package fee is $36.45. Looked at the reviews again and saw most couldn’t even get through to customer service WHICH YOU HAVE TO DO FOR ANY RETURNS. . I am considering just keeping the plastic dresses rather than take a chance that I may lose the dresses, not get the refund and be out near $40 shipping . You also have to include filling out a customs form and getting the special USPS International boxes. All a real chore. I WILL NOT ORDER FROM A CHINA COMPANY AGAIN AND NOW HAVE TO DO ON ALL MY ORDERS more research and reviews to order something. I am now very leery. Also saw that this company has 6 sister catalog companies, and they use a Connecticut USA address. I cancelled an order I had with the EXPRESSIONS catalog, a sister company and with bad reviews too. The mailing envelopes were both recycled, with stickers to cover old addresses. Weird. THIS IS NOT A TRUSTWORTHY COMPANY. Reviews are terrible and no good reviews at all. Also I never received the shipping/delivery EMAIL notice they said they would send. ORDER ELSEWHERE.

  24. I received a delivery today supposedly 5 tops I ordered last month. They were nothing like the 5 tops I ordered. I ordered 5 linen, pastel tops – I received 5 brightly coloured, cheap cotton/poly rags that looked nothing like those I ordered. The sizing was a joke – totally mis-shapen. Definitely not the style or flow that I oredered. No packing slip. When I emailed my intent to return to address listed on mailing label, I was told to return items to China – at my expense! Upon receipt, my CC would be credited! Do not order from these bait and switch artists. My bad – I should have done my homework before ordering from these people. Won’t make the same mistake again

  25. On July 5, 2020 I purchased 8 articles of clothing from this company, It took 4 – 5 weeks to receive my order in two shipments. The dresses were not as described, they were supposed to have bust lines that ranged from 44 inches to 46 inches and be a cotton blend material. What I received were dresses with bust lines between 38 and 40 inches that were polyester and spandex.

    Because they sent an email for each individual item, which contained a picture of the item, I replied to the corresponding emails, stated my problem and included a picture of the dress with a tape measure across the bust, to prove the item was not as described as well as a picture of the tag showing the material and image of the sizing chart from their website. Since the dresses were useless to me I requested a full refund and a return shipping label. They replied to one of my emails suggesting they could refund me 50% and that I should giving the dresses to a friend for the other 50%.
    I requested a refund and a prepaid return shipping label so I can return these not as described items. The mailing package showed a return address in NY not China. They offered to refund my money if I returned all items to them in China, according to the post office website that would cost approximately $80 by boat and $150 by air. I believe they have made that request so the cost would be too prohibitive to do the return.

  26. I think this is the biggest scam going. I made two mistakes, I didn’t check out reviews which I usually do. Luckily I just bought 3 tops. I received 3 today after waiting over a month to get the order. I opened the package and did find 3 tops I didn’t order. They were awful looking. The 2nd mistake is not realizing I was ordering from China. My advice pictures are deceiving, especially from this company who happens to have ten different names depending on the site your on. Buy American!

  27. I ordered four tops in Beginning of June and finally received them end of July. I couldn’t tell from the website that this company is China made products. Two tops were similar to what I ordered, two were completely different. All were far too small even though I had ordered a size larger just to be safe. I have contacted the company four times now. Once they asked for pictures of the item codes which I promptly sent the same day. But I still continue to get generic responses with no answer regarding a return authorization or credit card refund. This company is such a scam! The pictures on line were beautiful clothing but what I received was cheap, flimsy and didn’t resemble what I ordered. I will never order from them again. Clearly Fashioncosy is a scam!

  28. You have spelled the address wrong – fashion has a H. I got responses over the course of the three months I waited, always telling me to wait some more. Each of my three dresses came from a different place and a different time and came through different US cities to get to me once the slow boat from China arrived in the US. The dresses are the wrong sizes and fabrics – totally unwearable rags.

  29. I ordered from them in June. Got the Merch in late July. Over the past few weeks I have gotten phone calls by Chinese speakers on my cell phone and my landline. This morning I got a spoofed phone call on my landline pretending to be from the credit card company I used to place my order. I called my credit card company and there were three attempts to use that same card fraudulently, yesterday and today. I checked my email spam folder and saw a fraudulent email about activity on my card and asking me to call…..the phoney number used in the spoofed phone call. I only use my card at reputable local stores at point of purchase. The fraudulent charges used info I needed to give FashionCosy including that code in the back – that point of purchase vendors don’t need. FashionCosy steals or sells your credit card information. Contact the FTC and complain so we can nail these scumbags.

  30. I ordered a dress from 7/23 for $24.99. I was pleasantly surprised when my package arrived about three weeks later, was appalled when I opened the package and what arrived didn’t even remotely resemble the dress I had ordered. I mean, not a poor replica, a completely different dress! And the one that arrived was something I wouldn’t pay $1 for at any store in the US, it was hideous! I contacted fashioncosy via email, and they offered to refund back 20% of the purchase price. I said absolutely not, as the item that arrived wasn’t what I had ordered, and then demanded a full refund. They agreed. In the end, the refunded the $24.99 for the dress, but not the $11 for shipping. This is super shady and definitely a scam. I went over their website and there is no dress resembling the one that was sent to me. When I inquired after the $11 for shipping, they basically said tough luck, it’s been paid to the post office so we can’t refund it. I’m still scratching my head over how I ended up paying for shipping for something that I did NOT order and NOT want. SCAM.

  31. i received my order. One dress was not what I ordered and the other items of suspect quality. I emailed the company as they have two week return policy. Packed up the items and then received email from them: If you want to return the goods, you need to ship it back to China and the freight should be paid by you (me). Maybe the shipping fees is expensive to return.
    ( $ 56.00 + USPS Priority) Items purchased totaled $ 85.00

    They went on to say: How about we offer you a special discount coupon on future purchase and you keep items you received…..(yeah right, would you?)

  32. It took 2 months for my items to arrive from Fashioncosy. When they finally arrived 2 were made from extremely cheap fabric and the other two were not what I had ordered. Do not order from Fashioncosy!!!

  33. Horrible!!!! Absolutely Horrible!! This company is nothing that it says it is. I have never received my entire order and it was months ago that I place the order and, PAID in full.
    The material is very very cheap and, the sizes were Completely Off!!! The dresses I ordered were not the dresses that I received with, the exception of ONE.
    When I attempted to speak with them in lieu of the items that were paid for yet, never shipped I was completely ignored. This experience has been a huge disappointment.
    I would HIGHLY suggest that you don’t buy from this company.
    No one should be treated in this manner….

  34. This is a rip off company. The dresses are supposed to be cotton/linen, they have labels Made in China, 100% polyester! Cheap, small in size, awful colors,nothing like advertised. I have waited MONTHS to receive an address to return them with no response! Don’t order anything from them! Buyer Beware!

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