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With our stressful life and unhealthy eating, we are losing on many things. For example, our crowning glory, the way we could maintain it in ancient times is history now. 

A thick, lustrous mane is a secret desire of every female, even men don’t wish to see a receding hairline before an appropriate age. It affects the personality of any individual and also lowers the confidence level.

Some people, however good facial features they have, do not appeal to others, if they don’t have good hair on their head.

Premature greying of strands and uncontrolled hairfall at an early age makes a person look older than his or her usual self. How can we prevent our hair from these different issues?

Using expensive oils, hair treatments, shampoos and so on involves spending a huge amount of money and it’s not that you get the desired results always. So, here’s a solution, get yourself a wig from in the United State.  .

What is wig can be an unusual collection in your wardrobe. The wigs are made keeping in view today’s fashion. The hair cuts are stylish with colored forms. There’s no artificiality in them because as you wear one of these, you would look like just another individual walking down the street.

The products are fashionable and can be customized according to the desire of the wearer. The best part in wearing a wig is you can remove them when you are indoors or out of the sight of people and feel the natural you.

How does it work?

The company is registered in the United States and has an e-mail id, which can be used by the customers for any kind of query.

This is the only contact information that the website has provided. They have their shipping and return policies in place, so one has to go through them on the website to get a clear picture about delivery and returns.

Who should buy from here?

Professional models or women who wish to experiment with their looks can buy from here. Ladies suffering from partial or full baldness can take advantage of this natural looking artificial hair, which is quite affordable than most of the expensive treatments available for hair growth.

For men, I don’t see much options here, though interested males can contact the company if they wish to learn more.

Why is it famous? is a website that sells wigs which renders a natural look to the wearer. It also offers accessories to go along with it, such as brushes, wig holders and so on. If you can wear a wig for a long time without complaining about sweating or looking weird then, it must belong to

The website is well constructed and is easy to navigate and find options. There are innumerable choices available so one won’t really run out of them. So, choose any style and adapt to it with elan in

What are the negative remarks about it?

The website doesn’t look legitimate to me, that’s because if you check the ‘About Us’ page, it doesn’t say much about the present business that they are into rather gives an overview of several businesses they did in the past.

This is kind of disheartening. We absolutely have no idea of what the wig is made of? The prices are written in bold with a lot of flash sales happening, which is delightful to watch but how true that is, is something we need to ponder about.

The company has hidden it’s owner(s) or founder(s) information and also there’s no mention about the address and phone number. There’s not any helpline number also apart from a mere e-mail id, which may not be workable.


Since return address is not mentioned, the company may not take back the goods and refund money. In other cases, we have seen that spurious companies furnishing return location as one in China, where sending goods involves a lot of money.

 That’s the reason, these firms ask the customers to pay for the delivery.

Whatever it is, one shouldn’t fall trap to this. It’s advisable to gather information regarding any new website from your social media handles. Do talk about it and share the information that it shows.

If it’s viable then nothing can stop you from investing but if it’s not then refraining from the same is a better decision.

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  1. I ordered wigs from Fashice over a month ago and just received my order today. I ordered 4 wigs because they were offering a buy one, get one free offer and I ended up spending roughly $80. Let me just say that I thought the wigs were at an affordable price for what was advertised. They showed very realistic wigs that you could move around and part differently. The wigs looked like they had the mesh netting that you could trim to make it look like your hair line.

    I was very antsy to get these wigs, and like I said I waited for a month. I know that the website is a Shopify website which means the merchandise pretty much comes from China as a drop-shipping store. I know this because I have owned a Shopify website before. So, shame on me for thinking I may be getting something that it probably wasn’t.

    The wigs aren’t horrible, but they’re definitely noticeable as wigs. There is no mesh netting to make anything look like your hair line, the hair itself looks synthetic and the things I am most upset about is how long I waited and anticipated these wigs to basically just have four new costume wigs instead of wigs I could use as an everyday hair change.

  2. The wigs shown are different from what you will receive. The wigs are costume or party wigs, they are not real hair as advertised. They are NOT front laced wigs as advertised. They have taken someone else’s video and pictures as their own. The wigs come from China and they will not accept a return unless you pay for the return shipping and the cost for sending them back is between 26 and 70 dollars! They suck and so does their customer service. A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT.


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