Fallguysmobile com [August 2020] Get Complete Insight!

Fallguysmobile com 2020

Fallguysmobile com [August 2020] Get Complete Insight! >> Read this article to understand if the Fallguysmobile com is legit or not.

If you are a Play Station 4 user, you may have heard of the fall guy ultimate knockout game that came out on 4th august 2020.

Fallguysmobile com links circulating by a YouTube channel and others about the game are now being available for smartphones.

Is that true? This question is being asked by many people who religiously play this game in the United States. The makers of the game took to Twitter to clarify that this information is, in fact, false.

What is the fall guys Ultimate Knockout game?

The fall guys Ultimate Knockout game was released by its creator Devolver Digital in August of 2020 for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

This game takes its inspiration from shows like the total Wipeout and Takeshi’s castle. In it, each player is a jelly bean figure who tries to qualify rounds to move to the next.

It sounds like something perfect for a mobile game, right? That is not currently the case says its creator and Fallguysmobile com links being circulated are a complete scam.

The creators of the game said so on their twitter handles. They even mention the YouTube video being that of a mouse cursor on the screen and nothing more.

Specifications of the fall guys game

  • The multiplayer game released on the 4th August 2020
  • It can currently only be played on Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 platforms
  • It is of a Battle royale genre and turns the player into a jellybean figure
  • It was developed by Mediatonic and published by Developer Digital
  • There is a link currently circulating that offers users to download it for their mobile phones
  • This link was popularized in United States, and it has been called a scam by its creators on twitter
  • A YouTube video popularized information regarding the mobile link by Fall Guys Mobile
  • This video has since been taken down

What are the people’s thoughts of the Fallguysmobile com?

Online news agencies and players on their YouTube channels report of the link in question being a scam.

Its creators commented on twitter that the YouTube channel by the name Fall Guys Mobile that started the rumor could be scam paid advertisements.  

They also mention the game currently not being out for mobile phones, and the video you see shows the cursor and nothing else.

A news clipping mentions of the Fallguysmobile com link just taking users back to the official Fall guys Ultimate Knockout website.

They are further mentioning that such scams are common occurrences with famous games.


Therefore, after much observation, we can say that if you have come across the Fallguysmobile com link you mustn’t open it.

This link will take you back to the official website of the Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout game. So, the website and the rumor are both scams! 

Moreover, the mobile phone version of the game is not out yet. This information was confirmed by its developer and the publisher as well.

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