Faicult Com Reviews [April] Shopping Here Is Risky Or Not

Faicult Website Reviews

Faicult Com Reviews [April] Shopping Here Is Risky Or Not -> This article is about spreading awareness among readers, regarding online shop Faicult.com

We earn money to spend and what’s the best way of splurging your earnings on, other than shopping? For a woman, shopping comes naturally, as it’s in her genes. Men mostly shop according to their needs.

Online shopping is the ‘word of the day’, these days, with mobile phones being extremely smart through the provision of internet and advancement of technology, we are simply addicted to it.

And, why should we not be clinging to our phones, when everything is at the disposal of our fingertips? Paying bills, buying things, catching up with the latest news and happenings are all made easy through internet connectivity.

Introducing here, another online shopping portal called ‘Faicult.com’ registered in the United States.

What is Faicult.com?

Faicult.com is about whatever you need. The ‘About Us’ page here, says that the company aims at establishing itself as an unique store for the customer’s own specific requirements.

The broad categories range from furniture, poultry care, home gym etc.

The images showing the products are quite attractive but don’t have any description attached to them.

The prices are quoted while the ‘sale’ word is flashed all over.

How does it work?

The website has a small heading, ‘Shipping policy’, but when you click on it, there’s no content related to it there. On clicking, you are taken back to the images of products. This is quite strange.

Who should buy from here?

Anybody can buy from here, who finds his or her desired product. There are innumerable items on display, from which one can pick and won’t run out of choices at all.

Why is it famous?

According to the construction of Faicult.com, two major features are prominent.

Firstly, there are several products present in it’s repertoire and all are almost the essentials kind.

Secondly, all the products are available at a pretty low cost and a celebratory ongoing ‘Sale’.

Thirdly, Faicult.com has a SSL certification or a safe and secure ‘https’ connection which is meant for secured encryption of data.

Fourthly, in U.S, the Alexa rating of traffic matters a lot. So, for Faicult.com, the rating is beyond 5 lakhs, which is appreciable.

What are the negative remarks about it?

Faicult.com is not properly constructed, it can’t be trusted at it’s present projection. The content is poor. The images and pictures don’t seem to be real at all. The low costs and discounts might be a bait to lure innocent people into spending money.

There’s no clear shipping policy and return address mentioned, so there can be a probability that the goods might never reach you. Even if they reach, the items may not conform to the quality standards at such unrealistic prices.

In such cases, One should refrain from making any dealings here.

is Faicult Com legit?

Whether faicult.com is legit or not, that’s difficult to comment upon, but definitely in the present condition, the website is not credible for any kind of financial transaction.

The information about the company, owner(s), address and other relevant details are all missing, only an e-mail id that too, which doesn’t belong to their own server is mentioned( ZenobiaArthurmTxBdR@yahoo.com ). 

This happens when, an e-commerce business doesn’t surge up for the right reasons. Fraudsters will only hide crucial company information from their customers.

There’s no option of COD(Cash On Delivery), the payment has to be made in advance and then only the ordered items will be delivered, if at all the firm means to do that.

Most fraudulent companies display lowered and unimaginable prices and discounts to trap young minds. They promise to give the best deals in the market, which never happens.

Even if you receive the products and discover that they aren’t to matching your expectation, then the return process is equally tormenting. Wherever you are, you got to ship the goods back to a location in China, because most ingenuine companies operate from China and claim to be located elsewhere.

Shipping goods to China is expensive and sometimes the cost outweighs the price of the product itself.


Due to all such hassles, it’s advisable to first learn about any new web store on the internet and then think of investing money.

Always talk about the new launch among your social media groups. Faicult.com, for example doesn’t show too many external links and extensive social media presence. That’s a negative trait for a budding or recently registered e-commerce company.

Every new business requires to make it’s presence known in the virtual world then only the online visitors will get to know about it.

0 thoughts on “Faicult Com Reviews [April] Shopping Here Is Risky Or Not

  1. I made a purchase on faicult the other night and now can’t find the sight! I will be calling my lawyer and my bank asap and they will investigate this site and situation! I refuse to be scammed

    1. I was just about to order a smart tv and something told me it’s too good to be true so I looked into it. Thank you so much for posting this. I’m nine months pregnant and don’t have a whole lot of money to my name and this would’ve hurt had I lost out on money unnecessarily. I’m sorry you got scammed😞

  2. Well I’m glad it helped someone, I’m glad you didn’t get scammed too! It definitely hurts the pocket!

  3. i just ordered today and i cant find site or my order, seems shady to me now that i read the reviews, calling my bank in the morning, lawyer as well..

  4. Yes I to made an order and now can’t find the sight and no confirmation and. No way to contact will file report tomorrow

  5. I ordered from here and the card was immediately charged but nothing yet…i did screen shot what i ordered and so called order number info so it better get here or im taking the next step

    1. My bank will take the next step by filing fraud through the bank and major federal charges will follow

  6. I ordered from here and money was taken out of my checking account I can no longer check on the status of my order. When I checked my bank they said the money was taken out by tasty treat.com I am filing a claim can’t afford to be out 104.00. Thank god snap shot all my order info.

  7. This website is complete bullshit. I’ve tried calling the contact number, emailed several times – it’s a complete scam. DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE.

  8. I ordered a cabinet on April 13th. Money came out same day but I have not received my product it says it came out from shoppee. After reading these I guess it’s safe to say I got scammed. I’m out 79.53 No more online shopping for me.

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