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Ezhighpay Com {July 2020} – Understand Its Working!

Ezhighpay Com 2020

Ezhighpay Com {July 2020} – Understand Its Working! >> The article includes information related to a scam site that shows tricks to earn money.

Earning money has never been easy; there is no shortcut to making money but hard work. But nowadays you will see on digital platforms that several fake and scam websites promote the fake scheme, and on that, they request the people to share the link, comments, or like to earn money. In this article, we will talk about Ezhighpay Com, an online scam domain that fools people by misleading them by offering $100.

The site Ezhighpay is not a website; it’s a web page that drives their advertisements all over the country like Philippines, Pakistan, India, and the United States in the name of various social causes. They will ask you to perform some simple tasks like copy-paste, comment, or share and make fake promises like completing the task. The individual will get some amount of money. 

It is nothing but a pure scam; it is a trick to advertise the website or domain name to earn money from people by illegal means. They can also ask you to put some money into the account for a few days and tell you that they will double the given amount. This type of scheme is the most common way to fool people because the person easily attract towards such a trick and lost all the hard-earned money. No one should promote such schemes; this is nothing to do with the employment; it is just another scam.

About Ezhighpay Com

When we visit the Ezhighpay Com page we found that they are offering $100, we saw there are two light pink color options; first, it was written that click here to copy, and on the second, it was written click to watch a video and make money. When we click the first option, it copies the content and asks us to share the comment on different digital platforms.

The page defines how the scammers are finding new ways to fool people; the answer is that they will send you such websites email and, in return, make fake promises. The unaware easily fall into the trap of such sites. During our research, we found several related videos that are encouraging to participate in this scam. The reason is not defined behind this because it is clear that the site is fake.

We also noticed that at the bottom of the poster, specific news channel names were mentioned. It seems that it is a trick to engage people and to earn their trust. On the poster, one message was written that around the asked $10 will be donated into the Orphanage. Such messages cleared the scene because, in the name of these types of messages, they push people to give for the cause.


Our study on Ezhighpay Com found that this website is nothing but a trick to earn money by unlawful means from the public. Readers are suggested to avoid these kinds of scam websites. You can share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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