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Ezeephone Website Review {June} Read It Before Order!

Ezeephone Website Review

Ezeephone Website Review {June} Read It Before Order! >> In this article, we review Ezeephone, an online store where you can purchase smartphones.

Are you looking to buy a new phone for yourself or someone else? Then keep reading. Mobile phones are an indispensable part of our lives. All kinds of latest mobile phones with the most competitive specifications are released almost every week. 

The mobile industry is also one of the most competitive industries today. But, mobile phones from prominent companies do not come cheap. The better the specifications, the higher the price. It is one of the reasons people have resorted to buying top specification products from smaller companies. One such website where you can purchase them is Ezeephone, which is based out of India.

Ezeephone sells several high specification phones available at cheap prices. A lot of Ezeephone Website Review gave us the information that the phones sold by them are not authentic products; instead, they are copies of some of the most successful phones by the top brands, under the name Krypton.

Keep reading our review to know more about Ezzephone com

What is Ezeephone? 

Ezeephone is an online store where you can purchase a wide variety of mobile phones, especially smartphones. They have smartphones with some of the best specifications available for purchase at cheap. 

The phones are of the brand Krypton, which is a new company and utterly unheard of. If you look at the build and design of the devices, you’ll notice that they’ve been copied from the devices of several major brands. First copies of popular phones like the iPhone can also be bought from Ezzephone com.

Ezeephone Specifications:

  • Website:
  • Products: Smartphones & related accessories.
  • Processing Time: duration unclear.
  • Delivery: duration unclear.
  • Email:
  • Contact No: unknown.
  • Address: Sadar Bazaar, Edgah Colony, Agra, UP, India.
  • Return: within 72 hours of delivery.
  • Exchange: within 72 hours of delivery.
  • Return Address: Indirapuram Vaishali, Ghaziabad, UP, India.
  • Refund Period: 7-10 days
  • Payment Method: COD/ PayTM/ Online payment.

Is Ezeephone Legit?

A mobile phone is something that you use every day. So it’s better to invest in a trustworthy brand and high-end devices instead of buying copies. First, it is immoral and illegal. First copies are somewhat simplified, but it’s not legal to make them. 

We believe the website could be a scam, and its products run the risk of being of inferior quality from the information that we have collected from several Ezeephone Website Review. There have been a lot of complaints where users called Ezeephone a fraud.

So we believe the website could be a scam, but we’re not sure. On the off chance that it turns out to be completely legit, its products will be of poor quality as it’s impossible to provide such high specs at the offered prices. 

Ezeephone: Reasons To Purchase

  • Ezeephone has high specification products at cheap prices.
  • Ezeephone offers cash on delivery.
  • Ezeephone delivers across all major locations in India
  • Ezeephone offers necessary policies like return, refund.

Ezeephone: Reasons To Not Purchase

  • Ezeephone might be a scam.
  • Several users didn’t find the products to be of high quality.
  • Their products have a reputation of not lasting long.
  • Contact information of Ezeephone is not present on its website.

Ezeephone: Customer and User Reviews

Ezeephone has attained the attention of several users in India and drawn by the cheap prices and the fantastic specifications, a lot of users purchased from this website. Due to this, we were able to collect a considerable amount of Ezeephone Website Review.

Ezeephone is located in India. There were a lot of complaints about Ezeephone on several platforms calling this platform a scam where users claimed that they never received their product after making the payment online. Some users who received their products were very critical of the quality of the products and called them inadequate. A few positive responses were present as well, but the negative reviews easily outnumbered them.

Final Verdict

Ezeephone sells copies of popular smartphones under a different brand name. Ezzephone com also has a bad reputation when it comes to the legitimacy of the site and the products. There’s also the possibility of Ezeephone being a scam. 

The pricing and the technical details of the products may attract a lot of users, but it’s best to stay away from them. We recommend that you purchase a better and reliable device by a recognized brand. 

Readers, if you want to purchase from Ezeephone, we can’t stop you. But beware that the products could be of poor quality and the site itself could be a scam.

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  1. you are right i m also get cheated by this ezeephone not received my ordered tablet after online payment

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