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Expressedbee com Reviews [July] Is Online Shopping a Scam?

Expressedbee com Reviews

Expressedbee com Reviews [July] Is Online Shopping a Scam? >> In this article, we’ll read about the woman’s clothing website, and it is a secure platform to shop or not.

Do you wish to flaunt in stylish clothing this summer? But feeling fear from making an online purchase, then read this Expressedbee com Reviews. Here you’ll get detailed information about the website to clarify all your doubts.

Expressedbee is a woman clothing site deals in fashionable woman clothing items at amazing prices. It registered in the United States location, offering a massive assortment of woman clothing products. 

As of the current research, Expressedbee is having a sale on its exclusive summer collection to create its customer base. And to save its buyers time on the website in searching for the latest and trendy summer clothing, the website’s strategy of creating June collection on its homepage does wonders for its customers. 

However, this website is also offering a free shipping policy for orders over $35. Isn’t it amazing! You can get the latest products without going out of the budget. But before you proceed any further, let us help you know everything about the website, whether it is a scam web or an original site.

In this Expressedbee com Reviews, we will read every essential detail regarding the Expressedbee com like what is Expressedbee com, what specified on the website, Is it safe to buy from Expressedbee com or not and many more. So, stay tuned with us and read below.

What is Expressedbee com?

Expressedbee com Reviews is an online shopping website deals in stylish woman’s clothing items such as shirt, tee, tank top, sweatshirt, bright prints tee for the sunny summers, and many more.

The website has multiple offers for its summer customers like it’s having a sale on its exclusive June collection; it also provides free shipping for orders over $35. The website is offering a great deal for its shoppers to get on top. 

Let’s check further to know more about the website.

What specified on the website?

  • The URL of the Expressedbee com is
  •  The website is currently having a sale on its trendy summer collection.
  • The website has mentioned its exclusive items on the top of its home interface under the head June collection such as Expressed Bee Plant These save the bee Tee, Expressed Bee aesthetic flower plants, Expressed bee be a kind shirt and many more.
  • The website offers free shipping for orders over $35.
  • There are various modes of payment available like American Express, Apple pay, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, and VISA.
  •  In case you feel like getting in touch with the company or facing any problem, you can contact their customer support service via email.

Pros of buying from Expressedbee com

  • The site is deal in trendy and quality clothes at unbelievable prices.
  • 24*7 customer support service.
  •  You can get a free shipping policy for the order over $35.
  •  The site has Sale on the exclusive summer clothing.
  •  Safe and flexible modes of payment are available.
  • The website looks classy and simple due to its easy to handle user interface.

 Cons of buying from Expressedbee com

  • There is No physical location address or contact number of the company or owner available on the website.
  • No feedbacks are possible on the site.
  • The domain name is just nine days old; it sounds suspicious.

What are the customers’ reviews about the Expressedbee com?

There are a heap of fashionable clothing items displayed on the website with the appropriate product description and a matched picture of the products; women also did shopping from the Expressedbee com.

There’s no customer review found on the website or over the internet regarding the products or shopping experience. We can’t judge the reliability of the site yet since we couldn’t find any customer feedback.

What did we conclude about the Expressedbee com?

As per our research and reports, the website looks eye-catching due to its appealing design and smooth functioning. It has also claimed to provide the right quality products at minimal prices. Along with that, the website has attractive deals for its customers.

However, the website does not contain any kind of information regarding the company and the owner, like contact number, physical address, etc. It creates doubt about website credibility. The website domain name is only Nine days old, so we can’t consider it safe and secure via to shop. 

In the end, we conclude that this site is not a potentially safe platform to shop since it is too new in the ecommerce world. But we could not say that either; the website is a scam or not legit.

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  1. Hello, it seems this website is fake. They don’t respond to emails, facebook messages and comments are not visible on their fb page. im writing this incase someone else is looking for a review and its saves them some hard earned cash. lesson learned on my part.

    1. I have discovered this too – complete fraud and very frustrating. I’ll be contacting the Bank about getting my money back and pursuing some legal comeback

    1. This site is probably scam. I ordered clothes, payment confirmed, tracking number for the package never sent and they dont respond to messages. Dont buy.

      1. I ordered on June 13 two t-shirts. I got confirmation and tracking mail of the shipping. Then I heard nothing for a long time. I send two messages in different days and I got nothing more than an automatic reply.
        I thought well I will never see those shirt coming. But today I got them delivered. The sad thing is that they send me the wrong one. But if I want to return it than I have to pay for the shipping costs.

        Next time I should just buy shirts in the store.

  2. I ordered several days ago and need to correct my shipping address but no one is responding to my emails. I can not call since there is no phone number so I have sent 2 messages. No response yet. I hope I didn’t get scammed, ordered 2 shirts.

  3. They took more money out of my account then what they were meant to and they have been ignoring my feedback help reports on their website, they are ignoring all of my Facebook messages and I commented on one of their Facebook posts and they blocked me from commenting again.

    1. We apologize for misbehaving with you .. but we are not responsible for this because i=we only here for your help… dear please visit the official website or drop your complaint on mail… thank you…

  4. 7/1/20 I ordered 40 bucks worth on 6/19/20 and got nothing. had to change my credit card number because of them. as$ holes!

      1. what is the customer care number? There isn’t one anywhere to be found. I will have to file a dispute with my bank.

    1. I ordered a sweater, emailed twice with no response. No shipping confirmation. I thought it was a really nice idea so I’m disappointed. On top of it it was in USD so it’s expensive 🙁 going to have to file a complaint with my credit card company and the BBB

  5. I made an order 2 weeks ago and only had an email to confirm order then nothing else. No reply on fb page or after sending them a msg from their site 😢

  6. Website is a scam. I placed and order and now the company will not respond to me emails and also either deleted their Facebook page or blocked me. The did however bill me!

  7. Looks like we were all taken for a ride. Facebook has a lot to answer for advertising this website.

  8. Massive scam, Have emailed and tried to contact them after an order was placed over 3 weeks ago. Money taken instantly, zero communication. The Facebook ad had over 2k comments so it would be interesting to see if all these were fake also. I will be contacting the bank and reporting this as fraud, not that it’s a real thing.

  9. In addition, here is a bit more info on the company; 1 listed employee with an annual turnover of $200k,
    Expressed Venture LLC
    401 Justison St APT 406
    Wilmington, DE, 19801-5296 United States
    (610) 290-5016
    Company Type: Corporation Independent

  10. Was anybody else sent shipment and tracking info? Apparently my order is on route via YunExpress (based in Shenzhen, China) which has a 67% “bad” rating on Trustpilot. Not holding out much hope for either! Never know though, order placed late June.

  11. I made an order 2 weeks ago, received an automatic email to confirm the purchase and that was it. Sent a message to inquire about shipping…nothing but radio silence. I made a purchase via their Instagram ad. I can’t find them on either IG or FB. Yep, SCAM!

  12. Scam website. They took more money than they should have, are not responding to emails or messages submitted through the website over the last month. Have contacted my bank. This website needs to be shut down. This review site of them needs to be updated to say SCAM SITE right at the top.

  13. I ordered and payed a month ago, Sent a mail, heared nothing after my first confirm mail. Looks like a scam.

  14. Argh i wish I had read this first! They promote through Instagram which is where I saw the ad. I will be reporting on Instagram!

  15. Ordered, confirmed with auto reply; nothing happened, then I emailed, auto reply, dead silent!


    so how can we report this website? so angry because I put an order because I cared about bees!! they cant exploit people’s kindness like this!

  16. Same experience as above. Ordered 4 July and heard nothing since. Emails ignored. How do you get this website shutdown??

  17. I placed an order on June 6th 2020. Nothing delivered. Sent chaser email two weeks ago, still no reply. Looks like I’ve been scammed so I’ll have to seek refund via credit card.

  18. I placed a order on 14 June 2020, I received the one item about 3 weeks ago and just received the other two items this morning. So whilst it’s taken over three months, it has arrived!

    I also tried to cancel the order, no reply. I believe they were closing down though.

    Hope everyone gets their things soon! I don’t like any of the things I ordered unfortunately.

  19. I received an email on July 7, 2020, I had read people’s reviews on the site, and it sounded legit, but all I’ve received is the email, which states that my order is confirmed and the order number, NO tracking number or way to track the order. It is, now Sept. 26, 2020. I believe I’ve been taken! I am hoping they will NOT get anymore of my money. I’m VERY concerned.

  20. It is my first scam ever and hopefully the last. Now I know to check for a multitude of factors before ordering online:
    1) a contact number to be valid
    2) company address valid
    3) reviews of the product, if no reviews to be found, don’t buy and
    4) if I can see how old is the website even better, this website does not even exist anymore 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Luckily my order was under 50 bucks, but I was really happy about the “donation” plus I really liked that clothing design. Oh bummer, I’ll be more careful next time.

  21. Haven’t had anything more than confirmation email of the order.
    Website doesn’t exist anymore….. really annoyed because I was looking forward to what I ordered.

    Has anyone found an email address to contact or a company to report it to?

    1. Me too, i ordered in June! Also got my friend to order from there because I wanted to help them out as they were going into liquidation.. hers arrived and she hates it, min still never arrived and it’s 5 months later.. money taken from my account too >:(

  22. I placed an order 19/6/2020 ,$100 NZ paid with no goods ,,,must be a scam!! No reply to emails ,no delivery in items. Will be more careful from now on checking backgrounds and reviews like this.Ripped off… Faccebook should do better?

  23. I ordered two t shirts in June 2020, cost 35.98US my visa was charged , 55.00cad

    I have not received my t-shirts as of today November 13, 2020 . I phoned and the voice mail box is full. I sent email no word back
    My order number is 15081
    Please send my t shirts

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