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Evalaura Reviews {April} – Is It A Legit Store To Buy?

Evalaura Reviews {March} – Is It A Legit Store To Buy

Evalaura Reviews {April} – Is It A Legit Store To Buy? >> Reading this post will help you know the answer of this question and also many other questions. You must read this whole post, before placing any order from this online store.

A fashion statement of a person describes the persona of the person. Nowadays, people upgraded themselves and want to carry their way of fashion. Thanks to e-commerce websites that provide fashionable wears at a cheap price. The site also helps middle-class people to wear designer wear like celebrities. Several online stores sell its stylish wear like Evalaura com. But what if the online store you are purchasing is fake?

There are many confusing articles available questioning about this web store and most important one is – is Evalaura com legit? But in this article, we will provide all the information regarding the website’s legitimacy. There are several websites related to fashion wear, books, residence, and many more. But many of them are fake, their main concern of making website is to scam the unaware people.

But if you are aware of yourself and makeup to date regarding how frauds do scams, fishing, and hacking, you can also be safe from this kind of website. It will not only help one but the entire community who earn money from hard work. However, the government took various steps to stop this kind of fraud, and people aware of no investment or purchase from that kind of website, which is unfamiliar.

But it doesn’t mean that all websites are fake or the new sites are not genuine. Several websites started recently and established themselves as a brand in the whole United State. Few customers have given negative remarks on Evalaura reviews.

What is Evalaura?

Evalaura is the online store where you can find large varieties of products like women’s fashions wears to kitchen utensils and cutleries, toilet papers to dust bin bags. They have a wide range of kitchen products like kitchen bags, kitchen towels, racks, storage bags, and many more. Customers can also purchase moisture-proof bags for children.

The website is offering huge discounts on the purchase of any products; the site is offering offers on each product. Customers can get the 5th product for free on purchase of four products; if you buy any two products, you will get 30 % off. On purchase of three products, you will get 50% off; the website is offering free shipping if you purchase over $99.

The company is taking orders from worldwide, but the customer has to pay for other taxes like custom duties. Customers can also register and make their accounts on the website to get the latest update and news regarding new arrivals and on fashion sales. Customer can also claim their 10% discount on the first purchase; they have to enter the offer code provided by the website to activate the discount. The discount is valid on the purchase of any product. Few things to notice about the site is that it is providing designer clothes at a cheap price compared to other websites. The awkward point to see is that there is no physical address provided by the website.

Features and Benefits (Pros and Cons of

Pros of

  • The customer will get a 10% discount on the first purchase of any product.
  • If the customer order any of the four products, then the 5th product will be free from the company side.
  • IF you purchase two product you will get the third product with 40% discount
  • They have a wide variety of products related to the kitchen, like utensils, cutleries, and kitchen bags.
  • The customer will get free shipping if they purchase over $99.
  • You can return the product within 15 days 
  • You can cancel the product before shipment of the product

Cons of

  • They don’t have any physical address or mention over the website.
  • They don’t have any social media presence, which means no interaction with the audience. It is a bad sign.
  • The only way you can return the product is by informing the customer care, and then they will forward your request.
  • Most of the customers are complaining about not getting any response from customer care.
  • They have no external links to the websites, which is very strange because any online company will generate external links to reach more customers.

Return and Exchange Policy

  • Once the item is packed, the company will no cancel the order.
  • If the customer put the wrong delivery address then the company will charge for the two-way shipment fees
  • You can return the product within 15 days, but only if the product is in its original condition. Any tampered or broken products are not acceptable.

Final Verdict

This article is related to the information of the website name; all the research is based on Evalaura reviews provided and experienced by the customers. We are neither endorsing nor defaming the website.

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  1. Please do yourself a favor and STAY CLEAR of this company! The return policy does not state you must ship the item(s) back to CHINA AND INCUR ALL COSTS!!!! More expensive then the items!!! I took a picture of their return policy so I have it on file….this is fraudulent and legal action is being sought out!

    1. Not happy with the products I ordered through Evalaura, Some items were really poor quality like they had chosen $1 shop t-Shirts and slapped on stickers to imitate what was advertised online, soo disappointed especially with the long wait. I’m still waiting for a product to arrive, (3 months later) and waiting a response for returns which I’m not expecting will happen anytime soon. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE PEOPLE!!!! you’ll be wasting your money. I did like 1 dress I bought from them although nothing like what was advertise so that was a plus. Lesson learnt that’s for sure, face palm

    1. After 6 weeks of waiting I dont even have half of my order. They still say they have no idea as to when they will get the remaining items from my order in stock. Just went tot hair website and they are still selling the items I still have not recieved. Not sure why your selling something that you don’t have in stock and no idea as to when it will be back in stock. Even though the clothes look cute on the website I would NOT order from them.

  2. This company is a SCAM, do not purchase from them. I tracked my package the entire time which took over 2.5 months. The tracking showed it went to my local post office and then returned because my address was incorrect. My address is correct on their website and correct on the tracking logistics. I have had no other issues with packages being delivered from other sources. I contacted them through their web page and received generic email responses. After my 3rd attempt I received a personal email response stating that my address was wrong, my items will be destroyed because the international shipping is too much to be shipped back to them. As far as my refund, they offered to send me 20% of my purchase price back in cash. Completely disappointing and unacceptable. I will do my best to share my horrible experience so no one else gets scammed like I did.

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