Online Websites Reviews Reviews (Sep 2020) Is It Worth The Money? Reviews Reviews (Sep 2020) Is It Worth The Money? >>  In this unbiased article, you will read about the legitimacy of a website selling toys, clothes, Halloween accessories, and other tools. 

Today in this digital world, almost everything has come up online. Buying online is always an exciting experience, as many offers and gift cards are accessible while purchasing online. Also, diversity and easy comparison of products benefit you to save your money. 

However, the availability of various products has also increased with its number of probable buyers and scammers. Consequently, one needs to be conscious of the availability of multiple scam products and websites. 

So, do you love to shop online? Are you browsing to purchase toys, fashion clothing, or Halloween accessories for your kids? Do you want to get the right source to make your purchase? 

Yes, then you have arrived at the right place as Reviews will tell you about the legitimacy of a website delivering similar products. website has its servers located in the United States. 

Also, you will get to know whether it is a legit source to purchase or not.  

What is the website? 

The website is an online shopping store displaying toys, clothes, masks, Halloween decorations, accessories, and various other tools. It delivers its products internationally. Reviews asserts that this website procures products from highly experienced suppliers and production houses. Also, the products displayed on the website are not only beautifully styled but also are available at attractive discounts. 

Now let us confirm this website’s legitimacy by going over its specifications, positive remarks, negative remarks, customer reviews, and conclusion.

The specifications of the website is:

  • To access the website, click on
  • The email address mentioned on the website is
  • The website has a 14 days return policy. 
  • This website provides worldwide free shipping for orders costing above $39. 
  • Shipping for the products may take 7 to 10 days.
  • The website displays on its vast discounts. 
  • The website provides 24-hour customer support. 

The positive remarks of the website is:

  • The Encontre.comwebsite displays many payment options on it. 
  • The products displayed on the website are available at huge discounts. 
  • This website exhibits a valid https connection. 
  • All the products are beautifully designed.
  • This site was not listed under any blacklist engine. 
  • The products displayed on the website are available in attractive colors. 

The negative remarks of the website is:

  • The website shows copy-paste work. 
  • The website shows sloppy work. 
  • Prices for the products seem too good to be true. 
  • The website was recently registered. 
  • The website consists of no customer reviews for it. 
  • Fake payment options are displayed on the website. 
  • This website is not active on any social media platform. 
  • The website shows limited product images on it. 
  • This website seems to be a source of scam. 

Is website scam or legit? 

The website exhibits various doubtful signs on it. We found vague sentences on the website as the information provided on it was irrelevant. Reviews illustrates that this website exhibits on it copied product images and information from other suspicious websites. Moreover, the website is neither present on any social media platform nor have any customer reviews. 

Accordinglythis website currently seems to be a suspicious one. 

What are people saying about the website? 

While researching Reviewswe could discover no customer reviews for this website as it shows a new domain name. Moreover, the website does not provide a variety of products on it. 

Also, the prices for the products given on the site are too reasonable to be true. Thus people found this website suspicious, and accordingly, they didn’t make any purchase on it. 

Hence, it can be said people don’t trust this website. 


After searching for Reviewswe realized that this website is not a popular source to buy. As many scam signs are available on it, therefore people didn’t consider it worth their time and money. 

Thus, giving a final verdict, we would declare this website to be a source of scam. Therefore, to save you from being a sufferer of such baits, we advise you to research and confirm a website and product’s legitimacy. 

Dear readers, if you have any questions, experiences, or suggestions regarding this website, please share it with us in the comment box below. 

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  1. I ordered from them and recieved junk. There product that was supposed to be projection pumpkins were delivered today as dollar store pull tab plastic pumpkins that were tiny in size and smashed in every where. Do not waste your money on their stuff! Seriously!!

  2. I bought from i was advertised computer animated face pumpkins, that sang. The face would change and only be visible and was motion activated. The video advertisement showed it coming packaged securely in a BOX,(cause theyre fragile). The more you buy, the cheaper, i bought 12, at $8.33 a pumpkin.
    What i received, was 12, tiny pumpkins, NOT computer animated, all stuffed in a white envelope, 90% DENTED, with painted black faces! And the black paint rubbed off! They don’t sing. I paid $99.96 for items, that i saw at Dollar Tree store!
    The website does NOT have 24 hr support! I found who is running the website and ive already turned in as a “scam business” to the BBB. And i turned in the company who is behind (enconte website) and sending the merchandise.
    It is Airtruk-Seatruk, all you have to do is google the address your merch came from!

  3. The BIGGEST SCAM ON THE INTERENT! NEVER ORDER FROM They will screw you. I ordered the talking jack o lantern and they sent me the little crappy plastic jack-o-lantern that where crushed and did nothing. Don’t trust them!

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