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Eileen MC com Reviews {Sept 2020} Shop On Legit Site

Eileen MC com Reviews

Eileen MC com Reviews {Sept 2020} Shop On Legit Site -> The website that sells home use products is analyzed, and reviews are available in this post.

Are you planning to shop online for home use products? Many websites are available online, including, that sells home use items like those for kitchen purposes, bed comfort, and garage toolsets. It is a new website that was recently set-up on the web. We suggest you read about the Eileen MC com Reviews before using the new webstore. 

It would be best if you analyzed a newly launched webstore before spending any money on its products.

In the below report, we have given a detailed analysis done on the new e-store that sells items for household purposes. We have provided a clear picture of the website and the details related to it, for you to analyze it accurately. The site targets buyers from the United Kingdom, United States, and other countries for selling its products.

Table of Contents

Read About is a new webstore that sells products like kitchenware set, Coffee cup set, Electric Coffee kettle, Bed comforters, and garage-related toolsets. You will find highly discounted prices on the products that they ship for free in the United Kingdom, United States, and many other locations. The returns are acceptable within 14 days of receiving the item. 

The payment method currently acceptable is only PayPal. A contact address of the office is available, but no telephone number is provided on the website. Email support id is also available for the customers.

Specifications of

  • Kind of Website – Retailer of household products Online
  • Website Country – United States
  • Shipping cost – Free
  • Returns – Acceptable within 14 days
  • Delivery time – 10 to 20 days
  • Contact address – 6-9 The Square Stockley Park Uxbridge Middlesex England UB11 1FW
  • Email Id –
  • Telephone – Not available
  • Payment mode – PayPal acceptable
  • Social media – No presence is detected

Positive Points of

  • The website has several household items on sale.
  • The shipping is free.

Negative Points of

  • The website got launched just recently (only three days back)
  • The contact address given is an unclear one.
  • The email id available for support looks fake.
  • There are no reviews available for the website.
  • Social media connections are also nil.

Is Legit?

The website is exceptionally young and got established only three days ago. The owner has given a doubtful address to the customers on the site. The email support id available is also a strange one and looks fake. After analyzing the website on the internet, we could hardly find any Eileen MC com Reviews. The website has a high-risk country involved in its set-up that is known for being a fraudulent nation. That makes the site a potential threat for the users.

There are no connections available with popular social media platforms, too, and that shows its unpopularity. The website has the domain registered for a short time, usually done by fraudsters. As it is a new site, you can give it a chance to prove itself with time, but all the above information points to the fact that it is unreliable and cannot be considered a legit site.

What do People Talk about

When we analyzed the website and looked for Eileen MC com Reviews, there were none available anywhere. The feedback given by its users can only judge a newly set-up webstore. But being deficient in the user strength for selling its products, it has nil reviews available online. 

There are no reviews on leading platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, which shows the site is not in demand. The absence of customer reviews and nil connection with popular platforms suggests that it is unknown to the users. All the above findings and no presence of Eileen MC com Reviews make it an untrustworthy website that you cannot use for buying the home use products that it sells.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, we can figure out that the website that got recently established on the net, is too new to be trusted. It has no reviews available online and has nil customer strength. The address and email details provided for the users are doubtful and look fake. 

Looking at these negative aspects, we can only consider it a fake site built to trap users for money.

We request the new users and buyers to be careful and avoid this newly built webstore for buying any household product. That will only lead you to fall into the trap of scamsters.

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  1. Hi a have been trying to make a order for the wheel wagon red no 785528 for the last 3days but it won’t let me do it for some reason I’ve entered 2of my card numbers and stop won’t except my order would be grateful if you could sort it out for me please

  2. I saw a product that I wanted and saved it for later to go back to it to do a little more research. Well. Today is later. I went to access the website and it had been taken down. I don’t know if it is permanently down or what, but as of today, the link goes nowhere. I’m suspicious now and thankful that I held off.

  3. So. They sell on Facebook under the page Runto with the website The one advertising a garbage can right now. The page is managed by someone in China. A couple of reviews under community on that page. People not receiving items. Definitely NOT safe!

  4. I think I might have fallen into the scammers’ trap. Oh well, there were a few other items I was interested in but after this, I’ll steer clear.

  5. The site for still exists… however, I ordered the Stainless Steel Kitchen Big (large 13gal size) for an unbelievable price of $21.90 USD. I then (rather quickly) was sent a confirmation of order, then again, quickly a shipping notice with tracking #… the product arrived a few weeks later… that was attached to the tracking # they provided… but it was NOT what I ordered!!! It was a small envelope with 5 small rolls of very thin plastic bags, like those you’d find at the supermarket for produce, but 20 per roll, 100 in total… NOT the Stainless Steel (Trash Can) Kitchen Bin. I’ve emailed the company twice via their “fake looking” email address… and also once to the email address used within the PayPal transaction for payment. To date… have heard NOTHING. This was an intentional fake sale, they too my $30 (with tax/ship) and sent me a $1 worth of cheap/thin plastic bags. So frustrating!!!

  6. I have ordered an item but it is still awaiting shipping have sent emails but received no response I paid via paypal, will they give me my money back?

  7. DO NOT order from this company. I ordered a blue pull along wagon and received a tatty green inflatable neck rest!!!! AVOID AVOID AVOID

  8. SCAMMERS – DO NOT order from this company. As per J Poole, I ordered a blue pull along wagon and received a cheap and nasty grey inflatable neck rest!!!! AVOID AVOID AVOID

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